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Helpdesk Challenge – how to use Skype

by Computing Helpdesk 19/07/2014 What's your opinion?

Like the sound of talking face-to-face from miles away, all for free? We show you how to install and use Skype. Follow our step by step guide to using Skype

Skype video chat arrives on iPhone

by Smartphones 30/12/2010 1 comment

Skype’s official iPhone app is now able to make video calls over both wi-fi and 3G connections. Read more on the Skype iPhone app

Skype app gets Android release

by Smartphones 05/10/2010 2 comments
Skype app gets Android release

Skype has announced that an official app its internet telephony service is now available for Android-based phones. But the chaps at Skype aren’t guaranteeing compatibility on all Android handsets (and by "all" they mean "most"). Read more on Android's Skype app