Amazon Fire TV – five key features [Updated]

With an increasing number of people streaming films and TV programmes from the likes of Netflix, BBC iPlayer and YouTube, the internet TV market is really hotting up. And we’ve seen plenty of new products launched to help get streaming into our living room. The latest Apple TV box has been around for a couple of years, while Google has recently launched its Chromecast stick on our shores. Now Amazon has thrown its hat in the ring.

Like most internet TV boxes, Amazon’s Fire TV lets you access a range of apps, including Netflix and TuneIn Radio, crucially though, it also has a few other tricks up its sleeve. Read on to find out five of its key features.

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[Update] UK customers can now pre-order the Amazon Fire TV for £79, but don’t expect to be able to get your hands on it until the end of October. Amazon Prime customers get a discount, dropping the price to a tempting £49.

Amazon Fire TV – five key features

Amazon Fire TV_1Voice search –  it’s on our phones, it’s on our tablets, now it’s on our internet TV boxes. Simply hold down a button on the remote then speak into it to search for specific films, actors or genres. It’s certainly quicker than navigating to a search page and typing the details in, however its not clear how well the Fire will be able to handle different accents and regional dialects.

ASAP (Advanced Streaming and Prediction) – a handy feature for the more impatient users who can’t wait for content to buffer. ASAP analyses the shows you watch to predict other content you’re likely to be interested in. The Amazon Fire TV box will then make sure they are ready to watch as soon as you press play.

Gaming  this is relatively new for internet TV devices, but Amazon has had a real go at cracking casual gaming. The Fire runs on a unique version of Android and will offers games from studios like Disney, Gameloft, EA and Sega. The standard remote control can be used for gaming, or there is an optional games controller for the more serious game fan.

Amazon FreeTime – by adding parental controls Amazon has made sure Fire TV is as family friendly as possible. Parents are able to set time limits for the amount of TV their children watch, as well as at what time of day they can access the device.

Fast processor – Amazon claims that the processor in the Fire TV box is over three times as powerful as those in its rivals, in theory making it very fast at loading apps and navigating through the menu screens. We’ll be putting  these claims to the test in our lab but it sounds promising.

Amazon Fire TV is available  in the US for $100, there’s no word on a UK launch date or price yet but we’ll be sure to send one to our test lab as soon as possible for a full test review.

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3 replies

  1. Its sort of obvious, but when you report on this again, can you confirm that the UK version will be compatible with Amazon video streaming – since “free” Amazon prime streaming has just started up. And maybe you could compare the content of the outfits which provide streaming movies in the UK?

    1. Hi Holman,

      Amazon Fire TV is now available in the UK, as suspected you can use it to stream Amazon Instant Video content.

      To see how all the big TV and movie streaming services got on in our survey head to our TV and movies on demand guide (link below) where we’ve rated each service for film collection, TV collection, overall content, ease of use and value for money.


  2. Could you please tell me, when will you likely to be updating this article with a full review of Amazon Fire TV as it was released on the 23rd October 2014?

    It’s on my Wishlist, but I am waiting for your testing to be done before I order it! :D

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