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iPhone 5S vs Samsung Galaxy S4 – which phone is best? [video]

by Apple Phones 26/09/2013 11 comments
iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S4

Apple has unveiled the iPhone 5S, but how does it measure-up against the Samsung Galaxy S4? We compare their price and key features. Read on for our iPhone 5S vs Galaxy S4 comparison

iPhone 5S – best deals and UK price

by Apple Phones 23/09/2013 What's your opinion?

The iPhone 5S is one of the most expensive phones money can buy. We scout out the best contract deals available for Apple's new flagship mobile. Read on for more on the iPhone 5S' best deals and UK price

iPhone 5C – key features and price [video]

by Apple Smartphones 20/09/2013 4 comments
iPhone 5c video

Apple’s plastic smartphone, the iPhone 5C, has finally been confirmed by Apple. But does a lower price point mean that any of its features have been cut? Read on for more about the iPhone 5C

iPhone 5S – key features and price [video]

by Apple Phones 20/09/2013 3 comments
iPhone 5S video

Apple's iPhone 5S is its flagship rival to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony Xperia Z1. Watch our video guide explaining its key features and price. Read on for more about the iPhone 5S

iPhone 5C – best deals and UK price

by Apple Phones 20/09/2013 What's your opinion?
iPhone 5c tariffs

If you want to buy the iPhone 5C SIM free, without a contract, you’ll have to pay £469, but is there a better way? Read on for our guide to the best iPhone 5C deals

How clean is your iPad? – a Which? hygiene investigation

by News 16/09/2013 49 comments
ipad hygiene main

Your tablet or phone could be harbouring potentially dangerous bugs. We explain how keep your tech clean without damaging it. Read on for the full results of our hygiene investigation

iOS 7 – five key features you need to know about

by Apple News Phones 12/09/2013 37 comments
iOS 7

Apple has unveiled iOS 7, the latest version of its iPhone and iPad operating system. We take a look at its neon redesign, improved gesture controls and other key features. Read on for iOS 7's five key features

Why the cut price iPhone 5C isn’t cheap enough

by Apple Phones 11/09/2013 8 comments

The much anticipated ‘cheap’ iPhone 5C has launched, but what is it cheaper than? Not much. See how the price of the iPhone 5C compares against some of the most popular handsets available. Read on to find out how cheap the iPhone 5C

Helpdesk Challenge – how to stop in-app purchases on your iPad

by Computing Helpdesk 07/09/2013 What's your opinion?
iPad app settings

Following recent news stories about children chalking up extortionate in-app bills on their parents' iPads, we show you how to prevent accidental in-app purchases on your device Read more about controlling in-app purchases

Sony SmartWatch 2 – a water-resistant watch that runs on Android [video]

by IFA 2013 Smartwatches 05/09/2013 What's your opinion?
Sony SmartWatch 2

Sony has trumped Apple and Samsung as the first high profile technology company to launch a smartwatch. We take a look at the Sony SmartWatch 2's key features. Read more about Sony's SmartWatch 2