Facebook unveils Graph Search – find people, places and photos

Facebook has unveiled Graph Search, a sophisticated search feature on the social networking site that allows you to search people, places, photos and interests. Graph Search will later expand to include more content, providing a rival for Google’s search engine as Facebook attempts to capitalise in its 850m membership numbers. It has also teamed up with Microsoft’s Bing search engine to deliver answers to search questions from the wider web.

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What is Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook’s Graph Search indexes all the information its users have posted in their Facebook Timelines, including information, location data, photos and interests. The company says the new feature will make it easier to find new people, places and and things.

Graph Search uses ‘natural search’, according to Facebook, to help its users sift through this to find information based on this information. Graph Search is designed to allow users to type natural phrases as a search term. For example, A Facebook user could type ‘find people who like Star Wars and who live near me’. Graph Search would search the Facebook Timelines of all friends and friends of friends and return results based on the information they have posted to their timelines.

Privacy on Facebook Graph Search

The company says that Facebook users can determine what content on their Timeline is shared on Facebook Graph Search – as it explains in the video below.

Facebook says Graph Search will be available as a beta version – initially in the US – with a worldwide rollout to follow.

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