Google Drive to launch – 5GB of free storage

Google Drive

With cloud storage becoming ever more popular it was only a matter of time before Google opened its own virtual filing cabinet. Reports suggest the company will launch Google Drive as early as next week.

While the development of a cloud storage tool from Google has long been rumoured, a leaked press release from the company that Google has partnered with to produce the service has pulled back the curtains on some of the details.

The report suggests that anyone with a Google account – which is free to sign up for – will get themselves 5GB of free data storage, and that Google Drive will be compatible with both Windows and Mac, as well as iOS and Android.

This sets Google Drive up to be a major rival to Dropbox, which currently offers just 2GB of free storage. Expect that to change when Google Drive boots up.

Google Drive and other online storage options

Online storage, better known as ‘the cloud’, has boomed in recent years, offering users the ability to store and back up their files online, rather than on a computer hard drive or USB stick.

Our computers and smartphones are stuffed with data, from documents and software to photos, videos and the Beatles’ back catalogue. Backing up online is an insurance policy against a hard drive failure – with online storage often offering the added functionality of automatic, periodic back ups. Handy for the absent minded.

Ultimately, both 2GB and 5GB capacities are likely to be pocket change to consumers whose music, media and gaming collections are always growing. It will be the paid-for service, which could roll out to Google Drive, that will be its true measure.

We’ve reviewed 10 backup software packages, testing, among other things, ease of use – can you synch to other devices and access files easily – and versatility – what tools are available and do they work. Find out if Dropbox was one of our 2 Best Buys.

Of course, once Google Drive is officially announced we’ll bring you all the details, and once it’s launched we will give it a full test drive in our lab.

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  1. What happened to Google’s on-line 5Gb free storage as per your article by Rory Boland on 17 April 2012? I cannot find anything about this on the Google web site.

    1. Hi Robin,

      If you sign up to a Google account and then log in you can access the free storage by clicking on the link to ‘Drive’ along the top of the page.

      Here you can upload new files and access previously uploaded information.

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