Carphone Warehouse reveals 99p mobile phone

UK retailer The Carphone Warehouse has launched the Alcatel OT-209, the cheapest mobile phone it’s ever sold.

The handset won’t win many awards for style, or features, but at just 99p it represents something of a milestone on how far affordable mobile phone technology has come over the last ten years.

You will have to buy £10 Virgin PAYG credit when you buy the Alcatel OT-209, making the total cost £10.99.

But a quick look at Which? PAYG deals, reveals that this is still around £4 less than the cheapest deal, which is the £4.95 Samsung E1120 on Orange PAYG with £10 credit. The cheapest phone-only deal is the Nokia 1800, at £25.99.


Carphone Warehouse’s CEO Charles Dunstone said that customers’ most frequently asked question at Christmas is ‘whats your cheapest phone?’

‘You have to remember at Christmas the one question we get asked the most in our stores is ‘what’s your cheapest phone?’ and at 99p this is the lowest its ever been,’ he said.

‘I guess it reflects just how competitive the UK mobile market has become between carriers and manufacturers. Mobile phones are such an important part of people’s lives and so many are manufactured that they have become very cheap to make.’

If you’re looking for a cheap mobile phone then take a look at our advice on buying a cheap mobile phone deal.

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