Giffgaff named Best Telecoms Provider – Which? Awards 2015

Tiny mobile phone provider Giffgaff has been crowned Best Telecoms Provider at this year’s Which? Awards. The company, which has no high street presence and instead relies on an online community to deal with customer queries, triumphed over better-known rivals such as EE and Vodafone.

Giffgaff, which also won in the 2014 awards, is a Which? Recommended Provider for mobile phone contract and pay-as-you-go services. It received the highest customer score for both in our latest survey and is the only phone provider to receive a five star value for money rating.

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What are the Which? Awards?

The Which? Awards  recognise Britain’s best companies and are based entirely on our own independent research. Companies can’t nominate themselves – instead shortlists and winners are determined by Which? experts who pore over the results of investigations and surveys.

Over 450 companies were considered for this year’s Awards, with 32 making it on to the shortlists for the 11 different categories. In this year’s best telecom service provider award Giffgaff beat competition from shortlisted rivals Tesco Mobile and broadband providers Plusnet and Utility Warehouse.

‘Giffgaff offers great value for money’ – Which? expert verdict

 jon_barrow_ipadAt Which? we get loads of complaints about telecoms companies so it’s great to recognise one that does a fantastic job. Giffgaff has shown that it is possible to get things right – and it’s done so in a very unusual way.

It doesn’t have any shops, it doesn’t even have a customer service phone line – instead you have to get help from the online community. Yet our research found that most customers are still happy with the help they receive, giving it a four-star rating for customer service.

And this unusual approach means that Giffgaff can offer fantastic value for money with prices starting at just £5 a month for a sim-only deal offering 100 minutes of calls, 300 texts and 100MB of data. You can now opt to get a handset from the company too and it also offers a super-fast 4G service (through parent network O2).

That’s not all. We’re asking mobile phone companies to do more to make it easier to switch through our Unlock Better Mobile Deals campaign . Yet Giffgaff already offers three of the key customer-friendly policies that we’re arguing for – supplying unlocked handsets, separating handset and airtime charges on your bill and automatically alerting customers to the best-value deal for them.

Ultimately it’s a great provider and a worthy winner.
Jon Barrow, principal researcher

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37 replies

    1. After a few years of trouble free service my Giff Gaff has spectacular gone wrong. I’m paying for credits but my credit just doesn’t show up. The trouble is, when things go wrong like this there is absolutely no-one one can talk to… I don’t know what to do, the online ‘community’ tried but can’t help!!!

    2. useless signal waste of money frustrating. whats annoying is paying up front then being told to use your credit before you leave. you can’t use your credit because they don’t provide the service….this is wrong.

  1. Seriosly considering moving over to GiffGaff after some dissapointing experiences with Tesco Mobile over the last two months of a 12 month contract!

  2. Would you have a postal address for giff gaff. I had an emergency phone with the giff gaff card in it. I have lent it to someone and l cannot get it back. l pay each month. Unfortunately l cannot remember my password and therefor cannot contact Giff Gaff’ as l want to stop the next payment at the start of next month. It comes direct from my credit card. Many thanks Mr Porter age 81


  3. GiffGaff have complaints as well. I have been with them over a year.
    My biggest annoyance is the dont recur my account.
    Never there fault, always my bank, but this is the only people I have problems with.
    I need my mobile for medical emergencies, LEAVE ME CUT OFF DURING THE NIGHT
    So they are not that good

  4. Hi Paul – if your son is a member of giffgaff then he can send you a link (& earn reward points for himself) to help you. Otherwise just go to the website ( & hover your mouse over ‘our offer’ there’s then a menu for choosing a new phone (though you don’t have to have one in which just go to ‘order a sim’) which you can buy outright or pay for monthly. You then continue through the order process to order a sim card for the phone (make sure you note & order the right sim card size as they differ in different phones (regular, mini & nano). You order a ‘goody bag’ which is the monthly texts, data & calls you want. You also have to load up for some ‘credit’ to cover things oustside our bundle like texting overseas. I recommend setting up auto-renew on the goody bag & auto-top up for the credit, that way you never run out & don’t have to think about it. There’s lots of information on the website to help too. Good luck!

  5. Not really across mobile phones, and doing stuff on line.
    Would like to speak to a human being.Its quicker and more efficient for me.
    Shame they don’t have a phone number where you can ring and discuss things.
    I’ve heard good things about them, but need help setting up an account.
    I guess this company wasn’t set up for the likes of me!

  6. Oh yes they deserve this award, shoving up their giffgaff, If something goes wrong whilst topping up credit and selecting one of the monthly goodybags it always falls in their favour not by just a Lil bit either, its always a fault made by their incompetence, and always increases their sales not only that but the customer always has his money taken yet can get left without a fone contract, no data no calls no texts for days and i myself have had to go over a week whilst they look into it, I topped up credit by £15 last night using the dial up feature rather than online,i then went online to purchase the £15 goodybag which includes 4gig data 1000 free mins unlimited texts, i logged in and selected the goodybag which it refused to sell me, looking at my account it said £14:99 credit, that 1p has saved giffgaff 2gig data and 500 free mins because the next size goodybag is the £12 2gig data 5oo free mins package exactly half the one i wanted yet they still got all my £15 on the account , so why didnt i wait fore them to sort it n get the goodybag i really want? Because i know the procedure it means i got nothing all week , they ain’t addressed any mssgs since last night and i know the missing money has to be looked into and taken seriously it takes 4-5 days to sort out once they’ve read my mssgs (1 day) they will pass it to relevant department (2 days) they reply and let me know this could take upto 10 working days, which is usually 4-5 so 6-7 in total, its Tuesday now it will be Thursday when they tell me it could take 10 working days, so i will expect my issue to be resolved a week on Thursday when they give me my 1p back, They get 15 quid sale, i get half the data and half the free mins they shouldve provided not only that but the data will run out in a week so I’ll have to buy another goodybag making another sale from their mistake which costs customers more money they don’t offer to make up the difference their mistake cost I’ve even told them take the remainder of credit left if theyll give me the 2gig data i lost they do nothing for ya makes me sick.!

    1. Glen you’re so true thats what you are going on about happened to me a few times..the worse thing i donty like about giffgaff is there is no one on the other end to solve any o2 bt ect,i know its cheap for data packages.i think they will have call handlers soon as i;v seen a lot of their giffgaff adverts on tv at major tennis tournament,and on other platforms,so one never knows they could end up like o2 ect.been with them almost2years,all my mates had never even heard of them,but loads of people use tyhe network now so bigger they wiull get they should employcall handlers..but there mite be to many share holders filling their nest eggs up,or well it could happen.

  7. I was with Giffgaff for just over a year. Then left and went to Vodafone. For a few months. I’ve recently come back to Giffgaff because value for money. They can’t be beaten.

  8. also having severe problems, after recieving a sim it was found to be faulty,but after trying numerous times to cantact giff gaff, have had no luck, all i recieved was a replacement sim, so this means i have lost £15.00,,still trying to contact,i think the system stinks, chris

    1. Chris,

      If you have unused credit on your account from your old sim, you may be able login to your account on the giffgaff website and report the old sim as “lost”.

      Then immediately register the new one as its replacement. Any credit should then appear.

      I’ve done this in the past for lost sims but I don’t know for sure that it will work for a “defective” one.

  9. I like Giffgaff but they ave to bring in an human as its hard if ur not a compuctor wizz like myself more a tech virgin so with no human Interaction its hard come on Giffgaff Humans please “well that’s what makes a community init???,

  10. Giffgaff has been taking money from my account without my permission I did not use my card sence last October and when I did use my giffgaff card I top by voucher on thehow do I go about getting my money back.

  11. I left Tesco to try this month by month plan. Tesco were very helpful with my PAC. My experience with Giffgaff was a disaster. I wanted to change my number. They fixed the date of change on a day when my phone was essential for emergencies. But with Giffgaff you cannot talk to anyone. And you cannot change it. I felt abandoned. It’s back to Tesco for me.

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