Mystery shopper: Orange customer service, moving house – losing signal

Orange customer service is put to the test by our mystery shopper to find out how well they deal with our concerns about losing mobile phone signal when we move home.

For more details on our mystery shopping series, including the questions we ask, the dream response to our customer service query, and a run down of how Orange compared to the competition, head over to our summary page.

After just under a minute getting through the automated system I was in the company of Abigail – as I will call her here. From her greeting she didn’t sound all that happy to see me but she soon cheered up.


She quickly went straight to check my signal using a post code checker but when I told her that I didn’t know the post code she was very upfront with her advice.

She advised that I shouldn’t sign into any contract until I knew where I would be living, saying there was very little that could be done if it turned out I would be living in a black spot.

Abigail sounded genuinely concerned that I might end up without signal. Despite reassuring me that I would have to go somewhere pretty remote to lose both Orange and T-Mobile signal – which I would also be able to use – she still told me that I should double check my new post code before signing any contract.

It was great to hear such honesty from a rep and after telling me that I would be able to go online to check the signal myself, she then went on to tell me about their great deals at the moment – although she did add ‘if you don’t get signal it won’t be a good deal for you’.

‘I don’t want to sell you something if it’s not going to work for you’

Abigail even went on to say ‘I don’t want to sell you something if it’s not going to work for you’ which I found particularly refreshing.

After going through the contracts she did say that you might be able to connect your phone to your home broadband and showed some impressive background knowledge when she pointed out that BlackBerrys could connect through a wi-fi connection using UMA.

Despite all this, Abigail did miss the opportunity to offer a 30 day Sim only contract to tide me over until I moved. This would give me the opportunity to try out the signal without committing to a long contract and would also give me the option to upgrade if my signal was fine.

She wrapped up the call with ‘Sorry I haven’t been able to be more help’.

Which? verdict

Abigail was very friendly and very helpful. She seemed to want the best thing for me rather than the best thing for her sales figures and her advice felt genuine. It was a shame she missed the opportunity to offer me an interim solution but it was a very good effort.

We contacted Orange for its official stance on this situation and it said, ‘whilst we do not offer an option for customers to break their contract for moving house, in exceptional cases where a customer clearly has no network coverage at a new home of residence and has been unable to make calls, we will look to resolve in their best interest’.

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If you’re looking for a temporary contract, or simply want to save money, check our great value Sim only deals.

2 replies

  1. Shame their network firmware they flash onto smart phones is so poor.

    My personal experience with Orange customer service is poor, mainly because they sold me a phone that is riddled with faults due to their firmware

  2. wow! you found the only competent persons in their so called customer service
    centres. Orange signal is rubbish, only matched by its incompetent customer service.

    Try having a problem, then see how friendly they are.

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