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Top five DAB radios under £100

by Apps DAB Radios 23/09/2014 What's your opinion?

Buying a cheap DAB radio can be confusing. There are plenty of them out there, but how do you know when they're too cheap? Should you avoid retailer brands in favour of the big name manufacturers you recognise? Read on for our top five DAB radios for under £100

Cheap DAB radios for less than £50 round-up [Update]

by DAB Radios 13/02/2014 14 comments
Radios-under-50 pounds

DAB radios can be picked up from anywhere between £20 to £500, but as we’ve found in our testing, in the world of DAB, sometimes you get what you pay for. We tell you which radios under £50 are worth buying. Read more on cheap DAB radios

How to choose the best digital radio for your living room

by DAB Radios 01/03/2013 What's your opinion?

It can be difficult choosing a digital radio for the living room - most models are designed with the bedroom and kitchen in mind, and aren't up to the job of filling a larger room. So what features should you be looking for when picking the right radio for the largest room in the house? (more…)

How to choose the best DAB radio for your bedroom

by DAB Radios 21/02/2013 1 comment

Choosing the right radio for your bedroom isn't just about getting the best looking and sounding model. You need to really consider how you want to wake up each day. (more…)

What’s the difference between a Don’t Buy and a Best Buy DAB radio?

by DAB Radios 21/05/2012 What's your opinion?
Best Buy Radios

Buying a new bit of tech kit can sometimes be a daunting prospect, especially if you're unfamiliar with the devices on offer. Here at Which? we've been helping consumers buy wisely for over 50 years, so when it comes to digital radios, what makes a good one? Read more about digital radios

Finding the perfect radio – how hard can it be?

by DAB Radios 12/04/2012 1 comment
Vita audio R1

Last week, BBC Radio 4's Today programme launched a competition to design a radio as part of Children in Need. This got me thinking - radio is a relatively simple technology, so why have I never managed to find my perfect radio? Read more about finding the best digital radio

Pause live radio with the Roberts Record R DAB/FM [First Look]

by DAB Radios 22/12/2011 3 comments
Roberts Record R

The Roberts Record R is a simple looking DAB/FM radio that does a lot. It has five dedicated preset buttons, an input socket so you can play your MP3 player through it and - the major selling point - it records. Read more about the Roberts Record R

Roth KRadio internet/DAB/FM radio and music player review

by DAB Radios 09/11/2011 2 comments
Roth KRadio_iPhone

The Roth KRadio is a radio, iPod dock and music streamer - so you can use it to play music stored on your PC. We've given it a listen to bring you our first impressions. Read more about the Roth KRadio