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How to stream your laptop to your TV – Helpdesk Challenge

by Computing Helpdesk 29/03/2014 18 comments

Sick of watching movies on your small laptop screen? Our latest guide explains how to stream your laptop to your TV with minimal cost and fuss. Read more on tips to stream your laptop to your TV

Helpdesk Challenge – stream your tablet to your TV

by Apple Tablets 21/03/2014 What's your opinion?
Watch your tablet on TV

Looking for a way to view exactly what's on your tablet on the big screen of your TV? Our guide will explain how to do exactly that. Read on for our tips for Apple and Android tablet users

8GB iPhone 5c – is it worth the price?

by Apple Smartphones 19/03/2014 What's your opinion?
8GB iPhone 5c

Apple has announced a cut price version of the iPhone 5C but is a flagship phone with just 6GB of storage a sensible buy? Read more about the short on storage iPhone 5c

Apple iWatch – five must-have features

by News 27/02/2014 15 comments

Feverish speculation indicates Apple is planning to launch an iWatch to rival Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and the Pebble Steel. We explain what features it might have in store. Read more about Apple's iWatch

Best cheap tablets under £200 [update]

by Tablets 17/02/2014 20 comments
Cheap tablets

Don’t fancy spending £399 on a new iPad Air? There are plenty of cheap tablet alternatives available for half the price, or less. We take a look at five of the best. Read on for the best cheap tablets under £200

Phone storage compared – Samsung S4 still in last place

by Phones 22/01/2014 71 comments
Storage (2)

It might say 16GB on the box but our lab tests have discovered you aren't getting the amount of storage you might expect. On some phones you could be getting less than half the total advertised. Read more about true phone storage

Samsung the most popular technology brand of 2013?

by News 20/01/2014 12 comments
Best tech brands 2013

We've added up the visits to our website from 2013 to find out which brand attracted the most clicks. Read on to find out which brand was the most popular in 2013

Helpdesk challenge – How to listen to your iTunes music on an Android device

by Phones Tablets 11/01/2014 4 comments
Music blog

Own an Android tablet or smartphone and confused about how you can listen to your iTunes music collection? Read our simple step-by-step guide to find out how

Best phones 2014

by Phones 26/12/2013 15 comments
Best phones 2014

From iPhones to oversized phablets, we take a look back at the best phones of 2013 and a look ahead at the phones we expect to see in 2014. Read more about the best phones of 2014

The tablet memory mark-up scandal

by Tablets 20/11/2013 32 comments
True cost of tablet storage

It costs tablet manufacturers such as Apple less than £6 to add an extra 16GB of tablet memory. But they’ll charge you as much as £80 for the privilege. Read more about tablet memory pricing