Introducing the Nikon D7100 – a new DSLR for true enthusiasts?

Nikon D7100 – what is it?

The D7100 is the new DSLR from Nikon aimed at semi-professional photographers who want to buy a decent camera without breaking the bank. It’s out in March and costs £1,099 for just the body; you can expect that price to drop after Canon launches its rival offering later this year.

Rather than replacing Nikon’s older mid-range DSLR, the D7000, this latest camera will sit alongside it in the same range. So amateur photographers and more enthusiastic aficionados have a choice over their latest purchase.

Should they plump for the latest, greatest model? Let’s have a look at the D7100’s key features.

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Nikon D7100 – what do I need to know?

1. Surprise! It takes great photos
As you’d expect, the Nikon D7100 aims to offer crisp, detailed shots wherever you are in the world. It takes takes 24.1 megapixel photos with a 51 point autofocus system making for an impressive level of detail. One feature that’s been removed for the D7100 is any sort of anti-aliasing filter, which should result in sharper images. Especially if you’re shooting with this camera in the great outdoors.

2. You can use it for video, too
Many potential D7100 owners will be interested in using it for video as well as stills. Thankfully, Nikon has ensured the camera can shoot in Full HD at 1,920 x 1,080 and at 50/60i in crop mode. One especially nice touch included in the D7100 is a headphone jack for reviewing audio; Canon cameras don’t tend to include this feature for reasons unknown.

3. There’s no rocking the design boat
On face value, the Nikon D7100 looks nearly identical to the D7000. That said, a magnesium alloy casing is used on the top and the rear camera, alongside a high-density plastic finish, so that it’s suitably rugged and weather-sealed. Its 3.2-inch LCD screen also looks great when reviewing photos to decide, which snaps are best left on the digital cutting room floor.

Which? expert first impressions – better than the D7000?

rob leedham-avatarRobert Leedham

Given the Nikon D7000 launched way back in 2010, it’s a little strange that the new D7100 hasn’t taken its place completely. Instead the D7100 launches against some homegrown competition but it’s hardly a fair contest.

If you’re cash strapped, the D7000 will do you just fine. If you have the funds, the D7100 is an obvious choice. Your shots are going to look even better with that 51-point autofocus system (the D7000 has a 39-point system), while its headphone out jack is essential for taking video that sounds great.

One slight concern I have about is the D7100 is its lack of an anti-aliasing filter. This will create more moiré in shots, i.e. strobing that tends to show up when shooting TV and smartphone screens. It’s a flaw that’s easy enough to edit out in stills, but the same can’t be said for video.

Nevertheless, Nikon’s latest camera feels sturdy in the hand and is fairly intuitive to use. On first impressions, I’m a fan.

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