BBC iPlayer and ITV Player to come to Sky Anytime+

BBC iPlayer and ITV Player video-on-demand channels  will come to Sky customers later this year, available through the Sky Anytime+ service.

The iPlayer service, which launched in 2007, has been available on other TV services, including Virgin Media, Freesat, Freeview and BT Vision for some time, and its arrival on Sky will complete, what the BBC’s director general, Mark Thompson as, ‘our commitment to universal access’.

Sky has been negotiating with the BBC and ITV for quite some time. It’s believed the sticking point was Sky’s wish to ‘syndicate’ shows from BBC iPlayer and ITV Player into Sky’s own system, effectively removing any BBC or ITV branding.

In this deal, BBC iPlayer and ITV Player will be distinct features with their own look and feel that’s separate from the standard Sky+ interface.

There’s no news on when Channel 4’s 4oD or Channel Five’s Demand Five might appear on Sky Anytime+.

How can I access BBC iPlayer and ITV Player through Sky?

BBC iPlayer and ITV Player will be available through Sky Anytime+, a web-based TV service where viewers have access to on-demand TV programmes. To access these video-on-demand services through Sky, Sky customers will need a Sky+ box connected to the internet.

Will you use Sky Anytime+ more when BBC iPlayer and ITV Player are added?

Yes, definitely (62%, 245 Votes)

No, I prefer another method (25%, 98 Votes)

No, I prefer to use the Sky+ PVR (8%, 31 Votes)

I already use it a lot (6%, 23 Votes)

Total Voters: 397

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9 replies

  1. Why does BSKYB / Sky wish to make all products like they provide them & NOT Others :/

    BBC IPlayer & ITV-Player, Have To SHOW Its there shows,content, & Repeats playing & there I-Players, This is where OfCom should get involved & Tell BSKYB / Sky to get over themselves :/

    Also BSKYB / Sky are ALWAYS So behind when it comes to great technology & ondemand services, Even though I-Players have been on VirginMedia, BTVision, FreeSat, Online, Playsation 3, & Some Special Freeview Boxes,

    Yet BSKYB / Sky Are 5 Years Too Late & Behind :( :/

    1. I don’t think you’re being entirely fair there, Scott. There are good reasons why integrating the content would be superior in terms of the end user experience, so it’s understandable why Sky might want to do this. Ultimately, though, it has obviously realised that won’t happen so it has compromised. I don’t see why Ofcom should have to get involved – it’s for the companies involved to negotiate, and that’s what they have done.

      I think you’re right that Sky is behind in this aspect, but look at it another way they also offer some fairly advanced features. For instance, it’s the only service (as far as I’m aware) that allows you to watch Sky channels live via a web browser, on a phone or tablet and even on a games console (Xbox 360). I’ve used Sky on the Xbox quite a bit recently and it’s very good.

  2. I use BTVision & They say This for example:

    4OD Bought to You By BTVision :) So I NOW Know Its 4OD, Yet Bought to Me by BTVision, So NO REASON BSKYB / SKY Can NOT Do This :/

    VirginMedia, BTVision, PS3, FreeSat, Special Freeview Boxes, & Others Online Ondemand Suppliers, Have No Trouble Showing where the original content/services have come from,

    So why does BKSYB / SKY Find it so hard to play normally :/

  3. The Xbox360 BSKYB / #Sky Player, Is NOT Right,

    Its over-priced, lack of ondemand content, & You can only watch some Sky1 channels & shows live,

    Yet You PAY THE SAME Price For These Services, As You Would If You Owned A Full BSKYB / Sky Dish & Monthly Package :/

  4. The Xbox360 Sky Player,

    Maybe Ok, If Its Comes With Your Already Included Price & Extras If You Already Have A Fully BSKYB / Sky Dish & Monthly Package, & Its A Little Freebie :)

    But If Your Using Xbox360 As A BSKYB / Sky Dish & Monthly Services, Then Its Limited,Restricted, Yet Same Price As A Full BSKYB / Sky Dish & Monthly Services/Packages, Yet Without FULL CONTENT & SERVICES :/

  5. Sky are SO behind the times with this kind of thing, Virgin have been offering it for quite a while. I also worry that with sky b/band it will be buffering all the time. The other day I was using bbc iplayer on laptop and it was coming through at 614kb per sec, and that was near midnight. When are sky going to invest in fibre optic with Virgin now offering 100 mb!

  6. As Anon has commented. You need Sky Broadband to access this BBC iplayer & ITV player. Here in the Channel Islands (Jersey) we cannot get Sky Broadband so miss out on this and any other content on Sky+ Anytime. Like the extra movies ETC. There is a Heck of a lot of stuff that is not available to us here in Jersey. But we still Pay the same premium though!

  7. not very happy with the anytime+ was told by sky it was like virgins but clearly virgin is streets ahead as it does not take hours to download and its instant on virgin would like to complain to a outside body as sky are miss selling this product to their customers which is not right

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