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HP Sprout – the ‘immersive’ future of home computing?

by Laptops PCs 30/10/2014 What's your opinion?
HP Sprout

It might seem a bit early to be thinking about sprouts, but if you're ready to ditch your keyboard and mouse then HP's 'immersive PC' is worth looking at. Read on for the key features and price of the HP Sprout

Best tablets at MWC 2013 – all the tablets compared

by MWC Phones 26/02/2013 What's your opinion?
Best Tablets at MWC 2013

Interested in the latest and greatest tablets? Read our round-up of the best tablets at MWC 2013. Read more about the best tablets at MWC 2013

HP Slate 7 – the new dinky (and cheap) tablet from HP

by MWC Phones 25/02/2013 What's your opinion?
HP Slate 7

The Slate 7 is the brand new Android tablet from HP. Likely to have a cheap price tag, will it prove to be a false economy or a budget friendly super device? Read on for our first impressions. Read more about the HP Slate 7

HP Envy x2 – half laptop, half tablet [IFA 2012]

by IFA 2012 Laptops at IFA 2012 Tablets at IFA 2012 30/08/2012 What's your opinion?

HP has announced three new laptops at IFA 2012 including the HP Envy x2 which can turn into a tablet thanks to its detachable screen. Find out more about the HP Envy x2

Officejet or Stylus Office? What to look for in a home office printer

by Printers 07/05/2012 1 comment
Office printer

A home office printer is likely to be used for more than just business, so we've been looking for the features and printers that are best suited to the task. Read on for more on home office printers

Best all-in-one PCs from the Which? test lab [updated]

by PCs 29/02/2012 6 comments
blog - All in ones

If you want the power of a desktop PC but without the clutter, or find large desktop replacement laptops are too small to use comfortably, an all-in-one PC is a good halfway house. We've rounded-up the best of the latest models from our tests for you to compare. read more about all-in-one PCs

How do you rate HP printers? [Poll]

by News Printers 29/02/2012 15 comments
HP printer

We find out a lot about a printer's quality, speed and ease of use during our in-depth six-week printers lab tests, but some quirks only reveal themselves after years of use. Find out what people have been saying about their HP printers and tell us what you think of yours. Tell us what you think

Best of CES 2012 highlights video

by CES CES 2013 13/01/2012 3 comments
Best of CES 2012

With all the major announcements and products unveiled, we've picked out our top 5 products from CES 2012. Will you agree with our choices? Watch our best CES 2012 round-up

HP Omni 27 – HP goes large with its latest all-in-one PC

by CES 12/01/2012 1 comment
HP feature

HP has been showing its biggest ever all-in-one PC at CES 2012 - the 27-inch HP Omni 27. Unlike many other all-in-one PCs the display isn't touch sensitive but it does tilt up to 25 degrees so you can adjust the viewing angle. Read about HP's latest all-in-one PC

Best ultrabooks at CES 2012 round-up [Video]

by Laptops 12/01/2012 4 comments
Best Ultrabooks at CES 2012

If there's been a theme for CES 2012, it's been the rise of the 'ultrabook' - a new term to describe extremely thin and light laptops. Here's our picks of the best of them. (more…)