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Which? Tech podcast – the demise of Windows XP

by Podcasts 12/03/2014 What's your opinion?
Which Tech podcast 12 March 2014

In this week's Which? Technology podcast the team discusses Microsoft's plan to wind down Windows XP support and what it means for current XP users. Listen in as the team explains what next steps XP users should take

Helpdesk Challenge – putting Windows 7 on a diet

by Laptops PCs 08/02/2014 2 comments
Windows 7 bloatware

Do you ever look at the number of programs on your Windows 7 computer with sheer bewilderment? If so, you’re not alone. Read on for our tips for shedding the bloatware

Helpdesk Challenge – Windows Safe Mode and System Recovery

by Computing Helpdesk 10/11/2012 10 comments
Windows 7 Safe Mode

We show you how to start Windows in Safe Mode, which will allow you to perform many windows troubleshooting tasks with all but the most important elements of your system disabled. Read more about using Windows Safe Mode

Helpdesk Challenge – understanding the Windows Resource Monitor

by Computing Helpdesk 03/11/2012 14 comments
Windows Resource Monitor

When it comes to diagnosing problems – especially general performance issues – the Windows Resource Monitor is a great tool. Read more about the Windows Resource Monitor

Helpdesk Challenge – using the Reliability Monitor in Windows 7

by Computing Helpdesk 20/10/2012 3 comments
Windows 7 Reliability Monitor

The Windows’ Reliability Monitor will tell you how stable (or otherwise) your system is. What is your computer trying to tell you? Read more about the Windows 7 Reliability Monitor

Helpdesk Challenge – Windows 7 System Restore

by Computing Helpdesk 13/10/2012 8 comments

There are moments when we all wish we could roll back the clock to better times. Fortunately, with a Windows 7 PC, this is a relatively simple trick. (more…)

Helpdesk Challenge – Windows 7 network troubleshooting

by Computing Helpdesk 02/10/2012 11 comments
Network Troubleshooter lead

Fix your home networking problems with these simple tips for Windows 7. Read more about Windows network troubleshooting

Top five common Windows myths – which did you believe?

by Windows 8 14/06/2012 7 comments
Windows myths

We look at some of the popular misconceptions that surround the Microsoft Windows, ranging from anti-virus protection to the 'Blue Screen of Death'. (more…)

Helpdesk Challenge – switching from PC to Mac

by Apple Computing Helpdesk 12/04/2012 79 comments
pc versus mac

Most people I know that own a Mac tell me how much better they are than PCs, yet plenty of PC owners are hesitant about making the switch, or happily maintain that there are benefits to working with a PC. (more…)

Six ways to fix the blue screen of death

by Computing Helpdesk 27/10/2011 1 comment
6 ways to fix the blue screen of death

Is your PC misbehaving? Do you even have the dreaded 'blue screen of death' popping up from time to time? Don't be panicked into buying a new PC, try these simple tips first. Read more PC troubleshooting tips