Sony Music Unlimited, £3.99 per month for all your music needs

by , Technology Researcher TV Services 21/10/2011
Music Unlimited

The Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) is a service that can be accessed from a number of Sony products, such as TVs, tablets, Sony Ericsson phones and the PlayStation 3, although through the PlayStation it’s branded as the PlayStation Network.

The service, which provides users with a world of video and music content, can also be accessed through web browsers and the Android Market, making it available on many third party products.

The philosophy is simple. You set up an account and can access all the music and video you want from anywhere. The beauty of the service not being tied to a single device mean that you can access the content on your phone, your TV, your work computer and even at a friend’s house.

How much does it cost?

Videos are available in SD, HD and sometimes 3D, and they range in price from between £2.99 to £4.99. iPlayer, ITV Player and other Catch Up TV services are also integrated. Music, on the other hand, requires ongoing monthly payments of either £3.99 or £9.99 depending on the service you want.

The premium Music Unlimited service provides much more management to its customers, but both options provide a recommendation service, where SEN learns to know what you like over time and makes suggestions – rather like the Amazon website.

The Music Unlimited aspect of the SEN service also provides a Music Sync function. This scans your existing library of downloaded music, which you will then be able to play anywhere when you log into your Music Unlimited account.

Sony claims that Music Unlimited will enable consumers to easily discover new music, and never need to buy a CD, or download a single or album again.

How does Music Unlimited compare with other services?

Sony Unlimited Music is similar to Spotify’s offering, but comes pre-installed on Sony devices. Spotify’s music streaming service is free, should you want to put up with advertisements, or £4.99 and £9.99 for the ad-free basic and premium service respectively.

There are a number of other ad-based unlimited music playing services, including Musicovery, Last FM, We7, Grooveshark, but Sony’s offering might appeal to more due to it being accessible not just through web-browsers and apps, but also TVs.

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