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How to update to iOS 8 – a guide for iPhone and iPad

by Apple Computing Helpdesk 17/09/2014 1 comment
iOS 8 header

Apple's brand new iOS 8 operating system is available for iPhone and iPad. We show you how to install it. Read more to find out how to install iOS 8

How to make your smartphone or tablet battery last longer [Video]

by Computing Helpdesk 27/08/2014 5 comments
iPhone battery image

Does it feel like you're forever running out of battery on your smartphone or tablet? If so, then keep reading for our top tips on how to stretch your mobile phone's battery. Read on to find out how to increase your mobile's battery life

The best camera phones – top five [Update]

by Phones 20/07/2014 35 comments

With mobile phone cameras starting to rival dedicated cameras for image quality, we take a look at five of the best camera phones. Read more about the best camera phones out now

Why Apple is our best computing brand 2014

by Apple Which? Awards 19/06/2014 1 comment

Apple scooped the best computing brand award at the Which? Awards 2014. Find out why we named Apple number one

iOS 8 – first look at the new iPhone and iPad interface

by Apple 02/06/2014 6 comments
Apple iOS 8 first look

Apple has unveiled iOS 8, the latest version of its iPhone and iPad operating system, with a host of new features and useful functions. Read on for all the latest on the new features you can expect from the iOS update

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s vs HTC One (M8) – which phone is best?

by Smartphones 14/04/2014 16 comments
iPhone 5s vs HTC One M8 vs Galaxy S5

With the Galaxy S5, HTC One (M8) and iPhone 5s all vying for your hard-earned cash, we see which flagship phone has the best camera, most streamlined interface and premium design. Read on to find out which handset offers the best overall experience

Phone storage compared – Samsung S4 still in last place

by Phones 22/01/2014 61 comments
Storage (2)

It might say 16GB on the box but our lab tests have discovered you aren't getting the amount of storage you might expect. On some phones you could be getting less than half the total advertised. Read more about true phone storage

Helpdesk challenge – How to listen to your iTunes music on an Android device

by Phones Tablets 11/01/2014 3 comments
Music blog

Own an Android tablet or smartphone and confused about how you can listen to your iTunes music collection? Read our simple step-by-step guide to find out how

Mobile phone recycling – why eBay always has the best price

by Phones 21/11/2013 What's your opinion?

There are plenty of services that want to buy your old mobile, but our research shows that none will offer you as good a deal as eBay. Read on for more on mobile phone recycling

The top five best-selling smartphones [Updated]

by Phones 19/11/2013 10 comments
Nokia Lumia 1020

Which? rounds up the UK's best-selling premium smartphones to help you decide which one you should buy. Read more about the UK's best-selling phones