Stay safe on public wi-fi with Cloak on iPhone, iPad & Mac for free [App of the Week]

What is Cloak?

Cloak is an app and service currently available on iPhone, iPad and Mac (Windows and Android support is in development) that keeps your data secure on unsecured public wi-fi hotspots.

It works by connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which means any requests you make are routed through servers on trusted networks to keep your data away from prying eyes.

5 reasons to try Cloak

  1. It’s free to use – Provided you’re a light user, Cloak is free. Free accounts get two hours and and 1GB of data per month. If you use insecure networks a lot, $8 per month (approx £5) gives you 20GB and unlimited time and $15 per month (approx £10) provides up to 50GB of data.
  2. It’s easy to install – Apart from the fact you have to create an account on its website first, installing Cloak is really easy. Once you’ve downloaded the app, the instructions make installing the settings required a cinch no matter how experienced you are.
  3. It activates automatically (Mac only) – On Macs, Cloak automatically engages when it detects you’ve connected to an insecure network. It also automatically works out which of the various VPN servers are the fastest in your location.  On iPad and iPhone you have to turn it on manually, which is easily done through the main settings app.
  4. It’s fast – A potential problem of a VPN is a reduction in speed due to routing your internet activity through another server – it’s a bit like conducting a conversation through someone other than the person you want to talk to. Cloak alleviates this problem by having servers all around the world and we didn’t have speed problems when using it.
  5. It keeps you safe – Using Cloak is a no brainer. It’s free to download and use and keeps your data secure. If it were expensive and hard to use they’d be an excuse not to, but when it’s this easy it’s silly not to.

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2 replies

  1. As Cloak is only active on insecure [no password] sites such as free wifi sites, does it disconnect once you connect to a password protected site i.e. your bank account?

    What happens if you exceed the free monthly allowance?

  2. This is no longer a FREE app. Monthly subscription required:
    Mini (5GB) $1.99 per month
    Basic (25GB) $7.99 per month
    Pro Plan (60GB) $14.99 per month
    (sorry don’t have the GBP costs)

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