Facebook Deals comes to UK smartphone users

Facebook Deals

UK Facebook app users, on iPhone and Android, now have access to Facebook Deals, a location based service that points users toward cheap deals and discounts.

Facebook Deals is accessed via Facebook Places, a service that launched last year. The service allows users to see nearby shops, coffee houses, restaurants and stores.

The new Facebook Deals service adds a yellow tag symbol next to the listed nearby amenities. By clicking on the symbol, users can then see the details of any deal that’s currently being offered.

Different deal types

There are four types of offer on Facebook Deals that are currently available:

  • Individual deals, such as a free coffee.
  • Friend deals, such as three meals for the price of two.
  • Loyalty deals, where reward points can be collected and exchanged for further deals at a later date.
  • Charity deals, where businesses will make donations to charities when presented with the voucher by a customer.

At launch, businssess including Starbucks, Argos, Mazda, O2, Yo! Sushi, Debenhams, Alton Towers and Benetton are currently offering various deals.

The idea behind Facebook Deals isn’t that new – a similar service is offered by Groupon and Foursquare – but Facebook’s vast userbase of around 600 million, coupled with the ballooning smartphone market, could see ‘mobile vouchers’ have a very significant impact on high-street shopping habits.

Have you tried out Facebook Deals yet? Do you think it could change the way you shop? Let us know in the comments section below.

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