Nokia budget mobile phones C2-01 and X2-O1 launched

Nokia has today announced the upcoming release of two new low-cost mobile handsets – the Nokia C2-01 and Nokia X12-01.

Billed as Nokia’s most inexpensive 3G-enabled mobile to date, the C2-01 looks like a typical Nokia feature phone and runs Nokia’s basic Series 40 operating system.

Nokia C2-01

Nokia C2-01

The handset incorporates:

  • A mobile phone music player
  • A 3.2 megapixel camera
  • FM radio
  • Bluetooth Expandable memory which can handle memory cards up to 16GB.

The C2-01 is pitched at users looking for a cheap phone that also has access to the 3G mobile internet. The C2-01’s 3G connectivity lets you browse the web and get access to the Ovi Store for apps and music- although it remains to be seen how many apps will be compatible with such a low-spec device.

The C2-01 should be out in 2011, priced at around £60 for a handset-only deal.

Nokia X2-01

Nokia X2-01

Nokia X2-01

The Nokia X2-01 is an Xseries mobile handset. By placing it within the Xseries range, Nokia’s aimed the X2-01 at a younger crowd who, in Nokia’s mind at least, spend much of their time on Facebook and Twitter.

Nokia’s ‘Communities’ app integrates Facebook into the X2-01’s operating system, allowing you to view status updates directly from the homescreen and post you own updates and photos.

Like the Nokia X2, the X2-01 comes with a Qwerty keyboard, VGA camera and 2.4-inch screen.

Strangely for a mobile phone aimed at social networkers, the X2-01 doesn’t come with wi-fi or 3G. All you get is much slower GPRS and EDGE internet connections.

This might be ok to view the odd Facebook update, but it will make downloading and uploading pictures to social networks something of a chore.

The X2-01 should be available to buy before the end of 2010 and Nokia anticipates the handset-only price to be around £70.

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