LG phones voted bottom for reliability by Which? members

LG has been voted bottom for phone reliability in a survey of 11,000 Which? members. The Nexus 4 and Optimus L5 II manufacturer was found to create phones that needed replacing earlier because of faults when compared to models from the six other major mobile phone companies.

Apple, Samsung and Nokia were all included in the survey, alongside several other major brands.

Mobile phone reliability – read the full results of our survey

What is the Which? reliability survey?

In this year’s reliability survey we asked over 11,000 Which? members about the tech products they own; how likely they were to develop a fault or need repair. We received information about almost 25,000 devices and have used this to rate the reliability of key brands across 11 different product categories.

We found plenty of differences between different brands and different products. But while a reliable blu-ray player or PVR is important, it’s perhaps not as important as a product you need to rely on every day – your phone. Unlike the bricks we used to pack in our pockets previously, the smartphones we use now have complex software and cases that are far more fragile – so we were keen to find out which phone brands were the most reliable.

LG ranked bottom for reliability

LG received the lowest reliability score in our survey and a poor customer score. So not only were LG phones more likely to develop a fault earlier, Which? members were  generally less satisfied with their handset and less inclined recommend it to a friend or family member.

One Which? member commented, “I’ve had my LG phone for about 10 months now and it only took about one week before I started noticing problems with it. The phone is totally unreliable even for basic functions – very disappointing and incredibly frustrating.”

While LG was bottom of our reliability ranking, Sony received the lowest customer satisfaction score. Having split from Ericsson in 2011, Sony is too new to have a reliability rating.

Should you buy an LG phone?

Although the average price of a LG phone is typically cheaper than most other brands, few of the manufacturer’s handsets have performed well enough to merit a Best Buy rating in our testing.

Combined with a poor customer rating and reliability score, you’d be well advised to treat LG’s phones with caution. Our mobile phone reviews offer lab-tested advice to help separate the technological wheat from the chaff.

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4 replies

  1. Really avoid LG? But it got 87% reliability. That seems rather good! Sony got 90% and Apple 91%. There really is not much in it. Also the Nexus 4 (made by LG) gets fantastic reviews and people seem to love them. I don’t have an LG, but i would not hesitate to get a Nexus 4 if my Sony broke.

  2. Omg i really regret getting the LG OPTIMUS P970 this phone was working until this summer .The lock botton has stopped working so i cant switch my phone off and 3 days ago the screen started freezing up on me it is really annoying.this is not a bad brand this is the worst brand ever i would never ever ever get anything made by LG ever again.

  3. Nexus 4 was certainly good value at the time, but if you have had one for this amount of time, then you are likely to have had your bluetooth stop working since 4.4. 5ghz wifi stop working since 4.3, and gprs (2G data) working intermittently since new. I will never buy any phone made by LG again. Thinking of selling my LG TV before it packs up !

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