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Best tablets at MWC 2013 – all the tablets compared

by MWC Phones 26/02/2013 What's your opinion?
Best Tablets at MWC 2013

Interested in the latest and greatest tablets? Read our round-up of the best tablets at MWC 2013. Read more about the best tablets at MWC 2013

Sony Xperia Tablet Z – super thin, super light and waterproof

by MWC Phones 25/02/2013 What's your opinion?
Sony Xperia Tablet Z

The Sony Xperia Tablet Z, announced at Mobile World Congress 2013, claims to be both waterproof and dustproof. We take a closer look to find out more. Read more about the Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Asus Padfone Infinity – the ultimate smartphone-tablet combo

by MWC Phones 25/02/2013 1 comment
Asus Padfone Infinity

Asus' second generation Padfone is still kind of bonkers, but maybe a little brilliant too. Do you want a 5-inch smartphone and 10-inch tablet in one? Read more about the Asus Padfone Infinity

Lenovo K900 – a giant smartphone with Intel Inside

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Lenovo K900 - website_1

Lenovo's launching a giant 5.5-inch Android smartphone later this year. But, unlike most rivals, it's got an Intel processor inside. Read more about Lenovo 900

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 – a rival to the Apple iPad mini?

by MWC Phones 24/02/2013 1 comment
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is pitched as a contender to the iPad mini. Will it knock Apple off the top spot? We took a closer look to find out. Read more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

What is Tegra 4? – Tegra 4 vs. Tegra 3

by CES CES 2013 Smartphones at CES 2013 Tablets at CES 2013 08/01/2013 What's your opinion?
Nvidia Tegra 4 copy

Nvidia's Tegra mobile chip is the brains behind hundreds of phones and tablets - what is Tegra 4 and why should you care? Read more about Tegra 4

Tablets in 2013 – top five tablet predictions for 2013

by Android at CES 2013 Asus at CES 2013 CES 2013 Samsung at CES 2013 Sony at CES 2013 Tablets Tablets at CES 2013 Windows 8 at CES 2013 03/01/2013 1 comment
7-inch tablets

Tablets are poised for a transformation 2013 - but what does the next 12 months hold for tablets? We look at the iPad mini with retina display, laptop tablet combos, haptic feedback and hybrid tablet smartphones likely to make headlines in the next 12 months. (more…)

Is the iPad mini really as light as a pad of paper?

by Apple Tablets 25/10/2012 7 comments
iPad Mini weight

The weight of the iPad mini, or lack thereof, is being pitched as one of its key selling points. Apple claimed it's as light as a pad of paper. Is that true? We weigh the iPad mini against a pad of paper, other everyday items and its rivals. See our infographic on how much the iPad Mini really weighs

iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD vs Google Nexus 7 head to head

by Apple Tablets 24/10/2012 11 comments
iPad Mini vs Google Nexus vs Kindle Fire HD

Apple's iPad mini has launched into a competitive market, with the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire HD both being available for under £200. We pit these 7-inch tablets up against each other to see which one has the edge. Read more about the iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7

Evernote – take your notes everywhere [App of the Week]

by Apps 25/04/2012 19 comments

This week's App of the Week will help you keep everything in your life organised and lets you take notes that are accessible on any device. Read more about Evernote