Infographic: Microsoft is fined €561m, it could be worse…

Why has Microsoft been fined?

Microsoft has been fined €561m by the European Commission for failing to offer Windows 7 users access to alternative web browsers. An estimated 15 million Windows 7 users should have been given the chance to download the likes Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari upon booting up their computer. But this didn’t happen.

This was due to a missing line of code in Windows 7’s Service Pack 1 meaning the option to download a range of browsers was absent. This broke a previous, legally binding, commitment by Microsoft to offer a clear choice to prevent gaining a monopoly. Microsoft’s non-compliance lead the European Commission to step in with its eye-watering fine.

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Which companies have been fined more than Microsoft?

To honour those companies which have been penalised more heavily than Microsoft, we’ve made an infographic of infamous tech fines.

Your thoughts?

What do you make of these whopping great fines? Would you download an Internet Explorer alternative if you weren’t prompted to by Windows in the first place? Let us know in the comments section below.

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