Nokia 105 – a tiny, cheap phone with month-long battery

Nokia 105 – what is it?

Did you know some people don’t want to spend hundreds of pounds on a smartphone, or even own a smartphone at all? Shocking? Well, not in the slightest – Which? is one of the few to still publish basic PAYG phone reviews after all – and the Nokia 105 could be the basic phone to beat them all thanks to a simple design and incredible 30-day standby battery life.

We don’t have a confirmed UK release date yet, but it’s expected to launch in Spring.

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The following is not a review, but our first impressions of the product based on a short time using it. Pricing and availability is tentative and subject to change.

Which? expert view – makes calls and is as tough as old boots

Phones don’t need to be complicated. Most are, but if all you want is to make calls, send and receive messages and maybe play the odd game of Nokia phone classic Snake, the Nokia 105 is the phone for you.

It may cost just £13, but it looks and feels great. The case is sturdy and the candybar design has a cute simplicity. The rubber keypad is very comfy and responsive and, more important, splash and dust proof. The screen is a tad small and dim – something we’ll look at closely in the lab – but the 30-day standby battery life will delight those looking for a phone that doesn’t need a daily trip to the power socket.

Whether it’ll join our ranks of Best Buy PAYG basic phones remains to be seen, but on first impressions alone it has a damn good chance.

MWC 2013 FAQ

What is MWC 2013?
MWC is short for Mobile World Congress – it’s the main annual mobile tech trade show, where the likes of Samsung, LG, Sony, Nokia and many more come to launch their new smartphones and tablets.

Why does Which? attend?
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