Valentine’s Day 2017 – five ways to use your tech

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Valentine’s Day is chock-full of pressure for those wanting to impress their current partner. Or indeed for those keen to attract the attention of another with a romantic gesture.

Do you go for the traditional card, token gift and some overpriced oysters at a restaurant? Or do you go for something a little different to get the sparks flying?

Here at Which?, we’ve been talking about how you could use your tech to celebrate love. Read on for our top five suggestions.

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Set the mood with music
Wireless speaker at home

Imagine your partner’s joy, upon walking through the door after a loveless day at work, at hearing some romantic mood-setting music floating through your home. It would be a treat at any time but especially so on the denoted day of love.

While we can’t speak for your tastes or what you would choose to evoke romance – though soft jazz would be our suggestion – we can help you make sure you’re getting the best sound with the best speakers.

Best Buy wireless and Bluetooth speakers produce pure sound, and you won’t spend undue time and effort trying to get them to work. There are some excellent models that cost under £100, so you don’t even need to be too extravagant to make an impression.

The last thing you’ll want to do, though, is accidentally end up with some Don’t Buy wireless or Bluetooth speakers, especially when trying to please someone you care about. Unless, of course, you or they prefer music to sound terrible rather than tip-top. Plus, we’ve found Don’t Buy speakers that cost more than £200 – so make sure you check our reviews to avoid feeling both sad and foolish.

Make a dinner reservationman on mobile phone

No one likes to pitch up at a swanky restaurant only to be told that there are no free tables and have to dejectedly turn tail and leave – especially when a smooth dining experience could make or break a date night.

You can avoid that embarrassment by making a simple phone call to the restaurant in advance. That might be obvious, but did you know that smartphones offer wildly different call quality?

We’ve found phones that do exactly as they should, letting you have clear and easy-to-follow phone conversations. Some, on the other hand, can make your chats sound muffled and unclear. So you might think you’ve snagged yourself a table for 8:30pm only to turn up and find that your booking was actually two hours earlier. Nightmare.

Make sure you buy a phone that you don’t end up hating – check out our mobile phone reviews.

Watch a romantic movie at homecouple watching television

It goes without saying that you don’t have to be out of the house for sparks to fly; romance happens at home, too.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with snuggling up on the sofa and watching a film. Whether you fancy a Notebook weep-athon or a less traditional Bridget Jones’s Diary-style love story, watching on a Best Buy TV will mean you’re getting the best possible home-viewing experience.

Pristine picture quality and sound will enhance subtle, tender scenes, putting you right there with them. But if you buy a bad TV, the tears you shed are more likely to be over the money you wasted rather than Noah Calhoun’s love letters.

Capture the momentcouple taking photo

Most of us aren’t blessed with a perfect memory, so the fine details of those special moments can gradually fade. And precious times deserve to be recorded.

We certainly aren’t advocating taking photos of everything that happens this Valentine’s Day. But having a picture or two to look back on is a nice idea.

Best Buy compact cameras take photos that will do your memories justice, whatever they are. They’re really easy to use, too, so you’ll spend less time faffing around and have more to enjoy the moment.

Unfortunately, some digital cameras take poor-quality snaps without much detail. One Don’t Buy digital camera we tested loses battery after taking just ten shots, so it might not even make it through the whole evening. So don’t let your day be ruined by a substandard snapper.

Browse for more date ideasstressed at laptop

If you’re casting around for a date idea that’s a little more quirky – or, indeed, manically trying to organise something to avoid a falling out – you’ll want a laptop that won’t let you down.

Best Buy laptops handle multitasking with ease, not creaking under the weight of those 17 browser tabs being open at once, allowing you to quickly sort something with minimum fuss. Pick a Don’t Buy machine, however, and you could find your frantic web search slowing to a crawl, the minutes slipping by, taking missed opportunities and your chances of impressing with them.

No matter what you end up doing for Valentine’s Day, it’s always good to plan ahead. So if you’re reading this in a panic on the day itself, take away a few of the tips for next year.

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