Five tips to save money with your energy monitor

Want to save money on your electricity bill? It’s easier than you might think with the help of an energy monitor.

An energy monitor is a device that that clips onto your main power cable and displays real time info on how much energy you are using. The best monitors will help you understand your usage and how you can adjust it so save money. These devices can come free from your supplier or cost £100 or less in shops.

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Use an energy monitor correctly and you stand to save between £25 and £75 on an annual £500 bill. Nearly three quarters (72%) of our members who own an energy monitor say it has increased their understanding of usage and 48% say it has helped them to use less electricity.

To maximise your potential savings, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to getting the best out of your energy monitor. Read on for our five top tips.

Top five energy saving tips

1) Switch everything off – no really, switch everything off (unless it is really essential) and see how low a reading you can get – how close can you get to zero?

2) Now switch your essentials back on – this is your base and should be the lowest electricity level that your home can operate with. Record the reading. How much of the day can you keep it at this level?

3) Go from room to room – switch on one appliance at a time. Note the electricity spikes and make a ranked list of your top 10 worst offenders. Anything you didn’t expect?

4) Go back to your base level – go to each room switching on the lights and any appliances in each room as you go. Note the spikes and now rank your rooms on energy consumption. Are any rooms or lighting costing you more than thought?

5) Take action – now you’ll have two ranked lists, one for appliances and one for the rooms in your home. This should give you a great idea of where your problems lie and hopefully where you can cut down your usage and reduce your bills.

Your energy saving tips

So that’s how to trim your monthly bills with an energy monitor, but do you have any of your own energy saving tips to share? Let us know in the comments section below.

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