Kobo ereader – tech hot deal – get reading for less than £50

The Kobo ereader is the cheap and increasingly popular rival to Amazon’s Kindle ereader. Relatively new to the UK market, the Kobo wireless edition is the cheapest of the range and is basically a no frills ereader that offers books, if little else.

Kobo ereader vs the Kindle

When everyone is packing a Kindle in their handbag, it’s hard to ignore the feeling that it’s the market leading ebook you should be plunging into your pockets for – but there are advantages to the Kobo.

Unlike the Kindle, Kobo has a non-propriety platform. In English? While you can only buy books from Amazon, or convert other free books into its supported format, the Kobo supports the industry standard ePub file format. That means you can buy from a variety of online stores, including Kobo’s own store, which we found to among the cheapest ebook stores.

Many UK libraries also support lending ePub books. One nil Kobo.

Kobo ereader on test

Of course the Kindle isn’t the market leader for nothing and along with a slimmed down price, the Kobo wireless also comes with slimmed down features. There’s no audio functionality – so no audio books – and it doesn’t support many basic picture formats. You can read books and that’s about it.

We’ve put the Kobo ereader through its paces in the Which? lab, where we’ve tested battery life, screen quality and general ease of use. Read our Kobo ereader wireless review to see how it performed and if it became one of our 7 ereader best buys.

Kobo ereader hot deal

We’ve had some tricky deals in the past couple of weeks – involving jumping through several hoops – so we’re glad to report that Kobo ereader deal couldn’t be simpler. Go to Asda direct and buy the Kobo for £49 – delivery is another £2.95 or you can collect in store for free. This is an £18 saving off the RRP.

Spotted the Kobo ereader wireless for less elsewhere, or found a great bargain on an ereader? Email bargains@which.co.uk with the details or leave a comment below and we’ll update this page.

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3 replies

  1. Is there a simple, Kobo-supported method for loading up your own EPUB files?

    I’m looking at a project in work for something along these lines. I’ve checked out various other EPUB readers and also both the Kindle Keyboard reader and various Kindle apps. In each case, I can load my own in-house created, DRM-free documents.

    I downloaded the Kobo reader software (Mac version) and was surprised to find that it only seemed to allow me to read books purchased from the Kobo store. So that makes me wonder about the actual Kobo hardware… Your libraries-lending-eBooks comment implies that it can be done, but my experience with their own software reader suggests the distinct possibility of a totally closed “walled garden”.

  2. I just asked kobo whether I could download the books I already have from Amazon they said no yet the staff at W H Smiths say you can?
    As I haven’t yet bought a kindle or similar they are on my computer. I have been waiting for the arc so now I’m disappointed. see below
    Hi ,

    Thank you for contacting Kobo Customer Care. I am sorry to say that Amazon book are for the Kindle and the format of the books are not compatible with the Kobo readers.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

    The Kobo Team
    From Bet49

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