Best tech Christmas presents for under £100

Still looking for that perfect tech-themed Christmas present? It’s not too late to pick up a great value gift – last post for first class parcels is Friday 20th December.

To give Santa some inspiration our tech team have picked out their top present picks for under £100. Whether you’re looking for a new phone, a decent pair of headphones or a great keyboard for your tablet, we’ve got you covered.

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Pebble Smartwatch – $150 (£91 approx)


Shopping for the wisened technophile in your life this Christmas? Look no further than the Pebble smartwatch. It connects to your Android or Apple mobile via Bluetooth, and is able to deliver texts, calendar updates, emails and more straight to your wrist. I used the Pebble for about a week and found it surprisingly useful – not only for quickly skimming incoming messages, but when tracking my exercise routine too.
Mike Plant – Writer

Kitsound BoomDock – £85

Kitsound BoomDock

If you’re looking for an affordable speaker dock but don’t want to skimp on audio quality, I’d have a look at Kitsound’s BoomDock. Despite its comical name, the BoomDock is very serious with rich, powerful sound across a wide range of music. Its design is sleek and minimalist and you also get a FM radio, alarm clock and remote control.
Chris Lloyd – Writer

Canon Ixus 132 – £74


This ultra-slim, point-and-shoot camera lacks the bells-and-whistles of pricier models but has a decent 5x zoom and takes good pictures and video in most conditions. It’s easy to use, so would suit a novice photographer, and comes in a range of colours. Its Achilles’ heel is in low-light conditions, where picture quality drops off, but at this price the Ixus 132 is a bargain.
David Holes – Principal Researcher/Writer

Nokia Lumia 520 – £70


This colourful Windows phone is great value and an excellent first smartphone. The operating system is pretty easy to get to grips with and its 4-inch display is among the best we’ve seen for a phone at this price, making it a good choice for watching movies or browsing the web on the go. The phone has quite a small memory (4.7GB of useable space) but you can boost this with a cheap micro SD card.
Jon Barrow – Principal Researcher/Writer

Sony MDR-XB600 – £44

Sony MDR-XB600

These on-ear headphones from Sony have great sound quality, especially if you like some bass in your music. We found them comfortable to use for extended periods of time and easy to transport as well – the earpads fold inwards, so they can slip into a bag. Worth considering as a budget alternative to Beats by Dr Dre, the Sony MDR-XB600 are an excellent gift this Christmas.

Ryan Shaw – Senior Researcher/Writer

Pure Evoke D2 – £85

Pure Evoke D2

This stylish mono radio would make a great gift for someone who wants a digital radio, but doesn’t want anything too complicated. It’s a simple little device, easy to set up without wading through instructions. A built-in kitchen timer makes it a good choice for budding Mary Berry’s, and flexible alarm options make it equally at home in the bedroom. It sounds good too, coping well with all musical genres from pop to jazz, rock and classical.
Jack Turner – Senior Researcher/Writer

HP Photosmart 5520 e-AIO – £60

HP_Photosmart_5520_e-All-in-One (1)

The HP Photosmart 5520 can print, copy and scan. There’s a colour screen that’s handy if you’re printing directly from a memory card – you won’t need to turn on your computer. It also has auto-duplexing, so you can set it up to automatically print on both sides of a page. It’s a wi-fi printer so you can print from a range of devices, including smartphones, and it’s AirPrint compatible with both the iPhone and iPad.
Katie Waller – Principal Researcher/Writer

Sony HT-CT60 – £95

Sony HT-CT60

Costing under £100, Sony’s HT-CT60 is its lowest-priced sound bar and subwoofer combo, but this good all-rounder pulls it out of the bag, handling speech, music and movies well. It lacks extras such as Bluetooth wireless music streaming, although you can connect portable devices to its 3.5mm jack input to play music. If you want to boost the lacklustre sound quality on your TV on a budget, then ignore similarly-priced models and grab this one while you can.
Elisa Roberts – Business Researcher

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air – £90

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio

If your nearest and dearest already owns an iPad, there’s no point in buying them a secondary budget tablet. Instead, consider investing in an iPad keyboard. The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Folio looks the part and offers a sturdy typing experience for knocking out spreadsheets and documents while on the move.
Rob Leedham – Writer

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14 replies

  1. Your e mail recommends buying the Sony HT-CT 60 television soundbar for £95 [ per this e mail your Elisa Roberts].
    The cheapest I can find this item varies from £199.99 to £299.99
    Where is it available for £95 ?????.

    1. pricerunner co uk is a good price comparison site thats been around for ages. Its listing this item with 3 retailers under £100. J Lewis, Argos and the cheapest Pixmania at £94.90.

  2. “…our tech team HAS picked out THEIR top present picks…”

    Mr Leedham, if you are using “has” (third person singular) for the team why do you then immediately switch to “their” (third person plural)? It’s either “has picked out ITS top present picks” or “HAVE picked out their present picks).

    The English on grammar on the Which? website continues to be quite bad, and editorial oversight somewhat minimal.

    1. You are not just a pedant but you are wrong. There is nothing wrong with referring to the collective (ie ‘the team’) in the singular format whilst also referring to the individual preferences of that collective by using the third person plural. Plus, don’t water down your criticisms by using terms such as ‘quite bad’ and ‘somewhat minimal’- it doesn’t sound clever.

    2. Whilst ‘the tech team’ can be either third person singular or third person plural; it cannot be BOTH in the same sentence. The preferences are those of the team that was referred to in the third person singular, so “its” is correct, because it is has been referred to as a single entity, no matter how many preferences were made.

    3. The preferences are those of individuals who form part of a single team. The sentence is unobjectionable. Stop being so silly or pick a topic you know about if you want to troll these sites.

  3. I bought an HP 5520 printer yesterday and set it up easily. However when I tried to use it this morning it would not power up. Have since seen that there are large numbers of people reporting the same problem and that HP seem to be aware of the issue. This is/was my first ever HP printer and will certainly be the last.

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