Best of Which? Tech in 2012

It’s been a busy year for Which? Tech, we’ve seen some great new products, tried to get to the bottom of common problems and attempted to make things better for consumers. Here’s our best bits from 2012.

The best of the shows

Like every year, 2012 kicked off with us heading out to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES. This years show featured a load of ultrabooks and a few new TVs. You can see our round-up of the best of CES 2012 and also look forward to next year with our CES 2013 preview.

But CES wasn’t the only show we went to in 2012 – we also saw the newest mobile phones at Mobile World Congress 2012, loads of Windows 8 laptops at IFA 2012 and the latest cameras at Photokina 2012.

How do you get rid of scam calls?

Scam calls

Getting rid of scam calls can be frustrating.

Scam calls have been a bit of an unfortunate feature of 2012 for lots of you, so we asked for your best ways to get rid of them once they’re on the phone. We had over 100 answers, from the short and sharp to the really quite funny. Read our how do you get rid of scam callers post if you’re looking for new and inventive ways of getting rid of scammers.

Do I get to pass on my downloads?

This year has raised a lot of questions about digital ownership and we asked whether or not you can pass on your downloads after you die. No-one seems to have a definitive answer on that one yet so its likely to be a hot topic again next year. Let us know what you think in our post on do my digital downloads die with me?

Fixed Means Fixed

We have been fed up with mobile phone companies raising their mobile prices mid-contract and so have you, our readers, so we decided to do something and launched our Fixed Means Fixed campaign. Over 35,000 of you have added your voice to call for this practice to be stamped out and after bringing it to Ofcom it has said it will publish its consultation by the end of the year.

There’s still time to pledge your support for the campaign and we hope that Ofcom will bring us happy news this Christmas season.

White water testing

Inspired by the canoeing in the Olympics, we took some underwater cameras out of the labs and tested them while flying down a white water course. This demanding test produced some surprisingly good shots as you can see from the video below, and all the cameras made it through unharmed.

If you’re thinking of doing some stunt photography, check out our guide to choosing the best waterproof camera.

The iPhone 5 and iPad Mini – Live

In a first for Which?, we broadcast our first impressions of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini live from our video studio – answering your questions as we went along. You can rewatch our iPhone 5 video and iPad Mini video to see what we thought of the products and get the answers to some popular questions.

Printers wasting ink

Printer ink waste

We found shocking ink waste in many printers.

Following feedback from Which? members we decided to have a look at the way we test printers and look into how much ink printers used if you only used them occasionally (as users do) rather than printing all your prints in one long stream. The results of our new tests were shocking, with some printers costing 6 times more to run if you only use them occasionally and many of you shared your stories of wasteful machines. Is your printer wasting ink? Let us know.

Which tablet has the best battery life?

With a whole load of tablets being launched in time for Christmas we thought it was a great time to see which came out on top for battery life. Apple dominated both the smaller 7-inch category and larger 10-inch group, while we saw some big names fall quite far behind. Find out how your favourite fared in our best tablet battery life post.

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