Why Giffgaff is our best telecom services provider 2014

Still relatively unknown, mobile phone provider Giffgaff beat competition from Tesco Mobile and broadband providers Plusnet, Utility Warehouse and Zen Internet to be named our top telecoms provider.

Shortlists and winners are determined by Which? experts, who pore over the results of investigations and surveys to select shortlists and overall winners in each category. Companies can’t put themselves forward for an award, unlike in many other industry awards.

The best telecom service provider award is based on the results of our surveys of broadband and mobile phone network providers. We ask thousands of customers about their provider to find out who is best for customer service, value for money and general service.

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Which? deputy technology editor Rory Boland says

Rory-BolandIt’s always great to see a small company enter the market and shake things up, and that’s exactly what Giffgaff has done.

It doesn’t have any shops, it doesn’t even have a customer service phone line – and that will be a deal-breaker for some people. Instead, if you do have a question, comment or problem, you’ll need to email it in or look through the Giffgaff forum. But what it does have is fantastic value for money.

Originally a pay-as-you-go provider (although they have moved into contract deals), a £12 bundle gives you unlimited UK texts, 250 UK minutes and, best of all, unlimited internet.  As someone who has switched to Giffgaff based on all the positive feedback we have had, I’ve found them an absolute bargain. And, while the unusual way of getting in touch with Giffgaff takes some getting used to, when problems have arisen I’ve had them solved promptly and politely.

Unlock a better mobile deal?

If you’ve switched to a different mobile phone provider, you’ll know that getting your phone unlocked is not always as simple as it should be. Many providers charge, even though you already own the handset, while others don’t let you know that they can unlock your phone, and after you’ve left the company it can be too late. Giffgaff and EE already unlock their handsets for free and we’d like to see other providers follow suit.

We’d also like to see providers make it easier for you to switch to the best deal for you. When your contract ends, your provider should offer you the best deal based on your usage. If, for example, you use around 90 minutes a month, your provider should offer you a deal that includes a 100 minutes, not a more expensive one with 500.

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144 replies

  1. I was attracted by your enthusiastic report on Giffgaff, but looking into it found it uses the O2 network. I need to have a connection in and around Peebles in the Scottish Borders, and O2 is pretty hopeless there. So I’ll stay with EE.

    1. Agree. Surely Which should have told us the network at the beginning. Where I live, you have to go outside to get an O2 signal, not so nice when it is raining. I’ll stick with my Virgin deal using the EE network which gives me unlimited landline calls plus 120 minutes to mobiles for £10 a month.

  2. Giffgaff have come “out of nowhere” to get this award. Here is a copy of the letter I sent to Which? almost two years ago:

    Sent: 10 July 2012 18:56
    To: letters
    Subject: PAYG mobile phones

    Dear Which?

    I am surprised that i have not yet seen any mention of O2’s budget alternative, giffgaff, in any of your articles.

    Over recent years I have migrated my PAYG phones to giffgaff, on the basis that it seems to offer the best value for money PAYG packages in combination with good network coverage from the O2 network.

    For example, for £10 a month, you get 250 UK minutes, unlimited texts and internet use (but no tethering) and free calls and texts to giffgaff for the next three months. Other deals give more minutes, up to a ceiling of 1500 minutes for £25 per month. Calls to 0800 are free too.

    Giffgaff now also provide a competitively service for PAYG mobile broadband dongles.

    One of the main reasons for giffgaff’s lower charges is that they are largely an internet based service, which avoids the costs of running all those high street shops that other suppliers seem to need. They also make use of an internet based forum to reduce their customer’s needs for traditional call centre support. So you can a low-cost, no frills service, if that suits your preferences.

    Joining giffgaff is easy – free SIM cards are sent out in response to internet requests and phones (and other devices) with work if they are locked to the O2 network or if they are unlocked.

    Yours sincerely


    Since then, giffgaff have had their ups and downs – including a few horrible network outages (including some also suffered by O2 and Tesco Mobile and some unique to customers. I think their basic value position remains sound – especially for low volume users, but giffgaff’s competitors have not been idle. The main phone I used to run on giffgaff is now on a Tesco capped contract – that gets it a better bundle of minutes but we miss the free 0800 calls.

    Both of course share the O2 network. In the places I go, this seems to give good coverage but all networks seem to have their gaps and blackspots.

    These Which? pages seem to be full of “hard luck stories” in which hapless customers have been sold mobile contracts by apparently greedy and unscrupulous netwook shops, who should have been well aware that their networks offerred little or no coverage at these customers’ residence or business locations.

    More or less anyone can go online and check network coverage, although I have noticed that not all of the network websites make this especially easy to do.

  3. “Originally a pay-as-you-go provider (although they have moved into contract deals)”

    There are no contracts. You can set a monthly bundle to recurr automatically so its as convenient as one but you can change or leave anytime

    1. Okay, to clear up any confusion

      Giffgaff do offer contracts for their phones, and only their phones. Once you enter into an agreement to purchase one of their handsets on a payment plan, you are obliged to keep up the payments for the length of that contract.

      However, giffgaff’s service and allowances are non contract. So, you can pay a fairly cheap rate for the handset itself, and opt in or out of monthly allowances and pay as you go allowances at any time. You can even continue to pay for the handset with giffgaff, and use another network entirely with the phone you’re still paying for… though with the current state of the market, I don’t know why you would unless you don’t have giffgaff coverage.

  4. giffgaff sell unlocked phones using peer to peer finance from ratesetters .You can walk away from giffgaff anytime..why? NO CONTRACT.

    1. Hi Del

      The easiest way is to dial 43431 from a giffgaff phone and follow instructions. You can also request it from the website

  5. Thank you giffgaff user. I’m dubious about joining giffgaff for two reasons: 1. I’m getting a new phone any day now and I’ve read reports about other people with the same phone having problems. 2. I couldn’t find anything about obtaining my PAC “from” giffgaff if I have any problems. I use 02 at the moment but giffgaffs offer is far superior to 02’s. I’ll find out in the first month if I’m staying or not won’t I.
    Once again many thanks.

    1. raphael

      From a giffgaff phone dial 43431 and follow instructions. You can also request it from an agent via the website.

      Please ask any further giffgaff questions at giffgaff.com . Thank you.

  6. Hi I topped up and bought a goody bag and payed via a visa but I haven’t received my goody bag and it has put extra credit on that I didn’t ask for can u please contact me to notify me were my credit is and it clearly shows on my account thank you.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Clearly something went wrong there!

      When you top up giffgaff by voucher, you have to first put the voucher credit on as normal credit. Then you pay for your goody bag out of your normal credit (e.g. while you still have sufficient normal credit). So your problem might have an easy fix.

      Like most offers, goodybags are subject to restrictions, e.g. only 1 at a time.

      I used to find it annoying that I could never use credit card to top up my partner’s giffgaff phone using the giffgaff network and website – my credit card verification page always seemed to time out on me.

  7. giffgaff are trumpeting this award in the press but it is all based on false information and Which? really should re-evaluate it. giffgaff no longer provide ‘Unlimited’ internet in any form, it is all strictly limited and traffic managed to very low speeds. Any users who fail to limit their internet usage on the mis-named ‘Unlimited’ deals will find they are no longer able to purchase those deals.

    It should also be noted that support is wholly inadequate too, you may get a response to common questions very quickly on the forums but these questions only need asking because giffgaff obfuscate access to a lot of information to stimulate use of the forums. Many other issues can not be resolved via the ‘community’ and require the assistance of an ‘Educator’ or ‘Agent’ who may respond in 24 hours if at all. Access to ‘Agents’ is also obfuscated by an awkward form that will fail more often than not.

    1. I think the whole mobile phone industry is guilty of using “unlimited” in incorrect ways.

      Someone one pointed out to me that no network can give you “unlimited” minutes – the most you could ever have in a month is 31*24*60 = 44640.

      The same principle applies to data too. Even land-line based ISPs seldom quarantee minimum data rates, so even without any so-called fair use policy’s “unlimited data” must mean 31*24*3600*(some variable unspecified rate in bytes/second).

      My experience is that giffgaff only provide relatively low data rates – O2 (and Tesco?) customers seem to get a bigger slice of that cake (but then we deserve to, we are paying more for our limited data allowances).

      As I said in my previous post, I still think giffgaff is a good option for a low volume user to consider – but they aren’t the only game in town.

      Personally I never had any problems with giffgaff and thus also never any cusomer service problems either. But I have seen plenty of evidence of the latter via their forums.

  8. Inadvertent research in Sainsbury’s this morning shows that Sainsbury’s mobile are now offering rates of 8p/min for calls and 4p for texts. They also do 30-day “bundles”. For example £15 buys 800 mins + unlimited texts + 2GB data.

  9. If I use a giffgaff sim am I able to buy a £5 voucher from O2 shop and use that to first set it up as well as further payments by phoning 43431? I very rarely use the internet.

    1. Hi IreneH,

      I think you’ll need to go onto giffgaff’s website to register for an account and to activate your sim card. (I set up a new one for a friend last week.)

      If (i) you have a valid unregistered sim card and (ii) an email address you can assign to your new account and (iii) the giffgaff system is available and working, then the registration is a fairly quick and simple process.

      Although you can just top up your “normal credit” using vouchers bought from any local shop, if you want to turn that credit into bundles (“goodybags”) then I think you also need to go to the online top up page for that.

      Hence to get started with giffgaff, you need to have some form of internet access indpendent of giffgaff itself, for example broadband by landline, or a wifi hotspot somewhere, or even someone else’s mobile broadband.

  10. Thanks Derek
    I have tried to purchase the £5 voucher but the outlets I have tried only do from £10. I am a very low user and do not need internet, so I guess I can only do it over the internet for £5 using my card which I do not really like to do

    1. You can buy giffgaff airtime credit using £10 voucher, then buy a £5 goody bag using your credit. If you have a SIM from a friend, you need use £10 to get your extra £5 credit when you register, but you have 3 months before you must top up using another £10 in order to keep your free giffgaff to giffgaff texts and calls.

  11. check out the thread on GG site regarding the new goodybags – go to the GG community web site and find the thread about goody bag community consultation.. makes great reading!!

  12. What the actual f**k!! This network is a total joke! 3 hours to log in and I still can’t get on to top up or buy anything???? Free sim is pointless if I can’t use it!

  13. My interest has been playing up for days and days!! I’m sick of it now and it’s becoming a regular thing for me and my friends on Giffgaff.. I am NOT willing to pay for a service I am not receiving and I will take this further. I expect this month refunded as this is beyond a joke now!!!! Get it sorted!

  14. I have tried GiffGaff on two numbers for over a year. Have had service issues and their customer support and complaints is appalling so I have left with both numbers.

  15. Hi iv forgotten my password for my giffgaff to update it and top it up but I have also changed my email and now I can’t log into anything to too my phone up is there any other way of topping up or adding a new email maybe get it sent to my phone instead of sending it to my old email?

    1. Hi Amy

      Open a new account and using that contact an agent with details of your problem.
      You can top up by phone on 43430 but can’t buy a goody bag ( they are on line only )

  16. After only a month of usage, Giffgaff changed the regular £12 unlimited goodybag to have next to no internet data without any warning whatsoever. A complete waste of £12. I’m certainly not recommending this network to anybody when they will obviously just keep hiking up the price of basic services for no reason. Services that were shamelessly throttled during daylight hours anyway.

    Giffgaff are now charging the same rates as Hutchisons ‘3’ network, which is a great deal faster and more reliable. Their tariffs haven’t changed in years.

    ‘Which?’ approval obviously isn’t what it once was.

    1. @Peel

      The price changes were introduced after months of consultation with members and were made neccessarry after abuse of unlimited data bags by a minority..The inceases were well flagged on the website for the last few months

    2. I’ve been on the £12 unlimited data goody bag for years and have only once exceeded 3GB in a month. Sure, I could have saved money buying the £10 (3GB data) goody bag instead, but I liked the idea that Unlimited was there – just in case.

      Giffgaff’s “members consultation” was more like Sophie’s Choice
      Members were offered:
      Plan 1. Worse than the one you have.
      Plan 2. Much worse than the one you have
      Plan 3. Pay a lot more for the same thing.
      Ok giffgaffers, you decide!

      Why did Giffgaff punish sensible users instead of data abusers?

    3. I may be in the minority here, but I’m actually pleased with giffgaff’s changes to the £12 goodybag. Allow me to explain why.

      Previously, this goodybag had unlimited data. Sounds great? Yes, but the deal breaker for me was tethering not being allowed. Since I own a wifi only tablet, I tether it to my phone frequently when away from home. Even though tethering is difficult to enforce, it’s technically possible to detect usage patterns that wouldn’t belong on a mobile phone, so I opted for the £10 1GB package instead.

      Now, with the £12 goodybag allowing tethering, I pay 20% more for 200% more data allowance. Not having to worry about creeping over 1GB a month is the difference between night and day for me, and I’m sure there are other users out there with similar experiences.

  17. @giffgaff_user

    So it’s our fault then? We’re all being justly punished then? Is that your point there?

    According to the T&C, Giffgaff claimed they had an automated policy of restricting abusive individuals and denying service to them. This might apply to people for example, tethering, or using torrent clients.

    That Giffgaff are presumably incapable of administrating their own policies does not give them a green light to demand an extra £36 per year across the board. No, this was motivated by a hunger for revenue. And we, the clients, are not to blame.

    And they may have well have been ‘flagging’ the news on the wall of a public urinal for all I know. If it didn’t reach the actual consumers like me, then it is a failed communication.

    Not good enough.

    1. Some of the keen giffgaffers (?) on the giffgaff forums have previously made the scurrilous suggestion that giffgaff’s marketeers should adopt the strapline:

      Giffgaff: communication is our business but not our strength.

      As an O2 & Tesco Mobile user and (mostly) former giffgaff user my impression of giffgaff’s internet service has always been poor, on account of its apparent low bandwidth.

      So if you talk and text a lot and have an excellent phone like a 2G Blackberry, when it is not it forced outage, giffgaff is a good value network to use.

      But if you have a 3G super smart phone and want to use the ahem “unlimited” internet to download loads of data – you might be better off elsewhere. My O2 contract allows me to tether and gives good bandwidth if I need to do Windows upgrades (or whatever) over the mobile internet. I think I pay about £20 for a package that includes 1GB of data and can add a further 1GB of data for £5 a month. Luckily(?) I have a land line too, so I can use that if I need to download multiple GBs of data.

  18. I can’t get into my giffgaff account when I try putting my username and password in it says that it’s wrong but I no its right can you help me please

  19. I purchased a top up on 19/10/14 at 14:40 at a pay point fm stores s61 1EA
    My voucher number is 5358194192707677 when I add the top up to my account it appears as an error invalid voucher number

  20. Hello there i would like to take out a mobile contract deal but have you got anything in the 10 pound å month? This is my mobile number 07403 407 501 and my landline number is 01788 579954.

  21. I put 15 pound credit on my phone.. I still had 1 pound left on i tried to get a 15 pound goodybag it gavw me a 5 pound which left me 11 pound cedit how can i rextify this my xredit runs our in 2 days..thank you ..stuart

  22. i cant access 18 sites and 2 prove im 18 its askin for passport or drivin license details i do not have these. i do have a provisional what can i do to solve this problem?

  23. Stupidly I topped up this month with only £10 and found within just a few days I have nearly used all my internet data, what is the best way of getting mo,re data. In hind sight should have just stuck to paying £15 a month. Please advise. Cheers Simon.

  24. Stupidly I topped up this month with only £10 and found within just a few days I have nearly used all my internet data, what is the best way of getting more data. In hind sight should have just stuck to paying £15 a month. Please advise. Cheers Simon.

    1. Is there any echo in here? :D

      Going “out of bundle” on giffgaff is a PITB.

      One way around it is to operate several giffgaff SIMs in parallel, e.g. with 2 you can use 2 bundles worth of product each month at the standard “in bundle” price.

      To do this you may have to suffer the inconvenience of carry two “poser phones” around with you (imagine the potential shame of being seen touting not one but two iphones…) but it does provide a simple way of getting twice the normal allowance of calls and data at your normal preferred bundle rate.

      If you want to register a 2nd giffgaff SIM to yourself, you’ll need to register it under a different userid and a different email address from the ones already used for your first giffgaff sim.

    2. Actually, that’s no long necessary. Giffgaff recently debuted early repurchasing of goodybags, so if you run out of allowance you can buy a new bundle the same day rather than waiting until the end of the monthly period. This information was sent out in the last round of account statements and is also listed in the information when buying a goodybag. Having to buy a whole new bundle if you run out early is still a pain, but at least it’s an easy option now.

  25. Giffgaff gives u so much more than any other network I always have plenty of minis data n tx left at the end of the month instead of topping up 1-3 times a month I would advise anyone 2 try it and if it isn’t for u its so easy 2 change back as no contract is needed go on give it a try

  26. The £15 a month contract used to be unlimited internet but now it’s 5 GB of Internet not every one can afford £18 pounds a month for unlimited internet it should be back to £15 pounds a month for-unlimited internet

    1. I’m on the side of feeling that a lower data allowance is a fair trade off for allowing tethering. I frequently use my phone as a mobile wifi spot for my laptop, and compared to the previous highest tethering capable package (1GB), 5GB is much better for my needs.

      I’m sorry to hear you’re one of the people unhappy with the change, but I have to admit to being somewhat surprised that you’re going through more than 5 gigs of mobile data a month o.O

  27. The password and username I have forgot been trying to a us it and still waiting from 7th day morning till now for a reset email to come though but never has done so can some one please help me get them or reset them I really need help

  28. I have a pay as you go contract with Vodafone. I rang them today to cancel my contract and get my pac no, but they say it will take 30 days to cancel my contract which is the 17th December and I would have to ring them again on that date to receive my pac no. is this correct?

  29. I have been with giff gaff for a while now and never had a problem. Recently I brought a new phone which required a nano sim, different to the micro sim my iphone needed. I ordered a new giff gaff nano sim card and activated it in my new phone but I would like to keep the number from my previous sim. I am finding it very difficult to follow the not so clear instructions. I have entered the Pac code and its telling me i can not use a current giffgaff code. I’m so confused! Can someone help me get my old number please.

  30. ive forgot my giffgaff password my num is (number removed by moderator) nmy member name is (username removed by moderator) keep sayin uve emailed it me please can u send it to my phone thanks

  31. To the 12 people above with giffgaff problems:
    You are not paying attention.
    This is a Which site.
    Not Whichgaff or giffWhich.
    Please turn around and face the other way. Can you see it?
    Yes, that’s right. Giffgaff Towers.
    They’ll be glad to help. Even you Katrina.
    On you go plz (sic)

    1. Hi there, could someone from Gifgaff tell me if their number hasn’t considered by other network providers as local number?

      I am now facing huge bill by calling someone who has Giffgaf number.

      Is it true the Giffgaf numbers are considered as prime number?

      Thank for your attention.

    2. I don’t have a passport, driving licence or credit card – only debit but all of a sudden I have the adult lock on giff gaff fir over 18 content! What do I do? I’m. 44 years old ffs!

    3. no signal available for 12hrs who do I contact please supply this information
      as soon as possible or I must make a change in the very near future.

  32. I cannot find how to terminate my Giffgaff? I am going to Australia for a year. I want to stop having automatic monthly top ups charged to my account. Please direct me as to how I contact someone to arrange this. Thankyou Irene

    1. Irene.
      You are lost.
      We cannot help here because we giffgaffers are not giffgaff.
      Although we are all giffgaff, so to speak.
      This means that I Giffgaff cannot help You Giffgaff.
      Perhaps you will find.
      The termination you are looking.
      I’ve never been.

      Was that too weird?

    2. Whey you take my accounte in December 1/12/2014 £10 and 15/12/2014 take out money£10 pound total 20 pound . Please give my money back . Otherwise I stop my account

  33. I can’t log in. I can’t update my bundle. I’m getting no response from giffgaff. Can anyone help. I have £20 credit to buy but can’t. Its frustrating. Thanks to anyone who responds:-)

    1. Nat,

      I think if you can log in to the email account that used to register your giffgaff sim to, you should be able to get a link to reset your giffgaff login send there. I’m sure I have done this in the past.

      Lost passwords and forgotten user names are the bane of all on-line services. It really does make sense to write down lists of these items and keep them in a safe place.

      also, if you can still get onto the internet, the giffgaff forums may provide much better help for this (and all other!) problems.

      The “design concept” of giffgaff is that its user community provides a lot of help via those forums. As Jim has noted, the 1st place to go for any and all help request should be there and not here.

      From that basis, I do not think giffgaff can be recommended for anyone who is not at least moderately tech-savvy or for anyone who does not have independent access to the internet. I think this came out in early Which? discussions and reviews of giffgaff and I think it remains true today.

      I still think giffgaff is great value for some uses, e.g. making free 0800 calls from a mobile.

    2. The same has happened to me and I’m really lost, I have been on the internet about 3hours and I’m getting nowhere, if u get help please let me know, just incase I can’t get back on here lol my number it’s 07760906662, thank you

    3. I have toped my fone upand I cant get a goodybag\login on eather account please cam someone help me I really need it asap , I’m really lost, I have been on the internet about 3hours and I’m getting nowhere, if u can help please let me know, just incase I can’t get back on here lol my number it’s 07760906662, thank you

  34. why I can’t use the internet in my phone without wifi connection even if i have 3giga of internernet unused? I have bought £12 bag.


    1. One possible reason for this could be that you are using an Android phone and you need to manually set up the phone’s internet connection settings.

      Details of the settings needed are on giffgaff’s website – but you’ll need another form of internet access to look them up.

  35. Can some please get in touch with me as I can’t get no signal and can’t use my phone to phone out this as been 2 days now and I am not happy plz let me know why

    1. Giffgaff runs on the O2 network, so, if you phone is not broken, you should get a signal in any area covered by O2’s transmitter network.

      Things to try might include:

      – trying your sim card in a different handset

      – getting a friend on either O2 or Tesco to verify that there is an O2 signal where you are.

      Giffgaff sim cards won’t work in all phones. They do work in O2 handsets and in “unlocked” handsets.

  36. Could you please help, my son has a giff gaff sim and is struggling to get a goody bag.
    His top up comes out of my bank every month but this month it ran out so he topped up with a voucher and it takes money off him everytime he texts or goes on the Internet he cant buy a goody bag and doesn’t know his user name.

  37. I’ve forgotten my password and I sent you a post on forgetting my email and you said that you send a link to my email address but the password reset link as not arrived at their email Address as above

    1. To may need to contact an Agent via the giffgaff website…

      Obviously you’ll need internet access independent of your phone to be able to do that.

  38. For about 3 weeks now I have Only been able to text either my son [who is on Giff Gaff] or Daughter [O2] Same applies to calling ! Goody bag totally being wasted . Due to Top Up and dont know what to do ! Can Receive texts and calls [I Think !] ok . cant try Sim in another phone as know no one here to try with !!! Anyone got any ideas ?????

    1. It could be that (i) you have used up your data allowance or (ii) the internet service settings on your smart phone have become corrupted and need to to be reset or (iii) you have inadvertently turned off “data” on your phone’s settings menu.

  39. Lost password and have gave wrong email address need to access account. Have phone number on and know user name but don’t know how to access account. Will I need to change number when credits run out? How do I access my giffgaff with no password and no right email

  40. Can you call me urgent on 07762926670

    A.s.a.p as my credit need to transfer from my login account to my phone and cannot access can you ring me now I want to get my good bag and to access this as I have no wifi

  41. I AM Paying £15 each month, for unlimited data, still, every time I go on Asda.com to make my shopping you close internet saying that Giffgaff is facing huge traffic at the moment !?!?
    At the same moment I am able to open Giffgaff page … And there is no more traffic issues…
    Tell me please, why haven’t you on top front page of your site a phone number for your customers?? Why should we browse through a hundreds of your website pages in order to find a way to communicate with your stuff to get our problems fixed?!?
    How long will you still block my so called unlimited data!!!!!!!!!

  42. I have been trying hard for the last hour going on circles just to top up my £18 goody bag again for this month it seam to be impossible to do , is this the probs
    I will be facing purposely ?????f

  43. I have been messed up with my mobile security .now it stop Woking and require PUK number .would you please help and provide me with punk security cod . thank you

  44. my phone will not connect to the internet since i have changed to a better android phone?? and this is.my main use of my phone is internet which an paying for and cannot use.. if this is bot sorted use leave me with no choice but to change my mobile network..

  45. Why am I going to be cut off from my internet when im NOT TETHERING im only downloading music as iv no wifi at home hence why I bought unlimited internet.

  46. I have no net work connection carnt make or receive calls or send texts so upset is it giffgaff fault need it urgent can you please help me

  47. I previously used giffgaff but have left them and gone back to asda mobile. giffgaff have given me nothing but grief from day one. I tried to port my old number and that took over two weeks to actually port when they’d told me no more than a few days. Then the final straw was when I went away for a while and they shut down my number, as I’d not used it for a couple of months. Their excuse being that they pay for mobile numbers and they like to recycle them if they’re not being used. Err I brought my own number to their network so what rubbish do those fools talk! I’ve since seen that they now charge 10p a minute which is 2p more than the Asda network. Glad to be rid of that badly run rubbish network.

  48. Hi I have a problem with my phone the signal is not working on it could you help me with it please or explain why it’s not working cheers thank you

  49. I have bought unlimited data. The reason for this was because my internet is down at home, so I was using my hotstop to connect to my laptop. I will not be buying data from giffgaff again as my internet keeps cutting off. I think this is really silly as I have paid to use it and I can’t.

    1. It is the worse network provider so far i dont know how much do they pay people to write this, it is cheap but not reliable l very poor network and internet it is a joke most time is very slow. This is the truth about giffgaff, if you have money dont waste your time with them

    2. im trying to contact giffgaff about my account as i got my new sim in the phone put £20 on it to get unlimited everything and ive got not apart from giffgaff taking my money . so can someone tell me whats going on please , my number is 07709293057

  50. Hi there,

    I have been double charged for the same goodybag. Could you refund me one of them? I just want to pay it once.
    My debit card failed because I lost it and I have reentered the new card details to pay this new goodybag.
    Please, refund me the second payment.

  51. I advise no1 to go onto giff gaff pay my tariff everymonth and my internet commection is absolute rubbish comecting to server never get internet properly i would love to know why on earth im paying and getting a crap service 3 months now this has been going on never again

  52. I was just wondering if the money. For my £10 goodybag
    Can be taken off my credit. As I put a top up on thinking that it would. Automatically. Do this

  53. I have paid for the £12 (3gb) internet goodybag on 25th April 2015 but still no internet until today. What happened ? I want my money back.

  54. A few weeks ago I had a message to upload a critical update, which I duly did. Since then I have had no internet access!! Can someone tell me why please?

  55. I don’t understand why I can’t log in to my account with the members name and password that you gave me ❓ Please explain…

  56. I have received a sim but I am unable to sign in as it appears my name is not recognized…………I have tried every way to make contact with the provider without success……Is there any one out there to get me in touch with the provider?

  57. you (Rory Boland) said that EE unlock phones for free, they charged me recently £8.99 to unlock my phone as i’m changing to giffgaff but was locked to EE.

  58. iv applied for a sim. £20 a month will that be direct debit. Or just top up. The deal is all you can eat £20 a month. But when I get the sim do I have to sort around for the right bundal. Or dose it do it for you. Two questions. Thanks gifgaf.

  59. Giffgaff are the WORST network in the UK! A few years ago, when they were clearly much cheaper than other networks with £12 pm for Unlimited data, unlimited data and 500(?) minutes, then it went up slowly to what is now — £20! The speed is less than 1MBPS! I am now with Vodafone and the internet speeds I’m receiving are 35mpbs on average! Never go with Giffgaff if you’re looking to use data!

  60. giffgaff are total rubbish
    Phone purchased through giffgaff stopped working whilst in my hand. It was still under the 2 year warranty.
    They asked for me to send it in for review and repair which I did.
    They stated that it was ‘water damaged’ beyond repair.
    I knew it was not since I actually saw it stop working, so asked for proof of this their customer services flatly refused to send any photo or proof in any way so I asked for the phone back.
    Their customer services were aggressive and unhelpful and refused to help any further then blocked me form their site so I could not access any support.
    The phone arrived eventually – and of course the LDI strip was not pink clearly showing no water damage at all.
    I have proof that they are simply lying to get of repairing the phone but they will not accept it from me.
    I’m still paying for a phone each month that is under warantee that they refuse to repair.
    Don’t deal with them

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