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iPhone 5 vs 4S vs Galaxy S3 vs Lumia 920 – which should I buy?

by Smartphones 17/09/2012 3 comments
phone comp

Apple has shown off the latest version of its smartphone the iPhone 5, but is it a big improvement and does it stack up with the competition? Find out if the new iPhone is worth the upgrade

Apple iOS 6 explained – the best new features

by Apple Phones Tablets 12/09/2012 18 comments

Apple has announced the latest version of its iPhone and iPad operating system, including its own 3D map services, improvements to the Siri voice control feature and Facebook integration. Read more about iOS 6

The Night Sky – identify the stars and satellites [App of the week]

by Apps 02/09/2012 What's your opinion?

The Night sky is an app for identifying stars, planets and satellites using the GPS and compass in your smartphone. But how well does it perform? Find out more about The Night Sky app

Stay safe on public wi-fi with Cloak on iPhone, iPad & Mac for free [App of the Week]

by Apps 25/08/2012 2 comments
Cloak app of the week

Free public may be convenient, but it isn't safe. Anyone with the know-how can use software to see what you're doing and compromise accounts you log into. Enter Cloak - a free app that'll keep you secure. (more…)

TripIt – the smartphone travel organiser [App of the week]

by Apps 12/08/2012 What's your opinion?

Keeping track of all the confirmation numbers and travel details can be a nightmare when travelling. Does TripIt hold the answer? Read more about travel app TripIt

New iPhone 5 rumour round-up [Updated]

by Smartphones 07/08/2012 12 comments
iPhone 5 logo

Which? rounds-up all the latest gossip, rumours and speculation on Apple's much-anticipated new iPhone 5. Read more on the Apple iPhone 5

Podcasts – the easy way to subscribe to shows [App of the week]

by Apps 02/08/2012 What's your opinion?
apple podcast app

Listening to podcasts is a great way of keeping up-to-date - especially if you listen to the Which? Tech and Money podcasts - but wrestling with iTunes can be a pain. Podcasts gives you an easy way to find and subscribe to podcasts. Read more about the Podcasts app

BBC Olympics – watch the games on your mobile [App of the week]

by Apps 27/07/2012 1 comment

The 'greatest show on Earth' has come to London and the BBC is offering an app to keep up-to-date with the games. But is it good enough to win gold? Find out what we thought of the BBC Olympics app

TuneIn radio – listen to radio on your mobile [App of the week]

by Apps 21/07/2012 2 comments

Want to listen to your favourite digital radio stations on the move or your local radio station while you're on the other side of the world? TuneIn radio might be the one for you. Read more about TuneIn radio

Which smartphone has the best battery life? [Infographic]

by Smartphones 04/07/2012 16 comments
Best Battery

Smartphone battery life is one of the biggest gripes with the gadgets,  so which one comes out on top and what can you do to maximise your calling time? Read more about smartphone battery life