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Software updates – what can go wrong?

by TVs 19/10/2014 12 comments

Software updates can bring fantastic new features to our products, but things don't always go to plan, as we've seen recently with a Samsung smart TV. We reveal the truth behind software updates

Why Samsung is pulling laptop supply in Europe

by Laptops 07/10/2014 4 comments
Samsung ATIV Book 9

With Samsung following Sony and Toshiba out of the EU laptop industry, are the laptop's days numbered? Read more about the future of portable computing

Best cheap laptops for under £500 [updated]

by Laptops 02/10/2014 49 comments

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a decent laptop. Here we round up our pick of the best cheap laptops. Read more about the best cheap laptops

Best smartwatches of IFA 2014

by IFA 2014 Smartwatches 05/09/2014 What's your opinion?
Best smartwatches of IFA 2014

Samsung, Sony, LG and Asus have all unveiled new smartwatches at IFA 2014 - we compare them to see if any are worth wearing. Read on for our best smartwatches of IFA 2014

IFA 2014 – hands on with the Samsung Gear S

by IFA 2014 03/09/2014 1 comment
Samsung Gear S

Samsung has officially confirmed the Gear S smartwatch at IFA 2014 - a wearable with its own SIM card. Read on for every detail of Samsung's latest smartwatch

Top five sound bars under £200

by Sound bars 27/08/2014 What's your opinion?

Which? experts pick our five top sound bars that will set you back under £200. Find out which sound bars are best if you're on a budget

Smart TV app stores go head-to-head

by TVs 26/08/2014 2 comments
Smart TV app stores

From BBC iPlayer and Netflix to Twitter and Facebook, see which TVs from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony let you access your favourite apps. Read more on smart TV app stores

Is it time to upgrade your TV?

by TVs 22/08/2014 12 comments

We look at what's changed since you bought your last TV, and whether recent improvements would make an upgrade worthwhile. Read more about whether it's time to upgrade your TV

Samsung Galaxy Alpha – first look, price and release date

by Phones 13/08/2014 2 comments
Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung has announced the Galaxy Alpha smartphone with a metallic case like that of the iPhone 5s. Read on as we detail its key features, release date and price

UK vs US pricing – do we pay too much?

by Laptops 21/07/2014 18 comments

Short of moving to the US, is there a way to get round the UK's higher tech prices? Read more about UK vs US prices