Vodafone publishes its own tax protest

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Vodafone made a bit of a slip up over the weekend when it published messages criticising itself on its own website.

As part of its 12 days of smiles competition, users of the social network Twitter could post messages with the hashtag #mademesmile and the messages would appear in a live stream on Vodafone’s website.

Unfortunately for Vodafone, this didn’t escape the attention of the people still angry over the perceived unpaid tax bill, who quickly grouped together and sent messages criticising the company with the appropriate tag.

The live feed then picked up the messages and displayed them on the company’s website.

Vodafone Twitter fail

Vodafone Twitter fail

The live feed has now been taken down, but it’s another in a long line of protests against the company.

[Via The Wall]

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  1. A clever action there by the online protestors! And just when are Vodafone going to pay the outstanding money? Do you know if they’ve made an official statement regarding this?

    1. Private Eye magazine has given best coverage, such as a head of HMRC who told MPs she ‘wasn’t a tax expert’! The department has also cut individuals who bring in billions to save thousands. Finally the new overall boss boasts he wants to be ‘company-friendly’.

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