Is the iPad mini really as light as a pad of paper?

The new iPad Mini is, as the name suggests, a svelte size. It’s designed to compete in the same weight class as the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire, with Apple claiming it’s as light as a pad of paper and can be held in one hand. Is it? Can it?

What does it feel like in your hand? Like a loaf of bread, heavier than a can of coke? Find out below.

So there it is; the iPad mini isn’t quite as light as a pad of paper – at least our non-spiraled softback pad. There are certainly pads of paper that are heavier so Phil Schiller’s claim that it’s as light as a pad of paper is about right.

It’ll certainly feel lighter than a can of coke in your hands, making it easier to hold in a single hand while you browse the web for long periods or read ebooks on the move.

While lighter than the Kindle Fire (395g) and the Google Nexus (334g), the difference is probably too insubstantial to influence your buying choice. They are all very light tablets.

So which tablet should you buy? See our iPad 3 vs Google Nexus vs Amazon Kindle Fire for a blow by blow, head to head of the best budget tablets.

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  1. Looking at this I can’t believe how light the iPad Mini is, it is much lighter than the normal iPads. i already have an iPad but if I was buying one now I would prob buy a mini.

    1. Hi Dwayne,

      This was certainly meant to be fun rather than heavyweight, scientific research. I do think there is some usefulness here though.

      We’re often quoted weights by tech manufacturers but they don’t really mean a great deal. If someone asked you down the pub how much does the iPad Mini weigh and you said 312g you’d be right, but that probably wouldn’t mean a great deal to them. If, however, you said it’s a bit lighter than a can of coke it gives them an instant idea of how heavy it will feel in their hand. It’ useful.

      Also, products are often marketed as better than, lasts longer than, slimmest, smallest. We think it’s worthwhile fact checking these claims. That’s what we did here. Apple were right, it’s about as light as a pad of paper.


  2. Hi Vanessa,

    The weight of bread also had us a little surprised but if you hit your local shop you’ll find the average loaf is 800g. Weighty, I know.

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