Look-up words using Dictionary.com for iPad – iPad app review

What is the Dictionary.com for iPad?

It does exactly what it says on the tin. The Dictionary.com app is a dictionary and thesaurus in one. You can search for words by typing them in, or using voice search. Daily ‘Words of the Day’ and word trivia add a little variety, and there’s a map that logs words people have searched for near your location.

How much does Dictionary.com for iPad cost?

The app is free, but is ad-supported. A recent update has added larger ads than in the original version.

What’s good about Dictionary.com for iPad?

If you just want to look up the occasional word, it does the job perfectly. The interface is attractive and easy to navigate. There are some useful sharing features where you can post definitions to Facebook and Twitter, or email them to friends. Definitions can be saved for later use, and there’s the option to hear the word spoken out loud.

Most useful, however, is the voice search function. It’s ideal when you don’t know the precise spelling of what you’re looking for, and we were pleasantly surprised with its accuracy. It’s easy to switch between dictionary and thesaurus modes, though only after you’ve searched for a word.

Other features, such as the local word search map and word of the day, are fun but inconsequential additions.

What’s bad about Dictionary.com for iPad?

A recent update has seen the addition of large, more obtrusive adverts in the app. They aren’t a major hindrance, but you will notice them. Crossword purists may argue the definitions aren’t as definitive as those provided by the Chambers Dictionary, but its app costs £4.99.

Which? Verdict

If you need a definition, this app does the job just fine.

Which? Rating: 4/5

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