10 iPhone tips and tricks


Ever wondered how to save on your iPhone’s battery life, protect it with a password or take better photos? We’ve collated 10 top tricks and tips for Apple’s mobile to help you out.

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1) Quit multiple apps at once

Quit apps

Quitting apps on iOS 7 is a matter of double-tapping your iPhone’s home button and swiping the unwanted app upwards. This works for several apps at the same time. We managed a three-fingered kiss off for Safari, Spotify and Candy Crush Saga.

2) Email an attachment


Adding an email attachment is a hidden trick in iOS. To use the feature, hold your finger on the body copy of the email and a menu will pop up allowing you to insert a photo or video.

3) Stop the motion sickness

Turn off motion

If you find iOS 7’s swooping animations between apps a bit much it’s easy to turn them off. Just head over to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > Off.

4) Adjust your screen brightness and more

Control centre

The new Control Center in iOS 7 allows you to adjust a range of several through one easy-to-access menu. Swipe upwards from the bottom of your iPhone’s screen to switch wi-fi on or off, play music and finesse your screen’s brightness.

5) Keep your phone quiet for meetings

Do Not Disturb final

The iPhone’s Do Not Disturb mode stops you from receiving notifications at certain times of the day. It will save you from all sorts of embarrassment during office conference calls or your daughter’s ballet recital. To block selected calls tap Settings > Do Not Disturb and then adjust the options as you please.

6) Take better photos with burst mode


Thanks to a handy Burst mode, iOS 7 now allows you to take multiple photos at once and then choose the best shot from those you’ve taken. Just hold down your finger on the shutter or the volume-up button on the side of your iPhone.

7) Add a new fingerprint


The easiest way to protect your mobile from any unwanted intrusions is by creating a password. Thanks to the iPhone 5s’ Touch ID technology, you can now use a fingerprint to unlock your phone – as well as the usual string of numbers. You’ll be prompted to store a print on your 5s as soon as you turn on for the first time, but you can add more via Settings > General > Passcode & Fingerprint > Fingerprint > Add a fingerprint.

8) Save battery with App Refresh

App refresh

Apps that constantly check for new emails and notifications can gradually run down your battery life. To limit how often apps refresh their content when connected to wi-fi head over to Settings > General > Background App Refresh.

9) Film slow motion movies

Slo Mo

If you fancy recording the perfect moonwalk on your iPhone, then it’s now possible to do this in the 5s’ camera settings. Just swipe to Slo-Mo in the reel of camera settings to capture an 8 second video.

10) Set your text auto-reply

Text reply

A text message auto-reply is useful if you want to politely reject a call. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work if you give a standardised ‘I’m busy. Call you later.’ By going to Settings > Phone > Respond with Text you can customise a more personalised message like: ‘Been abducted by aliens. Send for help.’

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  1. Excellent – I know some but by no means all, and it’s doubtful I would have stumbled across them. Might be able to keep my trusty iPhone 4 for a while longer now.

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