Most popular tech of 2012… according to Which? members

This year we have seen a wide range of products competing for your attention but which models got the most attention? We’ve dug deep down into our website data to find out which products you’ve been looking at.

Most popular at TV of 2012 – Samsung UE40ES5500


It might not be the biggest or fanciest TV, but the ES5500 from Samsung has more than enough charms to get people interested in it. A mid-range 40-inch TV with smart TV features, the ES5500 is rightly popular.

Most popular tablet of 2012 – Google Nexus 7


It may come as a surprise to some, but the Nexus 7 was by far the most popular tablet of the year getting over 5 times as many views as any version of the iPad. But consider it’s great value at just £159 for the cheapest version and only £199 for the larger 32GB model, perhaps we should be less surprised?

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Most popular for smartphone 2012 – Samsung Galaxy Y

Smartphones like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3 might grab all the headlines but when it comes down to what people are looking at we found the Galaxy Y – a fairly older, entry level Android phone – to be top of the pile. It may not have the quad-core processors of the latest models or even the latest software but its still a capable handset and available for a very reasonable price.

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Most popular ebook reader of 2012 – Amazon Kindle


Rather than plumping for any of the fancy touchscreen or keyboard versions our readers were most interested in the basic Kindle, and with it now costing just £69 who can blame them. But Amazon didn’t have it all its own way as the Kobo Touch also generated a lot of interest over the year.

Most popular laptop of 2012 – Samsung Series 3

Avoiding the more expensive models our readers have plumped for the Series 3 as the most popular laptop this year. It offers a decent amount of features and a surprisingly nice design for a sub-£400 model. It doesn’t have top level graphics  but it is well built and a great choice if you just want to get things done.

Most popular cameras – Canon EOS 1100D and Ixus 230 HS


Canon claim the most popular models for both compact and digital SLR cameras with the Ixus 230 HD and 1100D. Both are modestly priced snappers that don’t top the specs charts, but they did impress us and the masses. But Canon didn’t have it all its own way with Panasonic having the most popular bridge camera in the shape of the Lumix DMC F245.

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  1. With your TV tests I think it would be a help if they were tested by size ie All the best 40” together . All the 50” together and so on. I consider most in the market for a TV choose by size first whereas all your recommendations lump all sizes together.

  2. I think it would be a good idea for hints and tips for getting the best out of your new tech, ie IPad or new Phones. Put these tips into the which magazine not just on the Tech website.

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