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Do you own a TomTom sat nav? Tell us what you think

by Sat Navs 08/03/2012 6 comments

During our sat nav testing, we really put the devices through their paces, testing their functionality and taking them to the road to see how their mapping works in real life and where they take us. Read users reviews of TomTom sat navs

Apple #iPhoneTips – a run down of the best iPhone features

by Smartphones 15/02/2012 14 comments
Apple #iPhoneTips

We round up a host of iPhone tips, tricks, short-cuts and secrets. We'll be updating this page on a daily-basis with lesser-known features of the Apple iPhone from the Which? Tech team and our readers. Share with us your own iPhone tips and tricks

The best web browsing mobile phones

by Phones 27/01/2012 What's your opinion?
web browsing phones

We reveal the best mobile phones for surfing the web and using the internet, including Apple iPhone 4S alternatives that deliver great web browsing. Read more about the best web browsing mobile phones

BBC launches iPlayer app for iPhone with 3G streaming

by Apps 12/12/2011 What's your opinion?
iplayer on iphone

The BBC has launched an iPlayer app for the iPhone and iPod Touch which includes the ability to stream programs over a 3G connection. Read more about the BBC iPlayer iPhone app

How to avoid the festive fake goods rip-off

by News 07/12/2011 6 comments
fake iphone header

With Christmas around the corner, many of us are thinking of buying presents, and who can't resist a bargain? But if the price is too good to be true, it probably is. We show you how to avoid buying fake tech goods this Christmas. Read more about fake goods

The best Halloween apps

by Apps 28/10/2011 What's your opinion?
Best Halloween apps

It’s Halloween! You’re scared, we’re scared, but is your phone scared? Check out our top five Halloween themed apps. Read more on the best Halloween apps

iPhone 4S antenna – Is the death grip still an issue? [Video]

by Smartphones 21/10/2011 What's your opinion?
iPhone bumpers

Shortly after the launch of the iPhone 4 a number of complaints surfaced about the so-called death grip: a simple manner of holding the phone that caused reception to drop. Consequently, Which? couldn't award a Best Buy, but has the issue been addressed on the new iPhone 4S? More on the death grip and the iPhone 4S

Apple’s iOS 5 update hits problems

by Smartphones 13/10/2011 12 comments
Apple working on text-censoring tech

Apple users are reporting problems updating to the latest iPhone operating system (iOS 5), with complaints mounting about slow downloads and recurring error messages. Read more about iOS 5 update problems

The five products that defined Steve Jobs and Apple [Updated]

by News 06/10/2011 What's your opinion?

Steve Jobs, one of the most influential figures in technology, died on 5 October 2011 aged 56. Here we look at five products that defined the man. Read more about how Steve Jobs changed the world

Apple iPhone 4S – everything you need to know

by Apple Phones 05/10/2011 1 comment
Apple iPhone 4S - everything you need to know

Apple has finally unveiled its latest iPhone and it's not the iPhone 5. Keeping the same design as the iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S is nonetheless packed with loads of new features. Read all you need to know about the iPhone 4S