LG G3 – first look, price and release date [video]

LG G3 first look

LG has announced its LG G3, an Android smartphone that it claims pushes the boundaries of smartphone technology. Most notable perhaps is the phone’s 5.5-inch screen size – putting it on the very cusp of ‘phablet’ territory. While LG also makes grand claims about the G3’s iPhone-beating display, 2.5 GHz processor and superfast ‘laser’ autofocus of its camera.

Though no pricing information has been revealed as yet, expect it to retail for around £500-£600 and be available in June. Read on as we take a look at its key features.

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LG G3 – hands on video

LG G3 – three key features

5.5-inch screen – there’s no getting away from it, that 5.5-inch screen is big. And, though the G3’s thin bezel goes someway to slimming the device, it’s still too big to comfortably use in one hand – something that can be extremely useful if you’re carrying a shopping bag in the other.

LG has at least made the most of all that screen real estate though, by upping the G3’s resolution to 2560 x 1440 (538ppi). The so-called ‘Quad HD’ resolution proving particularly attractive to the eye when browsing the web and looking at images.

Laser Auto Focus – the LG G3’s camera has a 13-megapixel sensor and dual LED flash designed to help light-up low light conditions, but the new Laser Auto Focus feature is of most interest. This uses infrared technology similar to a police speed gun to focus on your subject in just a split second.

LG has also improved the G3’s front-facing camera, allowing selfie lovers to trigger the taking of a photo by simply waving at the phone.

Sleek metallic finish – one criticism we levelled at the G2 was its less than premium plastic design. LG has remedied this by carving the G3 out of brushed aluminium, and it makes a big difference to the phone’s feel. Much like the iPhone 5s, the G3 is a good looking device, while its design also removes the usual side buttons in favour of a touch-sensitive backplate.

Which? expert view – ‘remarkably light for a 5.5-inch phone’

Mike Plant bylineThe first thing that struck me about the LG G3 upon picking it up was its weight. It’s remarkably light for a 5.5-inch phone, particularly one that’s primarily metal. That’s not to say it’s ideal for use in one hand though – it’s too large for that – but as a phone designed for reading and typing on in a work environment, it’s certainly well designed.

I’m less convinced about its QuadHD screen though. Cramming so many pixels in is certainly not to be sniffed at, but does it really look better than its rivals? In the short time I had with the phone I’d say the difference wasn’t immediately obvious, but it will be interesting to read the verdict from our expert test labs.

I’ve not touched on its battery yet either, that at 3000mAh is larger than the batteries in the likes of the iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S5. Given its super-sharp display, though, I do wonder if the G3’s battery life might suffer – despite LG’s claims it had built software to avoid such issues. Again, it’s a question we won’t have a definitive answer to until we get it into our labs.
Mike Plant – online writer

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