Samsung Galaxy S5 – where to get the cheapest deal

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is shaping up to be a fantastic phone – although we won’t know where it stands against the iPhone and other competitors until it’s gone through our test labs.

But if we don’t yet have the full picture on performance, we know everything we need to know about price: it’s expensive. Pick up a sim-free Samsung Galaxy S5 and you’ll have to stump up £549.95. That’s the same price as 14 nights in Orlando, with flights and a trip to Disney thrown in.

Samsung Galaxy S5 – read our first look review

If you can afford the upfront cost, then buying the phone outright is likely to prove cheaper in the long run than getting the phone on a contract. But if you don’t have half a grand in your back pocket, and can’t live without the Galaxy S5, then you’ll want to shop around for the best contract deal. Below we’ve picked out some of the standout deals.

Where to get the best deal on the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 cheapest deal with the phone for free

  • O2: Unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 5GB of data for £48 a month
  • Three: No deals with a free phone
  • Virgin: No deals with a free phone
  • EE: No deals with a free phone
  • Tesco: 1500 minutes, 5000 texts and 1GB of data for £34.50 a month
  • Vodafone: Unlimited texts, unlimited minutes and 1GB of data for £37 a month
  • TalkTalk: 100 minutes, 250 texts and 100MB of data for £30 a month

Samsung Galaxy S5 cheapest deal with pre-paid handset

  • O2: Unlimited texts, 500 minutes and 500MB of data for £33 a month + £149.99 phone
  • Three: 600 free minutes and unlimited data for £38 a month + £29 phone
  • Virgin: 250 free texts, 100 free minutes and 250MB of data for £39 a month + £99 phone
  • EE: Unlimited texts and minutes and 4GB of data for £32.99 a month + £259 phone
  • Tesco: No plans with upfront payment for phone
  • Vodafone Unlimited texts, 300 minutes and 250MB data for £34 a month + £169 phone
  • TalkTalk: No plans with upfront payment for phone

The prices listed are for the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S5.

Which? expert verdict – ‘Which deal should I choose?’

Rory-BolandSome of the deals you can strike off your shopping list straight away. TalkTalk’s £30 deal might look attractive but you’ll skip through 100MB of data before you’ve finished streaming the latest Katy Perry album or watched half an episode of Eastenders. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a high end phone that’s made for multimedia and small data packages are wasted on this handset.

With that in mind my pick of the deals above is the offer from Three. It’s only £29 for the phone but you get 600 free minutes and, more importantly, unlimited data. This will let you use streaming services, like BBC iPlayer and Spotify, to listen to music and watch TV on the go without having to worry about a data limit.
Rory Boland – deputy technology editor

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7 replies

  1. “which deal should I choose for S5 ? ” Rory , dep tech editor says three for all you can eat data, well what’s the point of getting a 4G phone to stream this and that at blistering speed when three don’t have 4G in 98% of the UK till the end of 2015 ( their web site info) and they’re not alone in this lack of coverage and as someone already mentioned, for a lot of us never mind blistering speed, just a decent signal would be good, but it is a fact that all the deals offer a miserly amount of data so when you think if you want to tether your phone to your tv to watch iplayer for an hour and see your data drain away even faster than your battery and whilst we’re at it, oh you’re getting me going, shouldn’t the priority be to make a phone last at least as long as you’re awake ! I can remember when if your phone didn’t last a week it was buggered, mind you the point of a phone then was to make phone calls.
    So, we’re told by the phone providers that “don’t worry if you’re not in a 4G area your phone will automatically drop to 3G” , really ! so will your tariff ? I don’t think so and anyway I don’t believe that if you’re in a crap 3G area you’ll get 4G anyway, discuss.

  2. Something else which is also important to consider is that not all ‘Eat as much as you can data’ contracts allow tethering. Watching films on a mobile will probably make you blind in years to come.

    1. yeah good point, I agree who wants to watch tv on a phone, no I was meaning via a tablet with hdmi cable to the tv , (a point worth considering when buying a tablet) and tethering the tablet to the phone, there’s cables all over, hdmi, charging cables, probably and extension lead but hey when you’ve missed an episode of coronation st you’ll do anything for a catch up !

  3. Honestly folks, wait for 1 year and buy the phone on E Bay for less than £300. Then get a sim-only deal with UNLIMITED data for less than £20 pm. If you insist on a 4G capable phone, and you should, NEVER settle for less than unlimited data on your tariff. 4G eats data. Do without the worry and use your phone as and when you want.

  4. I am already with Verizon and want to stay there. How may I purchase a Samsung Phone independently? Maybe even a used phone in reat shape?

  5. I’m after a cheap Samsung Galaxy S5 phone for my girlfriend who’s coming up here from Thailand Thailand from the Philippines I’m after a Samsung Galaxy S Y for hair could you supply me with some dealers you have them I’m going to pay £250 or thereabouts cosmic Samsung Galaxy S 5 is old now

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