Which? Cameras Quiz – how will you score?

Which? has been testing products for over fifty years, so we like to think we’re experts in the products we cover. Whether you’re buying a new phone, tablet or TV, our reviews will offer all the information you need in an easily digestable form. That’s whether you’re a technology enthusiast or amateur.

To find out which category you fall into, we’ve devised a fun Which?-themed quiz – this week around our cameras testing. There’s no prize for getting full-marks, but feel free to gloat about your achievement in the comments section below.

Camera reviews – our verdict on all the latest models

Which? Cameras Quiz

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  1. Do I read Which? Camera reports? Well my interest grew in the days of film as a teenager with little cash, so those days were more of what I could afford and reading Which was far from my list of things to do through life. My passion for photography grew through marriage and building a family. Having an SLR camera with interchangeable lens held you to a small selection camera bodies, for the amater Pentax was the main choice. Then came digital and one day as the technology grew 99% of us would take the plunge! Pentax and even Olympus by then have dropped well behind others and Nikon & Canon lead the race. The decision to buy a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera is not a desicision to take lightly and Which?, you should make a strong point of this (I apologise if you have done) once you buy Canon or Nikon you are tied to their accessories and in the main to their Lens and one day you’ll want a new or second camera body with more features and you’ll only be able to look at the same make as your first choice. When you make your choice you must be sure where you want to take your photography, there are many manufactures playing catch up and coming into the DSLR market even though they have a top rated and possible Best Buy camera do they have the accessories and lens to cope you assperations?
    So back to my point do I read Which? Camera reports? Not in full as I’m not interested in Nikon or any of the other up & coming manufactures, I do browse the articles with interest to what is going on in the industry, would I breakaway from Canon? No, they with support from other manufactures have all the accessories I would need and if I want to take shots with a 1200mm lens there are many companies that hire les out on a daily of weekly basis. ,so when Which? tag DSLR cameras as a best buy you’ll not only buy that camera you could end up buying the company.
    Which? Reports on compact cameras are excellent and I fully support the campaign to get the view finder back into all cameras if only I had £1 for every time someone takes a photo at arms length only to see a blurred image on the screen of the taken photo and then to blame the camera! Surely we have legs, arms and a head to steady a camera?

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