Mount Everest gets 3G

Putting the London Underground’s recent wi-fi milestone in perspective, a 3G base station has been installed at the summit of Mount Everest.

The base station will give climbers, and inhabitants of the Khumbu Valley in Nepal, access to 3G mobile internet and the ability to make phone calls.

It’s been built by Nepali network operator Ncell, who marked the occasion by making the world’s highest ever video call at 17,388ft.

Previously, climbers had rely on expensive satellite phones to communicate around the Mount Everest region.

Ncell said it plans to bring mobile coverage to more than 90% of the Himalayan population next year.

Image courtesy of Carsten Nebel

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  1. Wi-fi hotspots are the one of the coolest place one could ever be in. I’m one of those people who likes to be in it because i love going online and surfing the net. Not only do we get to enjoy the services, we get to enjoy the place as well. The peak of Mt. Everest became a when 3G plan was successfully launched in Nepal by a Sweden-based carrier. The chief executive of Ncell, a subsidiary of TeliaSonera, said the highest video call ever was made from the Mount Everest base camp Friday. Now that Nepal has the beginnings of a 3G network, climbers can go online at the peak of the world’s highest possible peak and one of one of the most backward countries on Earth will get a taste of modern technologies.

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