3 rated worst network operator for customer service

3 has been rated the worst mobile network operator for customer service in Which?’s survey of the UK’s top 75 service providers.

The operator was given just 2/5 for its ability to communicate effectively to customers, 2/5 at making the customer feel valued and 2/5 for its ability to deal with customer problems.

The findings come from Which?’s new customer satisfaction survey – featured in the latest issue – which queried 10,603 members during September 2010, asking them what they thought about the quality of customer service offered by the UK’s top 75 service providers, across all industries.

The UK’s five mobile network operators, as a whole, ranked pretty miserably.

Mobile phone networks – customer service rank

  • 3: 69/75
  • Orange: 62/75
  • T-Mobile: 59/75
  • Vodafone: 57/75
  • O2 customer service rank: 24/75
O2 customer service

Out of the five network operators, O2 ranked highest for customer satisfaction.

Only O2 managed to get into the top half of the table, scoring relatively well on its product knowledge (4/5), and average on its ability to deal with customer problems (3/5).

Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone all ranked pretty similar, scoring 2/5 for communication skills, 2/5 for dealing with customer problems and 2/5 for making the customer feel valued.

Outside of MNOs, internet bank First Direct was the number-one-ranked brand for customer service. AOL Broadband came at the very bottom.

In April we carried out a customer survey of all the UK’s major operators, which included ratings on coverage, customer service and cost. So if you’re looking to switch to a new mobile phone deal make sure you check it out.

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    1. 3 netwrok is causing mental problem in normal person as there customer service is horrible.
      I upgraded my phone with £25/month line rent & first 2 bills issued at £25/month but suddenly from 3rd bill onwards they are charging £30/month. I called 100s time but they are dump & deaf resulting in ongoing problem since Nov/Dec 2012 todate. They destroy my credit history & now I am taking them to the court to get justice.
      they are really rubbish.
      Govt should pass legislation that if complains exceeds certain percentage against any company they they MUST move there customer service back to UK

    2. I totally agree… this Company are the absolute worst….Nobody has a clue about anything remotely related to customer service….I have had a problem for a few days now….today I have been advised it won’t get resolved until next wednesday!!…..I have a new phone that doesn’t work….and and old one that I have been using right up until early this evening…but now they have de-activated my sim card????? how are they allowed to get away with it?? and all because I wanted to keep my old number….what a joke

    3. 3 are awful! callcentre is a farce! I got an iphone and had no signal in my house at all, I called them and they said they could call me back tomorrow and they have flagged me as “urgent” heard the same the next day… and the next day… Then naturally I went nuts on the phone and getting a refund code was a battle in itself. I had one of those dongle usb sticks with them a few years ago and similar problem there. AVOID AVOID AVOID! I was with o2 before and had no problems! I am returning my iphone 4gs tomorrow and going back to o2.

    4. three is the one of the worst nigh mare,

      they have no idea about the customer, please dont go to three.

      you will loose everything

      they are the worst netowrk ever

    5. I couldn’t agree more…
      I took out a two year contract with the Three Network for an iPhone 3 GS in January 2011. The Three Network never told me that this only covered an Apple phone warranty for one year. Six weeks ago my phone stopped working: I tried Three’s technical support, restored the phone, changed my sim card, had a diagnostic test with Apple, and begged Three for help, as the phone was still not working. I was told I should have read the small print in my contract. I contacted a lawyer and was told that I should be covered under the Sale of Goods Act, as my phone should be fit for purpose within the contract period. I went back to Three who said they couldn’t help. I went into one of their shops and asked for the address of the complaints department – they gave me their head office in Maidenhead and I wrote to them on 16th July. I am still waiting for an answer. I then sent an online complaint, again mentioning my consultation with the lawyer; they offered to repair or replace my phone – and charge me for it. I said I was extremely unhappy and spoke to one of their Managers, who told me to write to ‘Executive’; again I wrote a letter – and received a standard reply telling me to contact their technical department. I re-wrote to Executive, asking them to read my letter – and received the same standard reply. I went back both to their technical team and to the online complaints department asking for a ‘deadlock letter’ from them so that I could then take my complaint to the Ombudsman after 8 weeks (their complaints procedure). I have not received this. Meanwhile I have an unusable phone, and Three will not release me from the remaining six months of my contract.

    6. O2 terrible abroad. On contract terrible . Had to rely on wifi and went and pre paid local networks. No explanation. Total confusion. In a word- S H I T

  1. You have to be kidding! O2 made so much of a mess of my Mobile and Broadband contract payments that the head of UK Broadband wrang me up and offered me free broadband for 3 months in order to stop me walking.

    Then four months later they cut me off, claiming I asked for it, then they double charged me.

    It was a litany of failures on behalf of customer services.

  2. I’m not at all surprised that o2 are getting plaudits – i’m sad to have to leave them as they don’t carry the handset i want. They’ve always been helpful, knowledgeable, and quick. Thankfully I’m going to Vodaphone which is at least next best!

  3. Customer service is the worst i have ever come across in any large company. Utterly rude, don’t want to know if you have a problem and couldn’t care less unless its anything to do with wanting money from you or selling you something.

  4. No surprises whatsoever that 3 are worst.

    3 are also the worst for mobile broadband, as can be clearly seen by the huge number of negative reviews posted online since the service began – far more than for any network and the same issues are still being widely reported as they were in 2008. 3 have recently introduced a unlimited downloads package for smartphone users which really is unlimited. While the leading networks have maintained a sense of responsibility and capped user allowances, 3 have ensured that oversubscribed, under maintained resources will be stretched even further in 2011 and beyond to the detriment of paying customers.

    Just another example of this is an irresponsible company who do not perform and cannot be trusted.

    3 was launched in 2003 and in its first year it managed to attract at least 14 times more complaints than any other UK network. Ever since then, this company has consistently shown that it is not committed to good customer care.

  5. No surprises at all that 3 were ranked bottom, some way off every other network.

    Customer Services are dire at 3, as is the service. Stay well away from 3!

  6. I have contacted three with regards upgrading when my current contract expires in April 2011. The best they could do was offer me the same deals as for any new customer and wouldnt give me the loyalty discount i have been receiving for the past 4 years even though this was at their Executive Office! Hence existing customers are not valued and they made no offers or anything to try and keep my business. Their “customer service” in India is terrible , complete waste of time would get a better response from a parrot. After this I have given my notice to Three after 6 years and will rather give my money each month to a company that will appreciate me as a loyal customer.

  7. Surprise surprise 3 are the worst. Their customer services should come with a health warning – they really are that awful. The service itself has deteriorated lately from very bad to utterly awful. Customer services are just as terrible as they always have been.

  8. I have been on the phone now for 1 and 1/2 hour to get £2 credit onto my pay as you go account. The call center for pay as you go is based in Mumbai and have been hung up on three occasions now. I phoned the contracts department in the UK and they said they cant top up my account with £2 I have to be transfered to Mumbai. 1 AND 1/2 HOURS!!! Its the worst company EVER!

  9. 3 are so bad, the only thing you can guarantee is that they will make money out of you by passing you from one useless department to another while you are paying for the phonecall and then fail to call you back when they offer to do so. Only Simon Cowell is on a par for financial ruthlessness. Customer services are a waste of time – my advice, don’t bother. My solution to my problem (wanting a MIFI but not 3 – buy the device with one month’s data contract, cancel it immediately then use a different SIM).

  10. It isn’t just the services that 3 provide which are awful, it’s 3 themselves and their attitude towards the customers who keep them in business.

    Here is an example:

    On 3’s website it states in a section called “Our Commitment to You” that “We want to give
    customers a great service so we are always looking for ways to

    Just below that it outlines the response times for e-mail enquiries. They are:

    10 working days (2 weeks) to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail enquiry.

    20 working days (4 weeks) to deal with it.

    Major contradiction anyone?

    Listen to or read the hype from 3 and you could be forgiven for thinking what a great company and a great attitude. Become a customer and there is a very good chance you will feel deceived. 3 are a disgrace and it’s also a disgrace how they are allowed to trade.

    In a long running dispute with 3 where I have been fobbed off with excuses that don’t match the situation and some of my questions to them have and still remain unanswered, despite me asking them several times. This company does not do apology, does not do decency and does not do humility. Quite the reverse, this company is arrogant beyond belief and loves itself. This view is clearly very much at odds with many in its customer base.

    A true contender for the worst service provider in Britain today. Stay away!

  11. I have been trying to actually speak to someone in ‘customer services’ for 3 weeks after being fobbed off in store that they were ‘unable to dial out’ and I would have to ring from home. I have left 3 emails – no response – and have finally reverted to the good old pen and paper – not that I expect to hear back. My phone hasn’t worked for 3 weeks so I have had to take out a new contract with good old Orange and no doubt 3 will be straight on to me when they discover I have cancelled my Direct Debit! I have never complained about a company before but 3 must certainly be the most unhelpful, appallingly inadequate company EVER!!

  12. No surprise, 3 is the worst network. I had very bad experience with this network and changing any other network. I have many friends who experienced terrible stories being with 3 network, such as surprise huge bills for internet usage etc… they are big cheaters. and even when you speak to customer care they try to mislead and try to cheat you. they are the worst mobile network… . beware … stay away from this network.

  13. Absolutely useless,will leave them in April when my contract allows,after six years listening to their crap I give up on them,anybody else has to be better than three

    1. Good luck with cancelling. I’ve tried and listened to five minutes of absolute unintelligible rubbish before they me cut off. I still don’t know whether they’ve managed to cancel my contract yet.

  14. I have had my dongle for a year and a half. We live on a boat so we are always in a different location. Sometimes it is ok, streaming is possible. Other times it is hopeless depending on where we are (always central London)

    My Biggest gripe is this: I called them to cancel my Dongle because I now have a mooring with broadband. The lady in India argued with me for over half an hour, trying to convince me to keep it, or to reduce the payment to £5 for 3 months with 1 gig. Over and over again. I kept saying No. No thank you, I do not need it, I do not want it. She kept going on and on, not cancelling it and pushing so hard to change my mind.

    The conversation finally ended with me saying NO for the umpteenth time, I WANT TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT NOW.

    6 weeks later when I find they have taken more money and are about to bill me again I call to find she has made a note on my account saying that I had agreed to give my dongle to someone else and continue paying myself.

    WHAT!! This could not have been more ridiculous.

    The man then went on to say that they would could only cancel from 30 days from that day. I said no, I cancelled 6 weeks ago, I am not cancelling today. This went back and forth many times with him saying sorry there is nothing ha can do, he agrees the lady was wrong and I was right but I still had to pay.

    After arguing he then stepped down a little and said they could cancel immediately from that day rather than a further 30 days.

    I said no, i am not cancelling today I cancelled 6 weeks ago. He was now adament there was nothing more to be done. I would have to pay for their error.

    After more arguing He finally said he could actually cancel from the day I had cancelled it, they would send out a letter with the readjusted fees on it.

    1.When you cancel they will go to absolutely any lengths to scam you out of more money. if they managed to make all of the outgoing customers pay an extra month they would make a tidy sum.

    2.They will lie about what can and cant be done. You must be persistent and push for what is right.
    It may take many hours of pushing back at them.
    ‘oh we cant do that’ 20 mins later ‘oh yes we can do that, i was just lying the first time to try to squeeze more money out of you.

    1. Experienced exactly the same thing. It took me 8x1h of phone call (8h) to get my cancellation and PAC code sent. Their upgrade prices are not very competitive and when I said that I want to leave, they try to sell you all those other alternatives. They are really the worse customer service I have ever come across. They are very pushy and will try to sell you anything. After the 8th attempt I finally got my PAC code.

  15. Their customer service is absolutely diabolical. I had a problem with my sim card, I told them that I had tested it in another phone and all they wanted to do was sell me another contract. I could not get them to understand that I had a faulty sim card and I wanted it replaced. Anyway after fifty minutes on the phone I just wanted them to end my contract, they put me through to their retentions department to an agent that just spoke a load of crap. Anyway after half a dozen attempts telling the agent “JUST END MY CONTRACT NOW” It finally sunk in and she did it (but then again I’ll just have to wait and see).

  16. 3 has given me the worst experience I have ever had. I cannot shout it enough and they are so, so … cannot think of a word strong enough, that they don’t even care. Have paid for 2 months for a phone which doesn’t work, they agree needs changing, but won’t actually change. Have spent £’s in bus fares after 7, yes 7, trips to the store, hour upon hour arguing with customer services. Well, have cancelled my direct debit and they can take me to court! I’ll sue their —– off!

  17. I have just read through the complaints against the 3 network. I am looking to move from my current network to a provider with a better coverage. I had made up my mind that i would take up the offer from the 3 network. I have now changed my mind due to these comments that have been made as it has confirmed what i have also heard through friends and colleagues. I will also be advising friends and colleagues of this review should the need arise. I feel that it is all to easy for a company like this to take liberties with customers and get away with it. Thanks for the advice.

  18. I just took out a contract with 3 so I hope its all okay! My dad and Partner are on 3 and have been for years and never had any problems with their customer services, they have always resolved any issues. Maybe they are just extremely lucky!

  19. Have just had terrible problems with three myself. Have found their farmed out to India customer services absolutely terrible. Worst I’ve ever experienced and really regret going into three.

  20. Agreed – they are truly awful. Sent the wrong phone, terrible internet connection – always dropping out, customer service abysmal. Pricing turned out to be EXCLUDING VAT. Bombarded with nuisance calls offering new contract deals when existing contract reached end. Given false information about phones. Almost impossible to cancel the contract at end of 24 months – offered all sorts of unwanted options instead. Had to request cancellation at least 15 times!! Getting a PAC code results in 30 day extension. AVOID!!

  21. Awful, absolutely awful.Took an upgrade 4 months ago and the internet on the new handset did not work properly. Was sent away 3 times for repair at which point they said that the handset would be replaced with a new one. This did not happen and the defective handset was returned to me (still unrepaired) after being sent away for the fifth time. Have been without the handset for around 8 weeks in 4 months! I’ve been through the Ombudsman for Communications who have got 3 to agree to cancel the contract, can’t wait to get away from them though, deep down, I don’t see stormy free waters ahead leaving them!

  22. This is what to expect with 3-

    5 reburbished handsets, 6 months of double charging, incorrect tarif details and having to chase a PAC code despite being promised to get a call for it….then being disconnected from my number before I get my PAC code and STILL WAITING to be credited for months of over charging! Customer services are pleasant but have no common sense, no customer first thinking or authority to do more than read off a crib sheet and redirect you to 7 other call centre advisors who repeatedly ask for the same details over and over again!!! NO ONE COULD PAY ME TO RETURN.

  23. Oh and if you order online then dont bother taking your query into a three store! They dont give a monkeys! I feel the pain of all people with their reburbished handsets that never work despite being ‘ changed’! Do what I had to do… Get yourself a cheap phone for the remainder of the contract and put your three sim in there, otherwise you will be waiting a very very long time for three to resolve the issue! I have never ever been so infuriated with any service provider! If you are with three then don’t make the mistake of thinking loyal customers get any preferential treatment. Three are here to rob you not reward your loyalty!!

  24. Never really felt the need to put on a site how terrible a company are but 3 are now the exception to that rule!
    Whilst on holiday the other week 3 quite kindly cancelled my contract through a massie error. I had no notification and was stranded without my phone. Got back to the uk and spent 4 and a half hours being passed from pillar to post and ending up speaking to 2 “managers” only for them to say that it is an error but that they don’t know if they can reverse this so head office are looking into it and I will have an answer in 72 hours!!! Not one of the members of staff were helpful and I ended up in tears through pure frustration and anger.
    Worst customer service I have ever ever experienced and I’ve been a loyal customer with a high contract so god knows what they’re like to new people?!

  25. Just to add to the conclusion 3 really are the worst phone company out there – please please do not get talked into a contract with them, they don’t support repairs to phones, they reduce price plans within minutes of selling you one, they are rude on the phone and pretty patronising.

  26. I am surprised at all the bad comments posted here, I must be the exception to the rule.
    Been with Three for over a year and never had an issues with billing so far.
    Dropped my HTC Desire and cracked the screen and it was a difficult decision knowing what to do about repair with all the negative reviews. Got some quotes from companies on the internet which varied from £40 to £90 but in the end opted to go with Three rather then send off my phone to a company which was unknown. The operator at Three couldn’t give an exact quote but gave three tiers of charges depending on the damage that was found, with £19.99 charge if I chose not to go ahead with the repair. I thought, here we go it will be the top charge at least.
    The prepid envelope came through in days so I posted it off. Had a letter under a week later to say the charge did not fall under warranty – which I knew – and would be £30…what a pleasant surprise.
    Rang up to agree to the repair and got my phone back a few days later with a nice new screen and also looks like the front casing was replaced as it had previously had scuffs on the corner. No complaints at all.

  27. no surprise to me at all 3 are the worst company I have ever had to deal with. My contract is up in 10 months and I will not be renewing,I will also be cancelling the dongle contract as well.Customer care is non existent.

  28. Thanks for reporting this. I’ve not had my mobile since 19th December and have had to send a recorded delivery letter to a P O Box number as no matter how hard I tried I could not get their online complaint form to send. The staff are unhelpful and one of them even suggested I send the phone off myself and pretend not to get it back so I could get a new one. Subsequent to this 3 have now actually lost my handset themselves. They are a joke. Worst customer service experience ever!

  29. 3 is the worst company I have ever had to deal with followed by Talk Mobile witch I think has its customer service in same place.(India)
    I have sorted out my problems with them only after contacted Ombudsman in UK.This is the only way with them and the only think witch they are scare of.

  30. I have had payg iPad sim for 16 monhs, a mifi (mobile broadband) for a 14 months and an iPhone 4s for 6 months with Three. They are the only network which give me 3G coverage in my area. I did call customer service (in India) due to a problem with the mifi and they were very helpful and arranged a replacement. Everything else has worked well, I have unlimited data on my iPhone and great coverage . I can tether my iPad to the iPhone, all included in my plan (One Plan). Twitter is the best place for support, @ThreeUkSupport, as they are based in the UK. I think they are the best network I have been with, especially if you have a smartphone.

  31. Three is a complete joke, phone them up for a technical query, advisor put me on hold for 10 minutes and then next thing i know i was transferred to sales being asked if i wanted a new contract, while my current query wasn’t resolved. WORST COMPANY ever beware

  32. I’ve had many a most particular incident in my attempts to do battle with 3, their constant demand for the payment of bills not yet received, their disgraceful attitude and their almost insultingly poor grasp of what qualifies as service are their better points. If i’m ever passing through India I consider it a basic human right to go into their premises and smash all company property available. Judging by the time it takes for them to re-act to issues I shouldn’t imagine security would arrive before I left the country.

  33. Shockingly bad

    I changed to 3 from O2 around 3months ago, what was I thinking… its the worst decision I have ever made. shockingly bad. My S2 broke within a week and it took them a month to replace it after 67 calls that I made to them. My second phone has limited reception limited internet and takes ages to work. I have called 3 customer services since and they flatly refused to help, passing me from department to department without solving any issues, they will not transfer you to the complaints department and nobody calls you back. Also would like to add that when I purchased my S2 the sales team told me the new samsung would not be out until early 2013 total lies… how can they do this? its disgusting taht they just fob me off…. contacting ofcom now….. beware do not use 3

  34. Had the iPhone for seven months now and for 5 of those the network has been appalling. Phoned customer services on numerous occasions to be passed from department to department, having to wait 30 minutes at a time for each, still to no avail. Promises of call backs which never happens and then you call back and then are told that it was never recorded so you have to go through the whole routine again.

    A note of caution to anyone thinking of taking out a contract; STAY AWAY

  35. It’s easy to slate a company, but nobody ever seems to leave plaudits for good customer experiences. I’ve been with Three for 18 months now, the speed and coverage of their 3G network is fantastic, the range of handsets is great and their tariffs are unbeatable. In-fact i’d go as far as saying they blow the competition out of the water with their deals. Of all the problems or queries that i’ve had, the call staff have not only been friendly and knowledgable, but they always went the extra mile to help me put. On top of this, every time i’ve walked into a Three Store, i’ve received world class customer service.
    Comparable with Vodafone, you have to pull a bloody ticket out of a machine in order to be seen to, which is why i’ve moved 6 family members and recommended countless friends on to Three. They will echo my comments i’ve left here.

    So, whilst i’m sure you’ve all had problems, hopefully anyone thinking of switching can read this and have a second thought about the good side of Three.

    1. wait until you want to leave them or have a issue about contracts then you will see what a useless company they are .i will never use them again!

    2. But Andy, i’ve had 2 minor issues with contracts, and both were dealt with within the agreed time period, and I was generously compensated for the loss of service. i’ve also had experience cancelling a SIM only contract, and despite the odd good offer (which is what a bloody retentions team is paid to do) it was cancelled with no fuss and the number was ported to Orange (reluctantly as my work phone is with them, wanted to keep my number.)

      The worst of the worst really does shine on this website, but for everyone else, life with Three is pretty good :)

    3. Wicked post, thanks a lot for this. My girlfriend’s been with “3” for ages and I will be moving to them as well tempted by great offer and much lower than competition prices.

  36. it’s 10 july 12 and have now been waiting 30 minutes and still no response. why don’t they spend some money on software that will tell you how long you will wait. i am not sure whether their number is charging me on (0843 373 3333) but i suspect it is. the worst thing is that i want to cancel the contract and need the PAC. it seems to me that i just checked in to Hotel California.

  37. Whilst my partner was on hold trying to speak to customer services I phoned their sales number and got through in a minute. Surprise surprise the Indian gent couldn’t put me through to customer services as it was a different department!!! My partner gave up waiting at 40 minutes.

    Their service is completely crap – my recommendation is to steer clear. If you ever need “service” it will be hours of wasted time for very poor service when you get through.

    1. Waited over 3 hours on the line. Once we were put through, we were talking to a indian ladie that has not a clue what shes doing. We said to her t-mobile has a great price on the iphone 4s. the ladie checked on her “computer” ans said that was not possible that deal and called me a liar, rotten service. God only knows how 3 are still a major company on this particular market. MASSIVE CON. Lied to many times before and sure this discrace of a so called company will be out of business soon. 2/5 service is a massive suprise for me and can only see them.

  38. I have been completely satisfied with the service by O2 until I had to upgrade.
    I have been given false promises on the phone with offers of upgrading, decided to upgrade any way despite not honouring the rate I was given first. Then the phone was in stock, then not in stock, then in stock and not in stock. I was promised call backs that didn’t happen. The knowledge of their Customer Service is very basic and although polite pretty useless. I have been waiting for my phone since the 5th of July and was told a 2 day delivery. It has taken 3 more calls and 2 chats and I am still waiting. Overall I have spent about 4-5 hours dealing with this if not more.

    I have now raised my complaint to a Manager as I was told I would get £3 compensation despite not being able to confirm when my phone would be delivered although she would keep me updated….
    Oh and I requested a transcript of my latest chat which I didnt receive via email however I have never received this…. Good thing I saved it!

    I am surprised and thoroughly disappointed in the service they have given so far and bearing in mind all their recent coverage issues you would think they would do their best to keep their customers.

    Right now I am close to cancelling my account completely due to the service or lack of.

    O2 might be more expensive at length compared to others but service is really important to me being a CS Manager and I would have been happy to pay a bit more if I hadn’t just gone through all of the above. However right now the fate of my O2 upgrade lies with them…

    Go somewhere else if you can as O2 are not worh the hassle and clearly dont care about being loyal to their customers

  39. I’ve had to make 5 phone calls and spent 6+ hours just to get a PAC code from Three. 4 days later, still not received it. Poor signal, poor service. No wonder they advertise they’ll give you 5000 mins for next to nothing. They are such a shambles, No-one wants to stay with them or join them. Do yourself a favour…. Steer clear of (sorry for swearing)… Three.

    1. i have made multiple phone calls to 3 trying to get my e71 unlocked made 2 complaints and this has been going on nearly 4 weeks. it seems whatever they have done to me phone during the process of unlocking has permanently locked my phone to there network and now I can not use my new provider sim that I have contracted too. they just keep ignoring the points I raise in my complaints and are unwilling to take any action or discuss a solution that both parties would be happy with. my advice stay away from 3

    2. I received my PAC code in less than half an hour!!! Three are a great network to be with and I have been with them for over 6 years now and could only fault them on their signal problems, but that may be down to me living in a Victorian house with thick wall. Oh well all I’m saying is that three are great and always give me good offers and stick to these offers.

  40. I’ve just managed to get 3 customer service to do what I wanted. It was very hard, and very time consuming, but ultimately very satisfying.
    I bought a SIM only contract for 12 months, based on the fact that their post-code checker said I had perfect reception in my house. When the SIM arrived, and I put it in the phone, the reception was completely non-existent. However, the problems begun when I asked for my money back, and 3 refused, on the grounds that I had “used” the “device”. Essentially, when I went outside my house to try and see if I could get a signal, it eventually locked onto a 3G signal and started retrieving my emails, hence 3 telling me I had “used” the device, and so refused to give me my money back.
    I bought the SIM online direct from 3. As a consumer, I have a statutory right to return it within 14 days for whatever reason, and this was confirmed to me by Ofcom. However, dealing with the call centre in India was a total nightmare.
    My success, though, came out of pure determination not to be beaten by them. I stuck to my principles, as I knew I was right. I immediately sent an email to their complaints centre, I wrote complaining to customer services in the UK, and I lodged a formal complaint with Ofcom. Eventually, after many frustrating calls to India, with my determination NEVER to take a backward step with them, I was released from my contract.
    I am now happy, and would NEVER ever consider using 3 again.

  41. NEVER AGAIN with 3. The Service BAD, handset BAD and customer service is the worse. They do not listen – instead just read the script and don’t care about resolving problems. Guys in three store in Brighton Churchil Square are misinforming people to seel mobile and then Three Service is actualy backing up the guys misinforming people in store!!!! Unbelievable! I received new handset HTC Desire on 2 year warranty. Something has happened and my keypad for certain letters stopped working. The women in 3 store told me it will be covered with the warranty and I will receive replacement phone. To my horror I got to know that repair will cost me £65 despite my phone being on warranty!!! The engineers has came out with a genious idea that the phone must have fall few months ago annd that is why some of the letters on my keypad doesn’t work! What a lie!!! Then another sad thing…someone has stolen my bag with the replacement phone! Went to the shop and find out Three wants £125 for the used and grade item they have me as replacement!!!!SERIOSULY???!!!!If that’s not enough this “new” phone keep freezing on me every noe and then and nothing has happen to this handset whatsoever!!!
    Ombudsman Services are connected to Three pretty well, so don’t expect them to help you a lot. Seems to me that CEO’s of those Companies have connected pretty well for co-operation…NO COMMENT! NEVER THREE MOBILE AGAIN!!!

    1. I purchased a second hand iphone 4 which is open to Network 3. I would like to open the iphone to all networks, as my wife needs it to travel to another country and use a different sim card there. I contact network 3 and asked them to unlock my iphone and they requested a proof of purchase. I e-mail a proof of purchase to proofs@3mail.com. I received not confirmation or reply. I contacted network 3 and they told the proof of purchase is not accepted as it is in a written format. I e-mail another copy of the digital format (the format requested was Word document). I called again to find out they were unable to open the document because it has an extension .docx (Microsoft Word 2010 format). I e-mail a jpeg photo of the proof of purchase receipt and also said they could not open it. I now e-mailed them another document. It seems I going in circles and going nowhere.

      I forwarded the case to the complaint office and the advisor asked to call from the 3 network and I did that and still refuse to unlock my iphone. Then the advisor asked me to call from the shop where I bought the iphone and still refuse to unlock my iphone. Then another advisor asked me to contact Apple and I did. Apple sent me and proof of cover e-mail with details about the iphone and that the iphone is ok and can be insured to myself. 3 Network still refusing to unlock my iphone. 3 Network demanding the orignal receipt, and I wonder why and giving them all the proofs and that the iphone is not stolen or blocked. I

      If 3 netork would require the original proof of purchase, they have an obligation to contact the orignal customer who is on their records and get the permission.

      It seems to my that I have been messed about with poor customer service and poor support which each advisor telling me different story. These are few of your coustomer support lines:

      Get your iphone unlocked for £5 from the web
      Go to 3 network and call us from there
      Go to the shop and call us from there
      We do not accept proof of purchase because it is handwritten
      we could not open the digital proof of purchase because we don’t have Word 2010
      We do not accept the digital proof of purchase because it does not have Apple logo
      Get us a letter from Apple
      We do not accept the letter from apple
      We need to get the orignal proof of purchase
      and it goes on

      My question is

      Given that I provide a proof of purchase, and a proof of cover from Apple and that the iphone is not stolen, lost, or reported missing, Why are you refusing to unlock my Iphone?

      I join your views

  42. Three has the worst customer service I have ever encountered. When I tried to cancel my 1 month rolling contract they said they had, but continued to take money from my account.

    1. This was because you had to also tell your bank to stop the direct debit with three so that even if they tried to take money they wouldn’t be able to

  43. worst network ever, my phone hasn’t worked in 8 weeks. Sent it for repairs twice and both times it has come back in a worse state. They lost my charger and told me to buy another one. They won’t fix or replace the phone, instead they offered to sell me a new one. Customer service is appalling. Avoid 3, they take your money and provide nothing except headaches.

    1. Totally agree, they be polite but know nothing. Everything is read through a transcript. If you say Three are rubbish (which they are) they will say that you are being offenesive and cut the line. These customer service people at 3 are total morons. They are incapable of doing the simplest of tasks. Forget them and find another provider. Even if you talk to management they have less sense than the person that originally answers the calls. I have spent nearly 10+ hrs resolving issues with them over the past month…not resolved yet and it will never be. They take stupidity to another level

  44. I have been battling three for a solid six months now trying to replace my desire hd which has been sent off now 8 times. They told me that i must have taken the phone apart and removed a sticker (how??) and want to charge me 90 to replace it, even though it’s under warranty. Spent about 20 hours to customer service, got nothing. Avoid this network like the plague they will not resolve your problems.

  45. after returnng a blackberry for repair, i waited 4 weeks before receiving it back. it then developed the exact same fault 3 days later and had to be returned. took another 3 weeks. i then had to return my mifi, never heard from them for three weeks.then received it back unrepaired advising that i had caused the damage and that i would either have to pay an admin fee of 19.99 or i could upgrade my contract and have it replaced foc. !! They ( a communications company!) tried to adviseme by post instead of mobile or email duh ! never received the letters. I then phoned to complain and was eventually assured that someone would call me back within 72 hours. 4 days later i eventually had to phone them.1 hour an 8 mins later i have now just come off the phone with a credit for the 19.99. I should have billed them for my time ! Crap company, that could not spell customer service never mind provide customer service. cannot wait to cancel my phone, dongle , wifes phone and daughters phone at the end of our contracts.

  46. I have just paid £320 to get out of my Three contract. My phone only got a signal around 60% of the time (while others around me on different networks were fine) I have been on the phone to customer services countless times to complain..it has been a frustrating, exhausting and upsetting experience every time THEY ARE RUBBISH!! After months & months of getting nowhere with them I say they have won!!….they’re getting my money …. that is all they are interested in. AVOID 3 LIKE THE PLAGUE!

  47. I purchased a second hand iphone 4 which is open to Network 3. I would like to open the iphone to all networks, as my wife needs it to travel to another country and use a different sim card there. I contact network 3 and asked them to unlock my iphone and they requested a proof of purchase. I e-mail a proof of purchase to proofs@3mail.com. I received not confirmation or reply. I contacted network 3 and they told the proof of purchase is not accepted as it is in a written format. I e-mail another copy of the digital format (the format requested was Word document). I called again to find out they were unable to open the document because it has an extension .docx (Microsoft Word 2010 format). I e-mail a jpeg photo of the proof of purchase receipt and also said they could not open it. I now e-mailed them another document. It seems I going in circles and going nowhere.

    I forwarded the case to the complaint office and the advisor asked to call from the 3 network and I did that and still refuse to unlock my iphone. Then the advisor asked me to call from the shop where I bought the iphone and still refuse to unlock my iphone. Then another advisor asked me to contact Apple and I did. Apple sent me and proof of cover e-mail with details about the iphone and that the iphone is ok and can be insured to myself. 3 Network still refusing to unlock my iphone. 3 Network demanding the orignal receipt, and I wonder why and giving them all the proofs and that the iphone is not stolen or blocked. I

    If 3 netork would require the original proof of purchase, they have an obligation to contact the orignal customer who is on their records and get the permission.

    It seems to my that I have been messed about with poor customer service and poor support which each advisor telling me different story. These are few of your coustomer support lines:

    Get your iphone unlocked for £5 from the web
    Go to 3 network and call us from there
    Go to the shop and call us from there
    We do not accept proof of purchase because it is handwritten
    we could not open the digital proof of purchase because we don’t have Word 2010
    We do not accept the digital proof of purchase because it does not have Apple logo
    Get us a letter from Apple
    We do not accept the letter from apple
    We need to get the orignal proof of purchase
    and it goes on

    My question is

    Given that I provide a proof of purchase, and a proof of cover from Apple and that the iphone is not stolen, lost, or reported missing, Why are you refusing to unlock my Iphone?

    My last e-mail that I received from the executive office says that Apple should unlock the iphone, but Apple says the network provider should unlock the iphone.

    In summary the customer service for 3 Mobile network is very poor and it spiders to their executive office. I will advice anyone to steer away from this network.

  48. **AVOID THREE,do yourself a favour!**
    i am with three for about 2 years now, initially due to their low rate phone plan that satisfied my needs.
    recently as i am not using this phone number as much as i used to, i wanted to switch from monthly contract to pay as you go, while contacting their customer service, it was another nightmare.
    not to mention that it was very difficult to understand the indian accent and fast pace talking, they transfered my calls again and again among 4 departments. after listened to the purpose of my phone call and confirmed my personal information, they told me this is not their department’s job. so they need to transfer. alright, like this 3 times, on the 4th time i was very frustrated to explain the why i am making this call and confirmed again my personal info, i told them please just let me cancel my monthly contract and go to pay as you go. simple.
    instead, their customer service kept trying to sell me some other monthly contract that i don’t need and don’t want. while i refused, he kept asking why am i not accepting his offer and EVERYBODY will think this contract is better value than pay as yo go. and he kept asking why do i want to change to pay as you go, which i explained in the beginning of our phone call, but he just doesn’t get it.
    so it was like this, he kept trying to sell me another contract, i refused, asked why, this and that for the next 38 minutes.
    honestly, i don’t want to change the phone company as i would have to inform everyone about the phone number change. but their customer service really made me want to avoid this phone company and share this terrible experience among my friends, who also already had bad experience with THREE.
    i know its their job to try to retain customers, offering something, and all that, as it is a business they still want to make profit. however, with this kind of customer service will definitely put me away to stay with them.

    ** about calls were transfered to several departments, my past several experience were similar, it is always unavoidable to spend minimum 30 min with them on the phone and explain at least 3 times what you want, as well as confirm personal info for at least 3 times. UNLESS its something to do with upgrade.

  49. 3 service is still just as bad as ever. Earlier this year I just threw away my 3 mobile as I couldn’t get them to help me with a top up because they kept requesting a PIN number I’d never had. This month it took me 2 calls six people and over half an hour on the phone to simply cancel a rolling contract for my i-Pad. This has to be a deliberate ploy to put you off and stay with them. There’s nothing you can do though, the Ofcom website is impenetrably useless and seems to offer another mountain of hassle to register any form of complaint

  50. absolutely terrible – if you want to buy you speak to soemone in scotland within seconds – if you want to cancel you cant – they make it impossible – takes hours to get through to India where reps are forced to go through hard sell to keep you and then cut you off before you can cancel.

  51. I took out a 3 contract early this year, but had nothing other then trouble, there is always NO SERVICE at home, rang many many times, gave them another number to contact me on, but no joy. took 3 months for them to sort it out, that was only when I told them that I would go to their HQ down south to launch my compliant personally. and now again, NO SERVICE, rang customer service explain to them I have no service on my phone, (rang from a friend’s landline) they asked for an number to call me back on, when I tried to explain there is no number for them to ring me back, and all I was asking is why NO SERVICE, when I explained a few times that I have no number for them to call me on. They hung up on me. that is the kind of service 3 is providing to their customers. So taking a contact with them is the worst thing anyone can do.

  52. My advice, which was advised myself was to stay away from three, didn’t listen and regret it soo much. Please anyone reading, don’t get ripped off going with three . I made a bad and costly mistake, well actually they won’t be getting the next bill of £!50 for a month. Just stay clear of this company please !!!!!

  53. I feel privileged that it only took me 22 mins and 2 different people to get my PAC code.
    The carefully chosen words of: Listen mate, you have to supply me this…….. by law, all I want is my PAC code and I’m not interested in speaking to anyone else. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS?
    Then I kept on interrupting him with anything that he said afterwards, stating that I wasn’t interested and I wanted my PAC code, which he has to supply me by law.
    He wanted me to talk to 3’s maintenance dept, to which I responded: only if they erected a mast in the area would they be able to solve the problem, to which he responded: but they might be able to help you Sir!
    I’ve got the fun of cancelling my contract now, which I’m going to do by sending a letter to their head office too.
    P.S McAfee internet protection are on a level par with 3, avoid at all costs!

  54. Hi

    I got really really bad service from 3g. I dont understand how can company do like that.. First i m customer with 3 g with last 4 years .. I dnt expect from company anything for that but last 6 months i dnt have good network covarage . It was poor . I call them . They didnt help m anything . I need to buy i phone 5 . They said wait for another 2 months then we can give u discount ..i said no its ok atlist i m recieving my call and i m gone buy new i phone 5 .. I bought i phone 5 .. Customer service same . Really bad .. Rude aswell..and then i start using my phone .. It was same but aglist i was recieving my call. But from last 2 days i dnt have any network service at home. My phone saing no network service . Wt should i do now .. How can i use my phone .. I am really tired with this service .. I dnt want to call customer service . They just keep talking . Helping m nothing . They just west my time .. How can short out this prblm.. Really bad customer service with this service. Specially customer service people . They dont help you for anything .. I start hating this company . Who can i call . Who can help m .. No customer service number plase ..they dont give us any help. Why 3g becoming company like this . They dont want customer .. They want to go out from market. They dont care about customer . When u call customer service they never listen anything they just keep saying whatever they want to say.. They torture u about how good they are in market .. I hate 333 number now .. I hate this company

    I dont want to say thank you to 3g .. They didnt done anything for thax

    I hate ur business

  55. 3 are the worst network, customer service is rude, nasty and they shout at people.
    Been trying to get my phone unlocked and they almost said i have stolen it.

  56. I have just had an 8 week nightmare with 3 customer (dis)service. By far and away the most appalling organisation I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. I just wish I had known 12 months ago how dreadful they are.
    I have been trying to get my phones unlocked, and even though I bought them from a 3 store, they are saying that I don’t own them.

  57. This 3 mobile net work is unfortunately the worst i have ever encountered. 5 days on I’m still waiting to have my phone unblocked by them. I have paid for the phone when my contract had finished but these people charged me another £15.00 to unblock the phone, I am still waiting. also i have paid up my bill but they are insisting i will receive another. having to pay for my own phone which i bought from them to unlock it. this company is coning the public. keeping you holding on the phone. also you cant understand there words they do not speak clear English. I’m so sad that an organization like this can treat the public in such a underhanded way. please what ever you do don’t buy from these people.

  58. They will only answer the phone if you press sales, how convenient is this! they keep you holding on for ages. Also even tho they have conned more money out of you to unlock your phone which is rightly yours at the end of a contract. they say you have to wait another 24 hours i have been waiting 5 days so far! Total disgraceful network.

  59. I think the problem with 3 network are the customer service as they are not base in Ireland, they are in India and the staff Indian, I have problem with 3 network as they charge me about 130 euro for just call 1913 from abroad, I asked them to solve the problem as the initial information are free. the customer service very toff people . my advice stay away from 3

  60. Beware even after you thought you’d got away!!
    I had all the above problems with 3, poor signal and rubbish customer service so l paid up cancelled the contract and paid what l owed in may 2012.
    This morning however l received a letter from a debt collection agency with an amount outstanding to 3!!
    Ten months later and this is the first l’m hearing about it???
    Now got the hassle of trying to sort it out!!!
    Never ever again would l have ANY service from 3.

    1. Just an idea – but their calls are meant to be recorded. As you cancelled the contract -(by phone) – you could take this up with Oftel, the regulatory body. It may be worthwhile telling them you are making an official complaint through OFTEL and you will be seeking your unauthorised debits back as well as compensation. Take the name of the person you speak with, note this and contact Oftel in any case. A friend once did this and within a couple of days, she didnt get compensation but did get the debits refunded. Good luck

  61. I had a 3 contract sim in my ipad when I bought it. After a few months I decided to change the contract to PAYG as I was hardly using it. When I contacted 3, the guy on the other end tried to tell me to keep on with the contract as it would be cheaper! I tried to explain that £90 per year is 3 times more than paying £10 per month for 2-3 months (When I was on holiday!), but he kept on about keeping the contract. At this point I said that I didn’t want to continue with 3 in any way, shape or form and cancelled the contract.

  62. Having been with most networks and been enticed by the “all you can eat data” claims and thousands of minutes talk time, I thought I was on a winner. Throughout the painful 2 year contract I had little chance of using up my allowance – often having to walk onto the pavement to make or receive calls, also rarely being able to get a 3G signal long enough to load any data also.
    I explained all this to 3 Customer services who amazingly told me 3 times over the 2 years that they were enhancing the signal in my area. Great – adding a phone mast at my behest!
    Naturally nothing happened but an underlying seriousness was present- I was locked into a contract with no way out but to pay it off before going to a reputable mobile network provider. And yes, that is exactly what I am stating in my opinion:
    The 3 network is an awful network but with an even worse customer service. PLEASE – do not fall for their claims. Steer clear- and 3 network – contact me if you wish. Happy to talk. But I wont be quiet.

    Lastly, coming to the end of the contract- I was relieved to check and recheck when I was allowed to call and request a PAC code to transfer my number to my new provider. When I finally tried, I was met with resistance, interrogation as to why I should leave, the customer retention sales person shouted at me and told me to listen and frankly was the rudest person I have ever spoken to on the phone. I kept asking if they would agree to my request to a PAC code- without this I would lose my number and there were just too many contacts to inform manually. The retention team made is almost impossible. Even demands to speak to their supervisors were ignored.
    In all, it took 4 calls and approx 90minutes of calls to cancel my contract AFTER it had run its full term.
    I find the attitude of the sales people in the Retention team disgusting. I had to endure arguments, their attempts to belittle me when I held fast and told them I had a purpose and they were being obstructive – I can go on but I am sure all the readers get the idea. They are trained to do this and quite frankly therein lies the problem.

    I tell as many people as possible not to join the 3 network. As a medical professional, I tell as many of my patients as possible about the worst telecoms experience over 2 years of my life and urge them never to go with 3. I continue to do so and will not stop for another 2 years. The length of my telecoms prison term with them!
    Please learn by my errors and in life, and its still a true saying, you get what you pay for!

  63. I have had terrible service from 02 today May 24th 2013. I made some enquiries about upgrading my phone and I was offered what appeared to be an attractive package but the sales person kept insisting about insurance. I said I didn’t want insurance because I was covered elsewhere. She said just accept it and cancel after a free month. No I didnt want that – from the outset I simply wanted the package. When we couldn’t agreed I said that I wouldn’t be going ahead with it and I didn’t press the acceptance on the sales screen. I had two friends with me and we made a total record of what was happening. Since then I have received several emails and texts saying my order was being processed and despatached!
    I have made a number of calls to them and you try and find a Customer Service connection – plenty of sales but nothing for their Customer service dept! Eventually they switched me and I was told nothing would be sent but since then I have had more texts and emails saying my order was mailed! So I called them back and they admitted they had sent it (bear in mind that no order exists with them!!!!). After another call to them I have been told not to accept the parcel and it will be returned to them and it will be an end. Obviously I dont trust 02 for a moment and as a precaution because my contract is up I am moving to another supplier and stopping my direct debit! DON’T TRUST 02 THEY WILL PROCESS AN ORDER WHICH DOESN’T EXISTS!!

  64. My partner just recently got of the phone with Three for a software problem and while the first person she spoke to wasn’t hugely helpful (but not terrible) but the second person was incredibly helpful. She even took his name so she could tell Three how helpful he’d been. It took her a mere two minutes to initially get connected and when she was put on hold to transfer to a different department, she was only on hold for a few minutes.

    It seems that this isn’t a common occurrence, which is a shame, but it was her first time calling Three (she’s only had her contract for less than a week) and they were more than helpful. I can only hope that her experiences with them are now the norm.

  65. In general, you’ll get far better service from lots of internet providers of all types via Twitter (or online help forums) than via the telephone help lines. The fact that you’re airing your grievance in public helps, and in the case of Three specifically, the folks manning Twitter are much more knowledgeable and helpful. They’re @ThreeUKSupport

  66. I have just left 3 after 10 years. I gave them chance after chance to put things right went round in circles ended up paying 171 pound to get out of my contract they didn’t care one bit. Wouldn’t use 3 again…ever

  67. Having huge problems with three. We had mobile broadband with them. Rarely had service, could be out for days at a time. Our dongle broke after 3 years they wouldnt replace it for free even though they admitted we were entitled to an upgrade. Our contract had expired and we payed monthly by laser. Told them we were no longer using the service, we had no contract so no obligation but they kept billing us. Anyone who uses their mobile broadband will know that when you dont pay a bill they cut you off so why they kept billing us and sending us statements with zero usuage on them i don’t know. Agressively persued us for money, we tried on several occassions via phone and email to reason with them but no good. They’re horrible, rude and ignorant on the phone, there’s no reasoning with them. They’ve now passed our account to a debt collector who are being quite threatening. A WARNING TO ALL TO STEER CLEAR OF THREE. Terrible company.

  68. This not customer service it is a joke I called them a minute ago and instead help with the network problem they are doing the survey about me. 30 minutes of non productive conversation with person who doesn’t speak english.

  69. Three what a waste of time I took out a contract thinking I got a good deal then my internet speed whent down my reception started playing up so purchased another phone but the same thing this went on for two months,by the third month I was fuming I rang up India what. Waste of time in angre I did say I would prefer to cancel my contract not thinking it would just happen but a month later a bill demanding money comes to me I. Was shocked next minute my phone does not make calls so rang India to be told my contrct is cancelled and would need to pay 473 now I was shocked the person on the other end said don’t worry will put it back on in two to three days ok that’s fine a week went by another letter demanding money so rang three back and was told I had to pay the money and it would not be coming back I was fuming I went down to the three store and spoke to the person who set the contract up for me using there phone at the shop I rang three again and put the gentleman on at the three store he then passed me the phone and was told sorry for the issue I will get a sim sent out I said why carnt they give me one from the store he goes we have to issue it out another week went by so rang again by this time a month had gone past again the person in India goes we want payment I said what about my sim then he started saying I had cancelled my contract would u like to hear the recording I said that’s fine but do u have the recording were my sim should have been issued out to me a month ago there reply not all calls are recorded in other words if it works in there favour they will use it but it favour sorry what a bunch of idiots this is still going on and now I’m getting in contact with oftel ad would happily go to any office in England to raise my case I’m waiting till Friday to see what happens ALSO I AM A VAN DRIVER AND IF IT DOES NOT GET SORTED I WILL MAKE A NICE STICKER FOR MY VAN TO TELL PEOPLE HOW BAD THEY ARE SO UPSETTING

  70. I am going through hell with this company& now thay are saying they are going to send the bailiffs&send my name to a debt collector they are crazy can’t get no sense from them

  71. My only complaint with 3 is the customer service – two weeks of torment trying to upgrade, including waiting for the promised phone to arrive then getting a call to say it was still out of stock and that no one could possibly have told me otherwise. Bombarded with calls quizzing me about why I wanted a particular phone, trying to force a me to take something else, vaguely threatening that if I didn’t ‘buy now’ I would pay more. Now I can’t even get it sorted at the shop because they have mucked up my contract . Not only utterly useless, but some pretty sharp practice too.

  72. I have never, in my whole life experienced such terrible customer service. The ‘Indian’ call centre staff not only have no idea what they are doing, they also lie and do not accurately record conversations with customers. I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN. They are the absolute pits! I advise anyone out there to go elsewhere. TMobile are great and make
    you feel like a ‘customer’!

  73. i was with 03 for over 7 years had problem with phone sent a bill for over £100 when it should have been £30 4 months later still trying to sort out so cancelled contract whent to shop phoned impossible to sort out now every day get pestered by phone calls absolutely diabolical service

  74. Got miss-informed and tricked to sign a contract which starts the day I signed it but cannot use my allowance for the next 15 days and I cannot cancel it only a few hours later. During the phone call to the customer services when they put me on hold, I found the time to go shopping for lunch. won’t recommend 3 to anyone !!!

    1. This happened to me too. I’ve been missold a phone and taken out a contract which has doubled in price since it started. Can’t get out if it. Shockingly bad customer care and wouldn’t touch three with a 40ft barge pole. Disgraceful!!!!!

  75. Sent off my Phone for repair nearly a month ago… no loan phone and still no resolution. Each time I call customer services I get someone trying to pull the wool over my eyes and at one point blatantly lying. Seriously shocking service and I spend nearly £200 a month com communications. You’d expect a different attitude from your operator!

  76. Please please stay away from three. They are con artists and their customer service is appalling. They told me I had won a handset in a draw. They did not however tell me that in accepting this prize I was signing up to a new contract. I did not realise I had this contract and was not using the handset as I didn’t like it. I then had considerable health concerns so was not checking my bank statements as rigorously date wise as I should. When I rang up they made out I was the one who was being stupid would not return any money and would not provided me with any evidence that they had looked in to it at all. I have completely screwed out of several hundred pounds. With no way of getting it back.

  77. Three is a nightmare to deal with. If you want to cancel a contract, which I have done on behalf of myself and my partner recently, it takes an average of 33 minutes. They have a system deliberately designed to make it difficult. You have to wait for ages and then you get someone trying to convince you to stay, then you have to wait ages again and then you get another person trying to convince you to stay. All of the customer service people are hard nosed and even aggressive in their approach. I have just had to make another call to them because they didn’t, after all, cancel one of the numbers. Extermely aggressive chap, very upsetting!!

  78. I went with the one plan at £25 a month rolling. Was surprised to see it was now £18 for the same deal (30 days rolling), shame they didnt tell me! Rang to get myself moved – was impossible – they could not help me at all, such hard work communicating. Popped into the local store and was sorted in minutes. So from my limited experience do not use the phone customer service, use the store. Also, seems to me they are quite cheap for tariffs – so maybe they cut back on phone service. Can’t have it all ways!

  79. Nothing but problems with this network across the board
    From contracts to customer service staff that do not understand you and you do not understand them take out 24 month contract and think when it come to its end they will stop taking money not a chance apparently I was told I would have to cancel the contract a week before it ends its a 24 month rolling contract all they want is your money .

  80. Vodafone have appalling customer service, I have had 10 conversations with various people to try to get them to send my upgrade to the correct address they keep telling me they have done it then I find out they have not. Never change to vodafone you will regret it I have had sooo many problems!!!

  81. I have never experienced worse customer service than with Three UK. I paid for internet, and they couldn’t help me get it working. They kept telling me they’d send me the details I needed via text, and they’d never come through. I spoke with over 5 different people and all of them were unhelpful and borderline rude. Now I asked for a refund, and they said they can’t do a refund, but they’d be happy to issue a credit to my account. They said their system can’t process refunds (which is clearly a lie). I am just so frustrated – and am out the money I paid for a month, which is very frustrating since I didn’t even use the service! Switching cell services for sure.

  82. Rude and pressuring! After going through the automated system 5 times having repeatedly being taken to the wrong area I got through to a nice Asian call centre. But THEN, I was put through to one in Scotland. Help! He would not let me leave until I started another contract with them immediately for my iPad! When I said I’ll think about it he asked why? getting ruder and more pushy with each attempt. He then wouldn’t let me leave even when after 10 minutes I was about to be late for work! I just gave up in the end having had to talk to him like a parent with a stroppy kid teaching him some manners.

    Incase you got bored reading that, three are awful!!

  83. I have been with 3 for about 8 years and on the whole customer service has been OK. If I get through to someone unhelpful or who can’t speak clear English I just politely hang up. The next operator will probably be good…
    Also their international roaming is Fantastic. Just had 3 weeks in Sri Lanka, being able to use my phone as if in Uk was amazingly liberating….I would put up with a lot of poor customer service for a benefit such as this!

    1. When i dont go abroad crap customer service is crap customer service no matter how much they distract you with the puppet on their otherhand.

  84. been trying to cancel my 3 account for a week now managed to get to the 3 retention by another route as the direct way either hung up or looped it self canclelled my roaming contract told them i have cancelled direct debit then was informed that i would have to pay an extra 5 pound and they will damage my credit rating! wtf almost harassing and bullying me i just wanted to my monthly rolling contract but it takes two months to end again i was lied to when i switch just a disgusting company do not use!!!

  85. ive been trying to change my isp setting with three for over 1 year and still they cant help me do that I would like to say that three.co.uk is a fucking load of crap and a waste of time .

  86. I have been with 3 network for nearly 8 years and
    Have multiple contract and yes I’ve had problems but
    They were quick to solve and I am happy with their overall services.

  87. I have been with Three for 2 years and have counted every day to leave it!

    I think it’s not possible to find more stupid operators – maybe they launch a special IQ test for them?

    coverage is very bad, and reception is below any expectations.

    It took me 15 min to get PCUK code today! 15 mins!!

    After I told I want to leave three mobile, they asked me if I want to install password to my account. Do they have any brain?

  88. I am with 3 Ireland and also find the customer service dreadful. Whenever I contact them with a query they are offhand, unfriendly and leave me feeling frustrated. By the sound of it, we are getting through to the same call centres as Uk users. Unfortunately they seem to have the best price plan in Ireland.

  89. For all u people wanting to cancel contracts but are finding it tiresome then there is a way around it. The rep u speak to will not transfer the call to a supervisor when asked to. So deliberately say that the contract term that u were promised is different from what it says on the system. They have to put u through to a manager. Also nowadays they are offering £50 credit for any out of bundle usage. So if u see anything extra in the bill just call them and fuck their happiness. I got my 50. Wat are u ppl waiting for. Also there is a so called complaints management team where all the people are managers. At least they say so. Just tell them u will be taking this to the ombudsman and they will take u seriously.

  90. I was on contract with 3 all of a sidden monthly paymdnts went up by £3 pm i asked thdm why they said they were alliwed to do in line with inflation. I told them just because they were allowed to doesnt mean they had to. Then got several spam txts which cost me £3 per time to recieve. Three told me to txt stop to the txters so i did but lost around £18 three didnt give a toss. Network appalling- i went to a wedding reception was only one there apart from 1 person who couldnt get any reception on fone- guess what both on three!!!
    Phoned 3 the day after they said routine maintenance in the area- same excuse every time! In the end took 3 long winded phonecalls to non english speaking callcentre and listening to them trying to sell me more rubbish before i threatened to call ombudsmen and eventually cancelled contract!
    You can listen to what i have experienced or ignore it and make the mistake with 3 yourself if you dont believe me, its up to you. They are cheap for a reason

  91. Been with 3 for over a year nearly two years and their customer services is rubbish and crap to say the least. I paid a part payment towards my phone bill and asked if I could pay the remainder a few days after my bill due date..the operative and serivce manager were totally un helpful and rude and did not give a damn that I had made payment toward the phone bill. Bullshit network

  92. I have used Three for almost 6 years.
    I use to have some problems. And recently
    I changed my network in order not to have problem.
    I joined vodaphone. I regret joining them.
    Its been 1 month and 2 weeks. I never had a
    Good service i am calling them every day. No
    One is even trying to understand my problem.
    I spoke with 9 different people during one phone call
    Which lasts for 2 hours and in the end they put
    The phone down and no one contacted me again.
    I would never recommend vodaphone to any one
    On the whole universe.
    I regret my decision of leaving three and joining vodaphone.

  93. I took out a 24mo contract with 3 for £23/mo but they then billed me £39/mo. after fruitless conversations with their Indian call centre I sent the paperwork by post to their Glasgow Customer Services Centre & then got a voicemail to phone them on 333. I took me back to the call centre who had no record of my letter & asked me to scan & email all the paperwork. At this point U gave up – I am caNCELLING THE CONTRACT & recommend that you don’t go near 3. Their call centre is infuriating & they tried to rip me off so they’ll never get any more money from me.

  94. An hour and ten minutes to upgrade one contract and cancel a second – and this was the second attempt. Aggressive sales pitches, long waits and disconnections. Horrible experience – truly awful customer service.

  95. No good customer service. Not good deals for exciting customer. They done understand nothing. Waste of time.
    Pay more n stay with UK call centres.
    Hate 3 network.

  96. I agree…three are the worst network in the world. I have literally just cancelled them Wohoooo. My contract is due to expire on 14th August, but even though I cancelled it today, I will still get a final bill in September and have a flipping 30 day waiting period. Even when you’ve finished a contract and paid up they still find a way of screwing you into paying more. I hate them….HATE THEM….They’re call centre is in India and they are all incompetent fools that struggle to understand anything you say. PLEASE Never go with three and just be warned about there sneaky money grabbing tactics.

  97. I’ve never even had a 3 phone or contract, discovered that they had been taking money from my bank account for a contract phone….for over a year!!!! There was nothing on my statements to indicate it was them taking payments, only after investigating all my outgoings that it was discovered.
    They have since cancelled the contract and stopped taking payments…however, the £500+ that they said they would repay into my account has not materialized over a month later. Several calls down the line, and several managers later, i still have no refund.
    I’m currently sitting at my desk waiting for there ‘busy advisers’ to answer my call as soon as possible….19mins 32sec’s and still waiting!!!!….

    I haven’t and definitely never will enter a contract agreement with these ‘people’…pity anyone that does!

    25mins and 30sec’s and still waiting…..

  98. The mobile phone was delivered but I had cancelled the contract. They failed to send me the return envelope and after several calls to and from the call centre in India with very abusive call handlers, eventually they sent me a bag and agreed that there was nothing outstanding on the account as the contract had been cancelled within the statutory timescale and that the mobile had not been used. 3 continue to admit this yet still instruct to collect and still demand monies which are not due. Over 20 calls have been made and received and I was aggressively questioned why I changed my mind and was I “ok”

    this continues to affect me mentally and emotionally, not to mention my credit status, I have no other choice but to take time off work to formally commence legal proceeding in breach of the Consumers Act and for continuing to attempt to take monies unlawfully.

    I cannot speak with the customer services at 3 as it is never a UK call centre and the Indian operators are always very aggressive. As half-India I really do not care if that seems racist. I was assured by them this was sorted. The company is now represented to me as money-hungry, inept, rude, aggressive, liars and I delight in seeing them in court and whilst I am sure they will not send their Head of Function, I will make life continually difficult for them until someone in the UK can actually be honest and own up and admit that their people have said, no payments are due, that it was cancelled in the time limit and can explain why, until I told them I as going to the Ombudsman and to court, that their records were not entirely up to date, even through I have retained dates of he calls which they said did not happen.

    It’s a farce and causing me great discomfort and anger! PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM!!!!

  99. customer service are unable to understand UK accents hours on the phone trying to talk to them they offer a very poor bad service stay away from them if you can trust me

  100. Vodafone for a big name it’s the worst out there, they speak very good English but very ignorant no value to their customers and very bad customer service the only good thing I must say is their coverage, it’s like having the best looking partner that doesn’t respect you.

  101. always great customer service and no language barrier issues , great contracts and cost – don’t u
    Have any problems saying Three is fantastic.

  102. 17 month into my 24 month contract with 3.On a Galaxy ace. The last 8-9 months have been shite. I have had to take my vintage nokia on O2 out with me because 3 network coverage is always down. Forever switching 3 phone off, on,off, on. Still no coverage. All photos and videos with family and mates for my obituary, at my soon to come funeral have disappeared. I asked in the 3 shop, what is the problem with it and was told to send it away to Samsung for repair. They loaned me a bog standard loan phone (£30 refundable) and you have guessed,
    ,on and off network coverage,depending on what area you walked to in Blackpool. So Nokia vintage O2 out again, until Galaxy ace returned 8 days later. With the same problem,went 3 shop again,was told nothing wrong with their 3 network coverage,must be the phone. I asked for an upgrade, Not possible unless i bought out the rest of the contract ! I said i will cancel the direct debit, and was told i will be blacklisted and have a bad credit rating ,plus a cancellation fee. Not that i,me bothered i,me dieing anyway. I have discussed this with a few people in this area,with names and addresses , and been informed about many other disgruntled 3 network contract users have complained to 3 customer service on 333, and have been refunded with months of direct debit payments,and bonus,s ! I will ring 333 next, not that refunds or 3 bonus,s (would make for being lied to that there is nothing wrong the 3 network coverage in my area) Plus numerous embarrassing things like, eg asking a stranger, could i please use your phone, to ring a taxi. Doctor,nurses,family,friends etc cant get through your number. People worry, not helped by the channel 4 documentary 999 What”s Your Emergency Blackpool. I will let you know what happens after i have spoken to customer services. I went into a contract for a service which i have not received, Trades description act ,consumer rights,etc, ring a bell. (pun). Make a comment if you like. Looking forward to hearing them. Davey Blackpool.nrth.

  103. 3, Dreadfull !! the coverage in our area in west Wales used to be really good but now awful. I have now been on hold for 37 minutes to technical support.

  104. Consistently poor internet connection despite living literally yards away from their local mast. Internet was out of service for 3 days last month; was only told this by staff in the local 3 store, no apology just “we hope to have it running again in the next few days”. My money would have been better spent on a pile of horse manure – considerably cheaper and much more useful than a subscription to 3’s so called internet “service”, which is more of a lottery than anything else!

  105. Terrible service! Upgraded to iPhone 6 plus on Friday and no service from then, called up customer service and they have no idea one person said assuring me ready by tomorrow. Called again 5mins ago, they said should be ready in 24hrs AGAIN!! In truth they don’t know what’s going on and how long it will take!! I rely on my phone for business, I loosing out because of them. I will never upgrade or recommend three mobile ever again after this!! Terrible atroshous service!!

  106. Vodafone repairs service is a joke! Do not believe a word they say about how long it will take to make repairs or that you will be even be able to track the repair. When you eventually get through to somebody (yes they will put you on hold numerous times, yes they will pass you from one person to the next and yes the call will last over 20 minutes), they will tell you that the tracking website is not functioning.
    You will then be told to email the repair department, who will not respond, well maybe not for several days…..I’m still waiting, nearing the fourth day now (16th day without device), have almost forgotton about mobile phones……. So writing a letter could still be quicker than email then ;)

    When you ring to complain, do not expect apologies or anything to do with assistance; you will be told in a rude manner that the ONLY way to find out about your device and it’s repair is by the email address you were given.
    Pardon me for thinking this, but when I get told to **d off it’s usually because I deserve it; not because I’m a paying customer left without any service I contracted to.

    I guess I will soon have to call the insurance company to advise them that my device has been lost, after which I will have to call the Police to report it lost or stolen (last heard of at Vodafone repair centre).

    Shocking customer relations from Vodafone 0/10 marks.

  107. I don’t understand phone contracts any more….. I purchased a Sony Xperia Z1 from the carphone warehouse (on three network)…. I have used it for a couple of months, but it keeps freezing and not working….. Phoned 3, was told to send it to Sony for repair…… This has happened a couple of time now, and it’s still the same…… I don’t want to send it for repair again….. I’m fed up of this useless phone…… Am i able to cancel my contract lawfully, due to the goods not working as described at the point of sale, and not being able to use the service i’m paying for….. I’m 8 months into a 24m contract.

    Very disappointed with 3…… They don’t seem to care at all.

  108. wow , after over 23 days i feel completley deflated , even had me in tears at one point !!!!!!! DONT GO WITH THREE

    after completing my order on the 1st october , i received ( 2 days later ) the wrong sized sim card .

    When i phoned to tell them i was informed tyo cut my nano sim with scissors into a micro sim ( or the other way around i dont know about sims)
    i inserted it into my phone it got stuck, after prying it out my phone was damaged and three are saying its my fault YES THROUGH YOUR ADVICE

    THREE SUCKS but iv been informed it is the best out of a bad bunch PLEASE SOMEONE SHOW ME A “GOOD BUNCH “

  109. The worst network I have been with is EE/Orange. I was ripped off on my last contract when I took out a £5 a month contract for a dongle that didnt work. When I called customer services informing them I intended to cancel the contract (thinking I was still in my 14 days) I was told a ‘note’ would be put on the account and I had until the Friday to return it. I went to the Orange shop in Birmingham’s Bull Ring and was so angry to find that the 14 days had ran out, so basically I had been conned. The guy in the shop was powerless to do anything so I was stuck. I contacted about 4 different teams, none of whom would help me so I threatened not to pay any bills, ‘thats ok’ a lady said calmly, we’ll just cut your phone off’! Eventually, I contacted the CEO of Orange and was contacted by one of his gofers, apologising and telling me they would send me a pre paid envelope to return the dongle to them which I did. I have also spent over £200 in handsets, all of which failed in less than 6 months but the shop and telephone staff couldnt care less, once they have you in a contract, youre stuck. Im with vodafone now but changing to someone like giffgaff when the contract runs out cuz theyre not the best but better than Orange. Orange are shit!

  110. To THREE,

    I emailed 3 the below on 17 October but I have not received an acknowledgement.

    For more than a year, I have been hounded and harassed by C.A.R.S. and now I am being chased by Moorcroft Dept. Recovery Limited to recover £30.45 from me for ‘outstanding bill’ related to mobile number 07445835153.

    My dispute with THREE all along has been about the ‘outstanding £16.99/£30.45 bill’, which it says I owe following the £10 a month contract I took out for 12 months for my niece from April 2012 to March 2013. At the end of the 12-month contract, I would have expected THREE to contact me to ask whether I would like to renew the contract and also be given an opportunity to upgrade the device. THREE never contacted me. Despite this oversight by THREE, my niece continued to use the sim card but she was running up high bills so I had to take the phone and sim card from her. THREE will have noted that there were no calls made from the above number for almost three months in October 2013 and yet THREE continued to take out £16.99 from my account for the three months of non activity.

    I went to a THREE store to cancel the direct debit and I found out then that the £16.99 payment a month included £6.99 for using a black berry and subscription to a magazine. THREE continued to take £16.99 from my account and as I did not understand why this was happening, I then decided to cancel the direct debit via my bank. I also asked THREE customer services to cancel the service.

    Following the cancellation of the direct debit, I continued to be chased with calls from THREE customer service telling me that I owed £16.99. I could not understand this when I had been to a THREE store to ‘cancel’ the ‘contract’ and asked THREE customer service to cancel the service.

    There were further calls between THREE customer service and me to resolve the ‘outstanding’ bill but each time I had to repeat the issue and it was obvious that Three customer service staff were not keeping a record of our conversations. I was not getting anywhere, which was getting very frustrating with each call.

    THREE customer service continued to call me several times, sometimes tree or four times a day, chasing me for payment. During one of the calls, I was told the ‘outstanding amount’ was £30.45 – I did not understand and asked for an explanation but the THREE customer service did not give me any reason for the additional charge. Overall, I found THREE customer service staff extremely poor and unsatisfactory.

    Despite my attempts to resolve the issue, THREE has not made any serious attempt to resolve the issue themselves. THREE’s only intention has been to get money from me. The only time I got a written correspondence from THREE regarding the issue was to inform me that the matter had been referred to C.A.R.S, who also constantly called me to demand payment from me, at first for £16.99, then some weeks later for £30.45.

    As far as I am concerned I have not breached any agreement with THREE as I did not renew the contract, and therefore I had the right to ‘end’ the service at any time. It is THREE that has broken the rules by (1) not asking me if I wanted to renew the contract and (2) by taking money from my account without my permission for the three months in the full knowledge that no calls had been made from the mobile number 07445835153. In fact it is THREE that owes me £169.90 for the 10 months from April 2013 to January 2014 when it continued to take £16.99 each month from my account even though I had not renewed the contract.

    As for THREE customer service, it is very poor and I had no confidence in the poor manner in which the staff dealt with the matter in 99.5% of the conversations I had with staff. The only THREE customer service staff who seemed to understand my issue was someone called Aditi’ and I thought her involvement would help resolve the matter but I never heard from her again.

    The most disappointing thing of all is that THREE (a well known International Company) has not given the appropriate attention to me, its customer, in dealing with this matter and has done nothing to resolve this issue but has instead has been relentless in pursuing and pressurising me for £30.45.

    It was my brother who persuaded me and six relatives, to sign up with THREE and I have to say that THREE services has been very disappointing especially with it’s customer service.

    I will be seeking advice on this matter if it is not resolved very soon.

    I hope to get a response from THREE very soon.


  111. just tried too cancel my three dongle they want this months bill next months bill they say i will get my final bill in DECEMBER.stay away from three i haven’t even used the dongle since the middle of september dont go near them.!!!

  112. I’m on the rolling monthly One Plan of the Three network. I signed up in winter 2013. I was assured it was for an indefinite period, with no end date and for as long as I wanted. I signed up for £18 unlimited data, unlimited tethering, 2000 mins, hundreds of texts.

    Today (5th Nov 2014) I received a text from Three network, “Hello. We need to speak to you about changes to your plan. Please contact us free on 08003583429 to speak to our dedicated team.”

    I spent 30-45 mins trying to get through to Three today to ask what was going on? They were evidently besieged by telephone calls, as all I heard was piped music.

    So I went to a Three store in London’s West End. The store manager revealed that on Friday 31st October news came down from on high – the CEO and executives – that those of us who’d signed up to the unlimited data and unlimited tethering under the One Plan should be contacted and instructed that our Plan was no longer available to us – even though we’d signed for an indefinite and unlimited period. The rug was to be pulled from beneath us – whether we liked it or not. We were to be charged more and be given less. If we didn’t like that, we would be instructed that our account will be terminated regardless, and to go elsewhere. We were not to be given a choice. The store manager also said that the CEO and senior management knew this would result in numerous disgruntled customers and complaints, but he said “they don’t care”. He said that he’d received many complaints since Friday from customers who’d received the same text as me, and he was advising us all to complain to Three (he warned it’d make little difference as the instruction, to treat One Plan customers so abysmally, had come from the very highest ranks of the Three network) and to also complain to Ofcom. He was very apologetic and said it was unethical and a blatant dishonouring of an agreement we’d all signed in good faith. He also said that it reflected very badly on him and all Three store staff who’d acted in good faith when convincing us to leave our other networks/deals, and to instead switch to Three’s One Plan. Nearby customers all heard him speak openly and with no respect for Three’s unethical treatment of loyal One Plan customers.

    1. it is without doubt that almost all of 3 store staff and call center staff are given work based on the idea of helping special needs people back into work.

      Funny thing is that this in it self is a major insult to any human being with special needs

      The staff at 3 are poor excuses of human life form and when we all witnessed the twin towers falling it was a shame that all 3 staff were not inside at the time.

      what we need to do is pick em off one by one until they are completely taken out of society

      3 are the cancer of customer service that needs to be radicalized and sent to Syria on a one way ticket

      if i ever see a 3 staff member on fire i would not piss on them to put it out

    2. had to phone 3s call centre which is in India ,,i found the guy i was talking to very very helpful,,,he helped me get on line quicker etc,,infact he asked me to down load software and now every thing is working fine…,,although i must admit some times the service runs very slow at times ,,,the call centre were good,,,,,,,,

    3. Three customer service are still very bad as of May 2015. Hold times are over 35 minutes. Also make sure you know when their office hours are, so they dont leave you on hold indefinitely.

  113. Customer Services Manager named Anis Shaikh was very polite and very professional I spoke to him today on the 2nd of December 2014 around 1750Pm hours also spoken today on the 2nd of December was a woman called Chrisy Or Christy she was a customer services represent and was very polite and very helpful and I would like to say both these members of stuff all very helpful and given three a good name I wish the rest of the stuff could be as helpful as these two members of staff I spoke to today at three

    1. after making negative comments about the dodgy broadband coverage etc i called the call centre,,,and the guy who helped me was fantastic,,he couldnt do enough to help me ,,i cant remember his name but it was something like jophl ,,,,any way he was good,,,,,

  114. 3 customer service is that bad I chose a more expensive tariff to make sure they never get another penny from me again, I would never recommend 3 and it explains itself why it’s so cheap with the service they offer.

  115. I was sent the wrong simcard to start with, I paid for a contract phone and was sent a card for a pay-as-you-go phone. When I rang up to ask for help we got put on with someone who clearly spoke terrible English and was very unhelpful. He kept repeating “Not our fault, not our fault” until I asked to be put on to someone who could help. Then got sent a new simcard, we were told it could be set up with my old number but no such luck. The card I have now only lets me send some people texts and made me set up my own internet despite the fact the plan CAME with free internet. After this plan is up I’ll be changing providers.

  116. Three customer service are still very bad as of May 2015. Hold times are over 35 minutes. Also make sure you know when their office hours are, so they dont leave you on hold indefinitely.

  117. I bought a 3 dongle with prepaid credit at the store in Cambridge. I requested a 30 day rolling contract and they said they would need to send a new SIM within a week to make it work. I never received the SIM. 15months later I’ve had 20 calls including a bailiff in the US try to harass me for money. They keep insisting I’m their customer which I am not. They say please quote your 3 number, how??? as I’ve used another network for 15 months. I will sue 3 and would not recommend 3 to anyone.

  118. Three are the most difficult company to deal with. I ordered a broadband device to take away on holiday with me over the phone. I was assured it would be delivered before I went on holiday. As it did not turn up by this date I rushed to a Three store to pick up a new device and in turn take out a new contract. I tried to cancel the contract and was told they would log the call but I couldn’t cancel until I received the device or if I refused the device. On my return from holiday the device had been stuffed in my letter box – I did not even get the chance to refuse the device. I then called customer services and after hours and hours of conversation over 5 days they still refused to let me return the device. i went back to the store I bought the 2nd device from and they tried reasoning with Three on my behalf however the call centre still refused to accept the device back. After numerous more calls eventually and emails eventually Three said I could send the device back. I sent the device back and am now being chased for an outstanding balance on my account, even though I set up a direct debit?? I am now suffering with panic attacks as I honestly don’t know what to do.

  119. Appalling service. Spent this morning trying to cancel my mobile phone contract, the guy on the other end, who I could barely hear or understand at times, kept trying to push me to upgrade/ downgrade etc etc to the point where I ended up shouting at him (I am not, by nature, someone who easily loses my cool). Also asked what I was going to do for a phone once I’d cancelled the contract… this is none of their goddamn business. I will never use Three again.

  120. Their Billing people are incredibly arrogant.. Their Head Office gave me an £18 refund but their Indian “Call Centre” still said I had to pay the bill otherwise he would terminate the contract- for £20. He stated he would be “lenient with you” if |I paid there and then. I had sent a cheque for the amount- It never arrived but they harassed mr for a week and a half with a call every two hours. The last bill for £20, they called my home 3 times in 49 mins. I had to take the phone off the hook. I have an ill relative aged 93 who could not contact me who needed help. I complained and they promised no mor harassment. They persist. Even when the bill has been paid they are still chasing me for money I do not owe. They are worse than TalkTalk. Eventually Police involved but still the calls and arrogance continued. One cha said that “Until the payments are applied to their system, they can continue to all me as and “When we want!”,

    Another told me “If you don’t want to be bothered by 3 pay your bills on time or you will continue to receive calls many times a day!” They also demanded I get my wife or a relative to pay if I could not.

    Ofcom are now involved and the Police ref01215054-01

  121. These customer service problems are still ongoing in my experience.
    I have been trying to get customer services to deal with my latest problem since 8th December 2015.
    I wrote to Amanda Lambert (People and Customer Director) at the head office late December. She hasn’t replied.
    I now have emails from the Executive Office but only because I contacted them yet again and said I had written to her.
    I have been a customer for a number of years, but never again even if they get this sorted out. They obviously don’t think my time or custom important.

  122. casellation is dreadful the rep is trying to sale some new phone even if you asked to cancel your end contract term bad customer service. dont get involve with three customer service experience is not pleasant.

  123. worst experience in customer service on the phone by three network I still have a nightmare talking to one of them. they’ll will drag you to another topic to con you for a new phone by offering some discount even if you did not ask for it. they never even ask ” how can I help you” and address the customer issue instead they’ll offer you and explain about mobile phone. and I thought woow hang-on I phoned you because I wanted to cansel my contact as it is due for ended time! what the F@@@# is wrong with them? I never across an indian rep trying to sale you a phone even if you did not ask for a new mobile phone.. it is very bad experience I have with them…this should be look at with watchdog calling the attention!

  124. Three Mobile’s customer services is terrible. I on a number of occasions I was left on hold for what seemed an indefinite amount of time. I am so glad to have left that company. I will make sure to let all of my friends and anyone I interact with to avoid Three Mobile at all costs. Rubbish phone company and customer service – just rubbish!

  125. i hate three when I buy told me that not had a contract then came a bloody surprise 12-month contract hell…..
    I paid £ 20 for unlimited internet i know it’s a small amount but I almost always not have internete if not can of what promises to a low value so do not promise what can not do, increase the value
    if I have internete for 2 weeks is much for those who thought would have the whole month
    I called to say had never internet the value go for £15 worse problem now with internet and signal i in the last month and have a week that I am almost no sign I hate this junk even in Brazil’s favelas not have this garbage

  126. 3 customer service has deteriated recently. I usually get really well mannered customer service rep. But in Dec. 2016 and Jan. 2017 I spoke to 2 different customer service rep. and they were so so rude. They sounded angry and frustrated. I have been a loyal customer and brand ambassador for years and I am really thinking of changing.

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