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Is Amazon’s Kindle store the cheapest place for ebooks?

by Ebook Readers 23/08/2014 1 comment
Where to buy the cheapest ebooks

We’ve priced-up ten of this summer’s best-selling books across five different ebook stores. Read on to find out which is the cheapest store to buy ebooks for your reader or tablet

Which ebook readers survived our break test?

by Ebook Readers 21/06/2013 What's your opinion?
ebook break test final

When the going gets tough, which ebook readers get going? We put Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite, the Kobo Glo and more of the latest models through our drop and scratch test for durability. Find out the results of our ebook reader break test

Where to buy cheap ebooks? – Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Sony compared

by Ebook Readers 19/06/2013 6 comments
Cheap ebooks

We compare prices at the Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Sony ebook reader stores to find out where to buy cheap ebooks. Read more about ebook prices

Five things we love about ebook readers

by Ebook Readers 17/12/2012 1 comment

If you're still wondering whether to buy an ebook reader this Christmas, here are some reasons why we think ebook readers are great. Read more about ebook readers

How easy is it to break a Kindle?

by Ebook Readers 19/11/2012 19 comments
Broken Kindle screen

Broken ebook screens are a common complaint - we investigate how strong the Kindle's screen is in a series of special  tests at our lab. Read more about the Kindle and its e-ink screen

Tech holiday essentials – checklist and tips

by News 09/08/2012 4 comments
Tech Holiday Essentials

The summer’s here – or so we’re led to believe - so here's our round-up of the tech holiday essentials, whether you’re spending your holiday abroad or in the UK. Find out what made it into our essentials

What are the UK’s most popular gadgets?

by News 24/05/2012 8 comments
Tech product ownership in the UK

We reveal the results of our survey into tech ownership in the UK: have ebooks really killed off the paperback? are we all walking around with three mobile phones in our pocket? Find out in the results of our tech ownership survey

Sony PRS-T1 vs Amazon Kindle – Which? members have their say

by Tablets 11/04/2012 8 comments
Sony PRS-T1 vs. Amazon Kindle - Which? members have their say

What Which? readers think of the Amazon Kindle and Sony PRS-T1 ebook readers. Which is the best according to their experiences? Read user reviews of the Kindle and Sony ebook readers

Kobo ereader – tech hot deal – get reading for less than £50

by Ebook Readers 30/03/2012 3 comments

If you’ve always been tempted to bag yourself an ereader - thus freeing yourself from the world of Metro showbiz stories on your morning commute - this heavily reduced deal for a cheap Kobo wireless ereader is the perfect excuse. Find out more about the Kobo ereader hot deal

Amazon Kindle Touch on sale – new Kindles compared [Updated]

by Ebook Readers 28/03/2012 14 comments
kindle and touch

Two new Kindle ebook readers are coming to the UK. The Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G from Amazon will be available to UK customers from the end of April, several months after their US launch. Read more about the new Kindles