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Apple Watch – first look, price and release date

by Smartwatches 09/09/2014 What's your opinion?
Apple Watch

After years of speculation Apple has finally announced the Apple Watch, which it claims is a ‘completely new product that will redefine what people expect from the category.’ Read on for everything you need to know about Apple’s smartwatch

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – first look, price and release date

by Phones 09/09/2014 14 comments
iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has announced the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, each featuring ‘Ion-strengthened glass, a higher resolution display than the 5s and more besides. Read on for all the latest news, pricing information and release date details

Celebrity iCloud hack – how to protect your account

by Apple Privacy 02/09/2014 2 comments

Hackers have leaked explicit pictures they claim to have taken from the iCloud accounts of a string of female celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna and Cat Deeley. Find out how to keep your iCloud account safe

Apple to replace some iPhone 5 batteries for free

by Smartphones 27/08/2014 What's your opinion?

Does your iPhone 5 run out of juice just when you need it? Does it show 100% at breakfast, but need charging by lunch? If so, you might be eligible for a free battery replacement via Apple. Read on to find out if your iPhone 5 is eligible for a new battery

The iPhone 5c is finally a good deal – here’s why

by Apple Phones 15/08/2014 8 comments
iPhone 5c tariffs

When the iPhone 5c was first unveiled by Apple, Which? Technology researcher, Rob Leedham, thought it was poor value for money. Now he's changed his mind. Read on to find out why things are looking up for the iPhone 5c

MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro Retina – which should I buy?

by Laptops 30/07/2014 1 comment
MacBook Pro

Apple has updated its range of MacBook Pro Retina laptops, with an increase in processor and memory, but no price hike. Find out whether we think the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Retina offers the best value

MacBook repairs – do Apple’s Geniuses provide good laptop repairs?

by Apple Laptops 30/07/2014 13 comments

MacBooks aren't cheap, so if yours goes wrong it's likely you'll try a repair before ditching it for a new model. But will the experts behind Apple's Genius Bar provide a good fix for a good price? Read our laptop repairs investigation to find out

UK vs US pricing – do we pay too much?

by Laptops 21/07/2014 18 comments

Short of moving to the US, is there a way to get round the UK's higher tech prices? Read more about UK vs US prices

The best camera phones – top five [Update]

by Phones 20/07/2014 35 comments

With mobile phone cameras starting to rival dedicated cameras for image quality, we take a look at five of the best camera phones. Read more about the best camera phones out now

Android L vs iOS8 – who is borrowing from who?

by Apple Apps Smartphones Smartwatches Tablets 15/07/2014 4 comments

Both Google and Apple lay claim to plenty of 'firsts' when it comes to Android and iOS.  But as the operating systems become more similar we look at who has been 'borrowing' features from who. Read on to find out what's different and who did what first.