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What is the HotUKDeals app?

It’s brought to you by, the popular website for deals submitted by members of the public, which includes the latest bargains, voucher codes and freebies from familiar local and online stores. Other HotUKDeals users vote on how good – or bad – deals and voucher codes submitted by other members are. There’s also a forum to discuss anything from deals and upcoming sales to product recommendations.

Although a mobile (and tablet) version of the website is available, this new official app makes it easy to submit, search for, vote and comment on deals – even handier when you’re out and about.

The app is free to download from the following links for Android devices and iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (Apple iOS 5.0 and up).

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5 things we like about the HotUKDeals app

  1. Deals and vouchers are submitted and rated by other HotUKDeals members – not retailers
    It’s the people buying products, i.e. fellow members of the public, who submit deals and vote on them, not those selling them i.e. retailers. You don’t have to register to use the app or the website, but if you’d like to create a post to share a deal you’ve found, or just vote or comment on a deal, then you can create a username and password.
  2. It’s easy to spot the best (hottest) deals
    The app is fast and displays a nice-looking, clear list of deals along with the rating (by other HotUKDeals users) of how ‘hot’ (good) a deal it is – this is represented by a temperature (in degrees) and a bar graphic. A really great deal could be rated anything from 500° to over 2,000° (gets a lot of ‘heat’).  Anything below that hasn’t attracted a lot of votes and likely doesn’t represent a particularly good saving (for example, it might be cheaper from a different retailer), and a deal with a sub zero rating is ‘cold’ and likely not a good deal. HotUKDeals users normally submit their ‘hot’ (+) or ‘cold’ (-) rating based on the product, the price, and the availability (for example, an online deal generally has wider appeal than a discounted product found in one high street shop which isn’t available in a different area’s branch).
  3. You can search for new local deals
    There’s a great option to search for high street deals in your local town or city, and even for those closest to your current location. Using the Local tab, you can choose a location from the list, or select the ‘closest to me’ option and the app will use your phone to detect where you are and present any nearby deals that have been posted – useful when you’re out and about.
  4. You can easily browse for deals and vouchers by retailer, heat, category, or search
    If you’re looking for something in particular, it’s easy to find exactly what you want by using the ‘hukd’ menu (tap the logo at the top of the screen). Choose ‘Type’ to find deals on a particular type of product – for example, selecting a category like ‘Computers’ or ‘Audiovisuals’ for hot tech deals. Alternatively, you can search based on keywords, eg ‘iPhone’ or ‘Alien blu-ray’. You can also look for vouchers from a specific retailer, like a voucher code that gives you a discount when buying from a website, or the type you print off and take into a shop. Other types of posts can be viewed via this menu too, including freebies and competitions.
  5. It’s easy to use – share your own finds
    To share a deal, simply touch the Submit button at the bottom of the screen and quickly log-in using either your email address (you can create a HotUKDeals account if you don’t already have one), Facebook or Twitter account. So, if I found a great deal for a TV and wanted to share it, I could quickly create a short post including the details of the specific TV model, the price and the retailer offering it, as well as a photo and website link to the product.

Elisa’s impressions of the HotUKDeals official app

I’ve used the HotUKDeals website for a few years now and I’m pleased they’ve released an official app. It’s designed well and offers a lot of the functions that the full website has. I like that you can view the newest deals submitted as well as the deals that have been voted hottest at that current time, plus those attracting the most discussion from other users.

I particularly like the feature to search for local deals, including those based on your current location – it’s a great way to check if any nearby shops are selling products at their own in-store bargain price. But it’s not perfect – I’m based in London and found that as well as Greater London, I was also presented with local deals in Lancashire and Yorkshire. A separate app called  ‘Basket Buddy’ might prove better – it’s from the same team and displays local deals on a map, using the GPS on your phone.

Initially, it’s not clear how to create an account and log in (should you want to), or access the menu to browse and search (tap the ‘hukd’ logo at the top). It also lacks the option to subscribe to particular posts, say if you want to track comments from other members – a feature available on the website.

Overall, I think it’s a good app for an already great website. There are a couple of niggles, but we’ll likely see additional improvements and features in the future.

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  1. Given the less than convincing statement by admin, I’d be tempted to stay well away from this appliciation.

    I am surprised that WHICH have chosen to ignore this breach.

    Personal details have been leaked from the database. Sign on credentials are shared with the main website, therefore the whole site has been compromised.

    Proceed at your own risk.

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