Sonos speakers are about to get a lot more expensive

Sonos makes some of the most popular wireless speakers and amps on the market. They aren’t the cheapest to start with, but an announcement made on Sonos’ website has revealed that they are about to get a lot dearer.

In a statement on its site, Sonos revealed that the prices of its entire range would be going up.

The American speaker manufacturer isn’t the first company to jack up its prices in recent months. In October last year Apple raised the prices of many of its Mac computers and MacBooks. And it isn’t just American companies – Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus increased the price of its flagship OnePlus 3 phone by £20 in July last year.

The price increase will take effect on 23 February. If you were thinking about investing in some Sonos kit, now is the time to do it.

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How much more will I need to spend?

The price increase covers Sonos’ entire range, which includes speakers, soundbars, subwoofers and amps – even the speaker wall mount is getting more expensive. You can see how much extra you’ll need to pay in the table below.

The increase in price is significant, particularly when you move into the more expensive devices. The Sub and Playbar will both cost £100 more, but it’s the amps that have seen the biggest relative increase – the Connect and Connect:Amp will cost 25% more as of 23 February.

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Why the price increase?

The price hike is in response to the pound struggling against the dollar. The current exchange rate is not favourable and it’s costing Sonos money.

‘We pay for everything we make in US dollars,’ said Sonos in a post on its website. ‘There has been a significant change on the US Dollar to GBP exchange rate. As a result, our existing pricing has become unsustainable and, like many other companies, we have to increase prices for all products priced in GBP.’

Since the new pricing is in response to fluctuating exchange rates, it is possible that the prices could return to where they are currently. It’s also worth noting that the prices noted on the Sonos statement are recommended retail prices. Stores can choose to sell Sonos products for less.

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Where should I buy a Sonos?

There’s still over a week before the new pricing takes effect, so you have time to pull the trigger on a new speaker. John Lewis, Currys, Amazon and Richer Sounds all stock Sonos speakers at the current RRP and some are selling them for less.

  • John Lewis has the Play:3 at £249 – a saving of £10 over the RRP.
  • Richer Sounds is stocking the Play:3 for £20 less than the RRP at £239. It also stocks the Connect with £30 off the RRP and the Connect:Amp for £14 of the RRP.
  • Currys also has the Play:3 for £239 as well as the Playbar and Sub, which both have £50 knocked off the RRP.
  • Amazon matches the low price of Richer Sounds by selling the black Play:3 for £239 and the white one for £229.

Prices correct at 15 February.

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