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Even if your Facebook profile is set to private and you’ve turned off targeted Google ads, your personal details may still be available online. By scraping through public databases like the electoral roll, websites such as are able to collate your address, home phone number and more details all in one place. For a small fee, anyone can then discover a large amount of information about you that you may have considered relatively private.

So, if you’d rather people didn’t know how much you paid for your current property or other personal details, read on to find out what knows about you and how to delete your information from the internet.

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What does know about me?

Register for an account with and you’ll be able to garner several key details about a person’s identity. Pay extra for one of the site’s ‘Background Reports’ and it claims to be able to provide (among other things) your:

  • Full Address
  • Age Guide
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Alive or Dead Status
  • Neighbours
  • Company Financials 2002-2013
  • County Court Judgments

Since this information – which can also be obtained by other directories – comes from a variety of sources, deleting it requires some legwork. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to start taking action, as our tips explain.

Remove your personal details from the web – three key tips

1. Make your phone number ex-directory
To avoid having your phone number listed on websites, you need to contact your phone company to have yourself made ex-directory. This also means your number and address won’t appear in local telephone directories.

2. Get taken off the electoral register
The electoral register is where sites like garner the majority of your personal details. To erase yourself from its published incarnation, you’ll have to contact your local council or tick the relevant box on the annual voter registration form. This will also stop directory services accessing the information in future.

3. Submit a takedown request to
Information already collected and published by and its brethren will remain live until you request it be taken down. In the case of, you need to fill out its record removal form by printing it and then faxing or posting it back to the company. Clearly, an automated online form would have been just too convenient to use.

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17 replies

    1. You can email, but that is no use unless you have a PDF editor which you can use to fill in the details. The Adobe editor is very expensive and not worth it for most consumers, and all the other so called PDF editors I have tried don’t work very well if at all.

    1. its disgusting they should have to ask you for permission an they should also pay you an record every visit i mean what if my stalker ex tracked me down before i had chance to get it removed? scared? totally its foul
      how can this be allowed an yet another reason to never have facehook

  1. allows you to email the form to them. I located the form, printed it, completed it, scanned it, and emailed it to them. The email has been returned as undeliverable.

  2. I printed the form, completed it, scanned it, and emailed it to the address that gives for correspondence. It’s bounced back as undeliverable!

  3. If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that your personal information is available to the public. And while you can never remove yourself completely from the Internet, there are ways to minimize your online footprint. Here are five ways to do so.

  4. It’s farcical that a member of the public has to waste their personal time to fill in forms requesting their personal data to be removed from sites like this.

    If absolutely necessary, a simple email should suffice.

  5. This is a take down request I want all my information removed from this site ASAP If I don’t get a reply in 24 hours I will be taking this to the ombudsman as a data protection breech and the rip off Britain programme
    I never gave permission for any of this information to be made public

  6. My detail and family details here which is sad and no need for this I want this removed asp can I call them and remove all details

  7. We should all get together and write to our MPs personal information without your consent should not be published on the internet. Where is data protection? there isn’t any its all rubbish, ANYBODY any body can find your address, some sites say you have to pay to be removed!!!!!

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