An in-depth look at the Samsung Galaxy S3’s software [video]

Rather than simply focusing on the new Galaxy S3’s hardware, Samsung is just as keen to highlight the phone’s new software. This is designed to make the it easier to use – we take a look at some of the key improvements.

For a look at some of the other features in the smartphone, read our first look of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

What’s new in the Samsung Galaxy S3?

  1. Direct Call
    This feature is designed to make it easier to call a contact. For example if you’re reading a message from a contact, or have a missed call from them and their number is on the screen, you can call them by simply raising the phone to your ear.
  2. Smart Alert
    This alerts you to any missed calls and messages that arrived while the phone was resting somewhere. When the phone is next picked up it will vibrate, notifying you about the new alerts.
  3. Smart Stay
    This tracks your eye movement to ensure the screen stays illuminated as long as you’re looking at it. This means you won’t have to keep touching the screen when reading an ebook or browsing the web.
  4. All Share
    Samsung has included the latest version of its All Share software in the phone. This allows you to search for and play video, photo, and music files across any other AllShare-compatible Samsung products.
  5. S-Beam
    Samsung has improved the Android Beam function to improve file sharing. It still works in the same way – you simply tap two Galaxy S3’s together and then choose the file to wirelessly transfer – but now uses the speedy Wi-Fi Direct for almost instant transfer of large files like videos.

Watch our videos and read about the improvements Samsung has made to the camera, as well as how the S3 compares with the S2 and the new S-Voice feature.

Jon’s impressions of Samsung’s new software

The Galaxy S3 has all the cutting edge hardware you’d expect from a top-end smartphone, but unusually Samsung has been keener to show off the new elements of its software instead.

None of the new features are particularly revolutionary nor will they change the way you use your phone, but they do make may actions that little bit easier.

Smart Stay seems particularly clever while S Beam looks like it might be the most useful addition – but you will need two Galaxy S3s to make it work and even then I’d question how often most people need to transfer files.

Overall I doubt the changes will make a huge difference to anyone but they’re well thought out and in our short hands on trial they worked smoothly. And with so many identical Android smartphones on the market it’s great to see a manufacturer making an effort to produce one that stands out from the crowd.

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