Helpdesk Challenge – how much should you pay for computer repairs?

Computer break downs can be a nightmare scenario. Your PC has packed up, potentially wiping out your precious data, and you need to get it repaired. Yet all-too-often, handing over your PC to a computer repair shop is a step into the unknown.

The true cost of PC repairs

We teamed up with Which? Local to ask 135 computer repair shops – all recommended by Which? Local members – how much they charge for common repair tasks.

Which? Local

Which? Local has thousands of recommendations for computer repair shops

The results from our unique survey, the first of its kind, mean that you can get a clear idea of the true cost of PC repairs, and walk away from inflated quotes that don’t reflect the actual work involved in fixing your computer.

We asked for insider tips from our recommended PC repair shops so that you’re better informed the next time your computer throws a technical tantrum and you need emergency PC surgery.

Read the complete report on computer repair costs at Which? Local.

While the traders we spoke to caution that every job is different, and that prices can vary depending on the severity of the problem, being informed can pay handsome dividends and save you a lot of money and frustration.

What should you be paying for computer repairs?

Job Avg Price Price Range Time Details
Desktop – replace hard drive £120 £100-£145 2–4 hours Varies with cost of new hard drive. Corrupted data takes longer to recover.
Removing a virus £50 £40-£65 1–4 hours Typical price and time depend on the severity.
Upgrade RAM £45 £34-£55 under 30mins Many traders will only charge for the RAM itself and fit it for free.
Laptop – liquid damage/drink spillage £45 £35-£60 1–4 hours (plus 24 hours) Parts will need to dry for at least a day. Expect to pay more if parts need replacing.
Laptop – supply and replace broken laptop screen £105 £90-£125 1–2 hours These prices include the parts; if the part is not in stock you may have to wait for it to be ordered.

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2 replies

  1. If the work is really good then I’ll pay a bit more of the said price. I’m that kind of person. But if the work is nothing better, I will tell.

  2. Providing I feel the problem was repaired/solved I will gladly pay the price -go back and recommend the Business to all people But do what I classify as an unsolved problem and still have the audacity to expect paying A) Don’t you ever expect me to go back no matter how desperate I am and B) I will certainly be informing all about the incident and then letting them make the final decision on use or not use for themselves

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