Apple OS X Mountain Lion – Top five best features

What is Mountain Lion?

OS X Mountain Lion is the latest version of Apple’s operating system for Macs featuring more than 100 new features, according to Apple. It’s available to download from Apple’s Mac App Store for just £13.99. Here we look at the top 5 new features worth giving a go.

1. Game Center – social gaming on Mac

Game Center

If you regularly download games to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then you’ll be familiar with Apple’s Game Center feature that allows you to build a gaming profile and pit your skills against friends.

Game Center has arrived on Mac’s with the introduction of the new Mountain Lion OS, allowing users the chance to monitor leaderboards and find new opponents.

2. AirPlay Mirroring – wireless

AirPlay Mirroring

A number of smartphones and tablets are beginning to offer a mirroring feature that enables users to see what’s on the screen of their portable on their TV. Apple’s AirPlay Mirroring, available with the launch of Mountain Lion, provides the same feature wirelessly, using Apple’s take on DLNA connectivity.

It allows Mac users to wirelessly display their computer screen on a TV using an Apple TV. It’s a feature that’s already available on the iPad and iPhone, but is new on Mac.

3. iCloud – better integration with cloud storage


If you download apps to your iPhone, iPad or iPhone Touch – or even your existing Macs – you’ll have an Apple ID. Now Mountain Lion has arrived, iCloud integration will enable users to access apps downloaded to their other iDevices on their Mac, and vice versa.

Already available on iPhone, iPads and iPod Touches, the arrival of this feature to Macs means users don’t have to download apps several times, and there is better integration for sharing documents and contact details between devices.

4. Gatekeeper – better security from malicious apps


There are a number of third party apps for Macs out there, and not all of them are quite what they seem. Gatekeeper is a new feature available through Mountain Lion that, when switched on, allows only Apple-approved apps to be downloaded to the Mac.

The tool helps users protect their machines from Malware, software that might appear harmless but can damage computers and put users’ personal data at risk.

iPhone apps exposed for downloading users’ data

5. Notification Center – another iOS inspired feature

Notification Center

Much like on the latest version of iOS for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches, Macs now have a newly-designed notification center that brings all of the user’s latest updates tidily into one place.

The updates are customisable and might include general updates such as weather, and stock prices; but can also be personal updates, such as messages, emails and notifications from the Game Center.

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9 replies

    1. Good spot. It’s disappointing to have to make the correction. When I wrote the article all I could think about was mountain goats, it was inevitable that one crept in. Thanks – and full marks for paying attention.

  1. Looks impressive.

    I hope they offer a UK-English version. I’m sick and tired of seeing American English, such as “Center” in the “Notification Center” and many other Americanisms such as “color”.

  2. Some of the other 200+ changes are really good on this upgrade and only costing £15 its well worth it.

    I don’t get the UK-English as they have always had this option just go into settings, Language and select English – GB. If you mean names of items like Game Center, I think it might be down to Licence’s or such things.

  3. Updated 25th July 2012, no issues, just let it get on with it and everything went smoothly. After playing around with it for a while I think the £14 price tag is worth it. I would pay it just for the Notes & Reminders apps that can be shared quickly with iPad and iPhone.

    My favourite is the iCloud and documents, Pages & Numbers syncing over iCloud has been brilliant, start a document on the Macbook, finished it on the iPad, to return to the Macbook in the morning to finish the formatting off. VIP’s in Apple Mail is a boon, as is iMessage already used it to send a large video without a hitch. Safari is a good update and so enjoy the easy sharing via Twitter from any app.

    Some things will not work on my older Mac and also some will not work until iOS 6 is introduced but overall, excellent value for the money and a great update for people who have iPhones and iPads.

  4. I love the speak text function, it has reduce my browsing time by half. And having the right click to bring up cut and paste options like on PC is a welcome, quicker than using function keys.

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