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How to speed up your Google Nexus 7 Android tablet

by Tablets 09/05/2014 5 comments
Nexus-blog (1)

We've come up with a few ideas to speed up an Android tablet, bringing your apps back to life and restoring your tablet to its former glory. Read how to make your old tablet feel like new again

Best cheap tablets under £200 [update]

by Tablets 17/02/2014 20 comments
Cheap tablets

Don’t fancy spending £399 on a new iPad Air? There are plenty of cheap tablet alternatives available for half the price, or less. We take a look at five of the best. Read on for the best cheap tablets under £200

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – lighter, brighter, faster

by Ebook Readers IFA 2013 06/09/2013 What's your opinion?
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon has announced two new versions of its Kindle Paperwhite. Both are on pre-order now at the same price as their predecessors. We take a look at some of the key features. Read on for the Kindle Paperwhite's top five features

Where to buy cheap ebooks? – Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Sony compared

by Ebook Readers 19/06/2013 6 comments
Cheap ebooks

We compare prices at the Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Sony ebook reader stores to find out where to buy cheap ebooks. Read more about ebook prices

How to read Word documents and PDFs on your Amazon Kindle

by Ebook Readers 10/05/2013 What's your opinion?
How to read Word documents and PDFs on your Amazon Kindle

Did you know that you can read text files, Word documents and PDF’s on your Kindle, as well as free books from other sources? We show you how. Read more about how to read Word documents and PDFs on your Amazon Kindle

Tech news in 2012 – the year in review

by News 31/12/2012 What's your opinion?

It's been a big year for tech, we've seen the biggest update of Windows since 1995 and Apple finally join the 7-inch tablet bandwagon. We look back at the biggest stories of the year. What we saw in 2012

Most popular tech of 2012… according to Which? members

by News 29/12/2012 2 comments

This year we have seen a wide range of products competing for your attention, but which got the most attention? We've dug deep down into our website data to find out which products you've been looking at. (more…)

Five things we love about ebook readers

by Ebook Readers 17/12/2012 1 comment

If you're still wondering whether to buy an ebook reader this Christmas, here are some reasons why we think ebook readers are great. Read more about ebook readers

Who sells the cheapest ebooks? [Updated]

by Ebook Readers 23/11/2012 17 comments

To find out how the main ebook retailers compared we looked at how much it would cost to buy the 20 bestselling print titles so far this year at each store. The results proved very interesting. (more about who sells the cheapest ebooks...)

Ebook readers with a light – which is the best?

by Ebook Readers 21/11/2012 1 comment

Ebook readers with a light are now commonplace, with models from Kobo, Amazon and Barnes and Noble on the market. but which is best for providing a bright and even light? Which ebook reader with a light is best?